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DC300z 08-29-2002 05:36 PM

I need your help, please help me.......
Im 18, and I think hat I might have an anxiety problem,

I take normal questions and issues, regular concerns and even some more complex moral issues and things like that, and they turn into all day all night onbsesions for months, Ive been worring about the same thing for 2 months now, and not just worrying, near-panic, i feel cold, I breath heavy, things like that....

Id rather not get into what all im worry about, but Ive even gone as far as talking to my mom, and even my friends moms about issues and questions, and even AFTER getting 3-5 corosponding very reliable answers/solutions to my problems, I still cant stop thinking abot it, all day, all night, i still question everything,

It feels just like having a song stuck in your head, but its a worry, and it never goes away, and for the few days I can stop thinking about it, I worry about worrying again!!

and I feel the same, the SECOND i somehow manage to stop worrying about somthing, within an hour I'll come up with somthing new to panic and worry about, with almost no brake or relief, even if I already have an answer or whatever, and its never anything of any real importance, and its never things that even efect me now!!

but its starting to make me not want to function, I cant get exited or look forward to anything because nothing seems very fun while im worrying, and everything is waste of time, while im like this, its starting to take a toll on me, ive spent all day in bed just thinking and thinking, nearly crying from sheer mental exaustion, and I try, I TRY SO HARD to stop thinking about things, and stop worrying/ obsessing/panicing about useless things, but I cant ,

It's like somone flicked a switch on that I cant shut off,

and even if I was worrying about important things, this amount of panic and mental trauma is unnecasary, and most of what I worry about I HAVE talked over and solved, but I just keep going over it again and again and again,

I dont know what to do, its starting to make me unhappy about doing anything,

PLEASE help me, what do you think is wrong with me? if anything? what can i do?

please help tired of this.....

Bubbly20 08-30-2002 05:26 AM

Re: I need your help, please help me....... sound like you need a hug (((DC)))

First off i would say to you i know EXACTLY how you said some things there that hit the nail right on the head and you have a good way of explaining a stuck a switch in your head.

please know that you arent sounds like anxiety to me. When im having a bad time, i obsess over thoughts..silly thoughts..but at the time they make me feel sooo bad..and like you i just cant stop them.

I really hope this never leads to a panic attack for you..but u have to be careful..if you find your thought really going wild and running away with should make sure you are in someones company. Try not to let the thoughts scare you.

theres not much advice i can give...but im sure the others on here will be helpful, meditation, soothing music...keeping occupied.
Claire Weekes books are great.
But feeling that you are alone is the worst thing..dont feel like that. Its amazing how many people are going throught this right now.

Keep in touch...DC, thinking of you

Bubbly x

Lizzy H 08-30-2002 06:20 AM

Re: I need your help, please help me.......

I think that you should perhaps get yourself down to the doctors for a chat. You are going to exhaust youself completely. Medication can and does help with these thoughts although you have to give these time to work. As Bubbly said Dr Claire Weekes books are very good. Dont under estimate them. She explains that you should not fight these thoughts, you should just accept them while you are ill and accept them WILLINGLY, its the fighting/avoiding them that causes the trouble. Try to get some help from the doctor and you will be surprised in time that these thoughts will ease and become less and less important. You will be able to see them for what they are, just thoughts that perhaps dont really have or need an answer.
Let us know how you get on.

Take care
Lizzy XX

snoops1977 08-30-2002 02:38 PM

Re: I need your help, please help me.......
Sorry to hear this is going on with you, but as the others said you are not alone. I am so bad about obsessivly thinking about stuff. You have to kind of figure out your own nich to take your mind off things. Of course thats hard when your mind is racing I know. Like someone else said you should talk to your doctor about some medicine just for you and see what he/she says.
Good Luck and God Bless!!

bev52 08-31-2002 01:24 AM

Re: I need your help, please help me.......
You're not alone.

Forrester 09-02-2002 07:55 PM

Re: I need your help, please help me.......
I have gone through similar things, not to the same degree lately but I understand. It sounds like you might need counseling and meds. But meds alone are not the answer. Too many people rely on them. Reading self help books & doing relaxation exercises in addition to seeing a counselor who deals with anxiety issues is beneficial too. You are not alone.

Almost 10 yrs back I obsessed over the AIDS issue. I have lately been thinking f the West Nile issue (although there are no mosquitoes in my area, I'm moving to an area of mosquitoes).

Like you said, once you finish worrying abot soemthing, it's almost like you have to fill that spot with something else to worry about. The key is to jumping off tht worry train/endless cycle. it sounds like you might have to get some help. Good luck and keep posting here.

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