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why not tod 01-05-2010 04:37 AM

Any suggestions?
Okay so I made the decision this last sunday to buy a dog and yes my husband and kids were there and helped kind of choose the dog but in the end It was my choice. I know this seems silly but .... that day I was fine untill I laid down to sleep then I was so stresssed out I couldn't sleep and I felt so very sick, for a while I even felt like I was having a panic attack. My husband simply told me we did it and that we couldn't return the dog and that was that so it would be fine. the dog is a purebread and in all and my husband spent the 1500 dollars because I had said I wanted the puppy. the amount bugs me a little only because I can't return the dog and I am worried I either can't take care of the dog with the rest of the stuff i have going on in my life with going back to school and my 2 small children. I feel like a complete idiot b/c I should have left the dog there and come home to think about it first then I may or may not have bought the dog but then at least it wouldn't have been just an hes so cute and goodd tempered lets get him buy. I need help chilling out so I can sleep I have struggled getting any more the 2 hours sleep a day since sunday jst be cause I can't shut off my worries. please if you have any words share them with me, I would really appreciate it.

Kaseyjcf 01-05-2010 09:06 AM

Re: Any suggestions?
Good morning, I saw your post and I understand how you feel. Many times in my life I have made a quick decision about something and had second thoughts afterwards. It is hard but I believe you will get through it OK What kind of dog or puppy did you get, is it a boy or girl and have you named the fluffy baby yet? Go to a good pet store and get a book about the breed that you got. It will give you a lot of valuable info on the correct care and also give you tips on the temperament of that particular breed. If you are going to be out of the home get a nice crate or isolate the puppy in a safe room. Once you get used to it, you and your children will have a good time with your new addition. 8 years ago I took in a puppy from someone who could not take care of it, and like you I had second thoughts the first few days I had her. She is a spaniel and now could not imagine not having her around. She is so much fun and when my husband is away she is great company. You will be surprised how you will grow to love a dog. I know I was. Take care, breathe deep and relax. Feel free to post to me anytime and I will write back. Blessings to you and your family, Kase

BeHappy2 01-06-2010 01:26 AM

Re: Any suggestions?
Welcome to you and a big cuddly welcome to your puppy for now having a home with kids to play with and a family to love him/her.

May i ask what you named your little one and how much joy your kids are having with a new family pet? A puppy is such happiness, this little
Pup may be the best ever for your family to grow with.

Pups are smart, they also know when we are under stress and they can be wonderful to our healing with kindness and love. I have many dogs whom were my pups to begin with and can not imagine ever not having them near me. Are you still feeling stressed, loving and caring for your new family pet is a wonderful stress reliever. Gently pet and talk to your pup, a pet is a persons best friend.

Be Kind and gentle

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