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Constant Lightheadedness, could this be stress?

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Old 12-04-2000, 01:42 PM   #1
Join Date: Nov 2000
Location: Canada
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RopesEnd HB User
Constant Lightheadedness, could this be stress?

Hi Everyone,
For the past 4 months now, I've been suffering from a very strange lightheadedness that lasts all day, everyday. The symptoms are sometimes worse than others, but it never 100% goes away.
I've seen a GI Specialist, a ENT Specialist, and next week a Neurologist about this. No one can tell me what it is, or what is causing it.
Apparently my blood pressure is great, my blood work shows I'm healthy (blood sugar is also fine).
The ENT doc said that it might be either a lingering Virus in my body that I picked up somewhere, or else it may be psychosomatic (sp?).
This year has been very tough on me. I've been very stressed, and had pretty severe bouts of depression this year.
Leading up to this lightheadedness thing, I was severly depressed, and had considerable stress and anxiety.
One day, I woke up, and I just "had" this terrible lightheadedness. At first I thought it was the flu, but I never developed any other symptoms, and over 4 months later now, it still hasn't left.
Has anyone ever heard of stress/depression causing this sort of symptom? Have any of you ever experienced such symptoms?
To describe it a bit better, it is very much like having the flu, in that my head is fuzzy , and it is hard to concentrate. At times it is totally numbing. Occasionally I get mild headaches too...but not too frequently.
I guess I want to see if it is possible that my depression/stress is causing the symptoms. Then, I was curious if any sort of anti-depressant medication would likely help with this?
I've heard of Effexor and Remeron, but my understanding is Remeron isn't available in Canada.
I don't know how much sense this makes, but please let me know if you have any advice or suggestions.

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Old 12-05-2000, 04:25 AM   #2
Junior Member
Join Date: Nov 2000
Location: London, UK
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Rachael HB User
Re: Constant Lightheadedness, could this be stress?


I have a similar problem to you. I am constantly lightheaded due to my anxiety problems and often end up completely blacking-out as a consequence.

I have had every test done in the book - blood tests, CT scans, heart monitoring...Everything came back normal.

I was put on Prozac to control the symptoms which helped greatly. Now I'm off it, over three years later, I still collapse occasionally but the frequency has greatly decreased.

It is also likely you are experiencing a psychosomatic illness to a certain extent. Psychosomatic illness can produce very real symptoms, in many cases worse than non-psychosomatic illness.


Best wishes,


Old 12-05-2000, 08:16 AM   #3
Join Date: Nov 2000
Location: Canada
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RopesEnd HB User
Re: Constant Lightheadedness, could this be stress?

Thanks so much for your reply, I greatly appreciate it.
You mentioned that the Prozac helped you greatly...I assume you mean it helped the lightheadedness symptom itself and not just the worrying about it?
I wonder very much if I'm in a vicious cycle of anxiety/stress about my lightheadedness that is in fact perpetuating it. The former stress that may have "caused" it, is basically gone now, but I still get quite down about this chronic phantom illness no one can explain, and I do feel anxiety because I'm worrying if a "bad spell" is going to hit me.
You experienced lightheadedness as opposed to dizziness right? Because I don't really get dizzy...just constant lightheadedness that gets worse at times during the day for no apparent reason. I also have some nausea in the mornings...but not always.
I guess the best thing to do is talk to the neurologist about it, and maybe then a psychiatrist.
I've never taken anti-depressants before, and for some reason they kind of intimidate me. But at this point, if they would help, I would have not problems taking them even for a long period of time.

One last question Rachel - while on prozac did you symptoms go away altogether or at least greatly subside? I really need a break from this, it is so demoralizing, and it is affecting my work.

Thanks again for posting...I was so happy just to see someone else could relate to this.
If anyone else can help shed some light on this problem, I would definately appreciate it.

Old 12-11-2000, 11:07 PM   #4
Join Date: Dec 2000
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Re: Constant Lightheadedness, could this be stress?

RopesEnd - Have you considered seeing a chiro? I have heard that a sublex at C1 can cause headaches, numb, fuzzy feelings.

Old 01-02-2001, 09:19 AM   #5
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mow59 HB User
Re: Constant Lightheadedness, could this be stress?

hi, have had the same thing for 15 months. mine was brought on by an auto accident, whiplash,, they labeled it post concussion sydrome. well after feeling the fog, lightheadednes for long enough.ive started to figure it out..mine
first .. i figured out the symtoms were causing stress and anxiety,, . i felt the fog coming on then would worry about it then it would get worse. once i admitted this to myself all i had to deal with was the symtoms.the fog , confussion, spaceyness ect.
this step has helped alot. now i say well here it comes, oh well. reconizeing it helps alot.
as for the cause,that one was a doozy, since the doctors werent much help i read alot on the whiplash portion, and the doctor mentioned vertigo. but never made a positve diagnoses. 5 months later one doc did see the symtoms of vertigo,(nystemsus)something like that. the hard part like you said the feeling comes and goes so its hard to tell the doc. and my symtoms to not include the voilent spinning like they say about vertigo..feel more like ive had about two ot three beers.. that lightheadness. matter of fact i was afraid to tell the doc about it because thought he would say that i had a drinking prob.. (not).
the only thing that i can come up with for myself is that ive damaged something in my ear having to do with the balance systom. and that my eyes are being used more then usual to figure out my balance.. when this happens the confussion comes along and the fogginess. ive proven this to myself by repeating certain actions or enviorments that bring it on,, on the computer for ex. after 20 to 30 minutes of use i get nausuas.
brain is trying to use written lines for horizen to keep balance. happens everytime.
uphill hallways bring it on..the horizen and the uphill dont jive and the brain trys to figure it out .. nausua and gagging.
the big thing is head movement,, vertigo is weird for me its not the spinning,, its like getting off a carnivil ride. that spacey feeling that last for a while..
ive found that repeated head movement,, drinking coffee or a coke, cooking,looking up and down ,reading smaller print also, cant relate this to the print or the head movement ,,, doesnt really matter. brings it on. and it brings it on gradually so i couldnt assosiate it with vertigo.. (didnt even know what vertigo was at the beginning of all this.)
and the depression,,, i like to refer to it more as grumpy ,who wouldnt be if they felt that bad all the time,dont know if the doctors have a word for continued grumyness. when im not spacey im not grumpy. what a concept..
to make this short. i dont have a real answer. just what ive done to make this more bearable for myself.. ive figured out what triggers the fog or lightheadness. and have accepted it when it comes on. then slow down untill it passes .. the confussion is real.
and i can reconize it now which helps alot.
please email me back an let me know if any of this has helped


Old 01-03-2001, 02:33 PM   #6
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Em HB User
Re: Constant Lightheadedness, could this be stress?

Lightheadedness can be a symptom of anxiety. I had what I called "fuzzy head" for years before I had my first anxiety attack.


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