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Could subconscious stress be causing all my medical issues?

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Could subconscious stress be causing all my medical issues?

I have had a hard life. I was raised by an abusive and frantic mother with BiPolar disorder who moved me around constantly and instilled in me various anxious and neurotic personality traits.
I have always had a lot on my plate going into adulthood, including taking care of my mother, dealing with her mood swings, caring for my younger teenage sister, dealing with other dysfunctional family dramas, a couple particularly long and arduous relationships, financial instability, and now graduate school.
I notice in myself that I have a particularly sort fuse. A mistake from the phone company will send me into a complaining fest, and I will tense up, feel overwhelmed and shut down. I whenever I am expected to take on more than a few task in the same week I start to shut down. I frequently break down in tears when the going gets tough. I look at other people around my age range (I am in my late twenties) who work full time, and still juggle graduate school and parenting, and I am simply astounded, as I, alternatively, have worked to find jobs that I know will be particularly low stress, only take one class at a time, and put off parenthood... as I am aware of my own limits.
On the other hand though, I do know how to unwind, and nights on the couch having a beer and nice meal with my boyfriend make me feel peaceful and content. Additionally I have an intense love for comedy and I enjoy letting lose and having a laugh frequently. So.. it's not as if I am in a constant state of anxiety.
My issue though is, I know the stress is there, and I think it may be effecting me physically. You can see by my signature, that I have a myriad of chronic conditions, all of which, if you Google, have a direct connection with stress. I am sitting here right now for instance with huge cold sores on both sides of my mouth. (I usually take a preventative prescription for them, but I was changing doctors and there was a lag time.) I look so awful I couldn't even go into work. When I ask my doctor what could be causing my immune system to be so low that this virus would hit me so hard, so consistently, he just said all my test came out normal. So maybe, it's stress...
Does anyone have any insight or stories for me? What can I do?

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Re: Could subconscious stress be causing all my medical issues?

Hi there Ammerybob,

I would love to help you, as I have had some life changing experiences that have forced me to rid myself of stress, and I have done so! If I can help one person, it would be my greatest pleasure.

I am usually found on the stoke board, as that is my biggest issue. I survived 4 simultaneous stokes when I was 43, out in the ocean snorkeling. Needless to say, the risks of another one, as well as the recovery process, required me to completely change my life, and for the better it turned out. Since then I have devoted my time in reaching out to other stroke survivors in hopes of helping them with what I have learned over the last 9/10 years. I see no reason why the same principles couldn't apply to you.

First of all, consider all your actions and reactions as choices. They really are. Many of us think of our typical reactions to typical situations as :just how I am" or just how I always react".But our typical reactions are simply habits that we have adopted for no real reason. At this point those reactions are hurting us, so we need to change them.

Start with one common feeling..ANGER. When anger pops into our head, it immediately starts a biological and chemical process that takes off on it own. At that point you are just a passenger on a anger fit. The trick is to stop the anger before it goes into overdrive. yes, we started with a hard one,but why not? if you can stop your anger, you can stop all of your negative reactions.

The next time you get mad, stop and change your typical process. Think about what is making you mad. Can you control it? If you cannot control the source or your anger, then drop it. It is over, you cant do anything about it. Move on.

if you can do something about it, what can you do? think of your options and pick one that doesnt lead to more anger. Change your course.

With practice on every single instance of life, you can honestly choose how you react to every single thing you come up against. YOu can choose your way to a stess free and anger free life, one problem at a time,.

When you succeed, feel that success. When you forget, or goof up, just wait for the next time to try again, and it will come quickly, right?

Try and practice with the people in your life. TEll them what you are doing so they can do it with you,..It can be really funny sometimes. I have taught my husband and he has lost his high blood pressure medication.

It sounds simple and too good to be true, but you can honestly change your brain into one that refuses to have bad feelings, The rewards are so great. I have changed my life into one of no stress, no fear. no anger, and you know why?

Because my life depended on it, and yours does too. You are young, and you can have this power for the rest of your life, Most things that come our way we cannot control, so half the battle is already won when you drop those things immediately. In a short time. you will see others going off around you and you will feel sorry for them because they don't know any better. Eventually, you will be a new person, and feel so confident in your ability to control your stress, your anger, your feelings and life will be filled with happiness.

One other part,..Start noticing the small things that are so important. I used to make a list of things that were really meaningful to me. Things that cost no money, the real things that life is all about. Spend a little time focusing on those things until they are suddenly all around you,

When I had my strokes, I could not read write, speak walk or even think straight for several years. when I slowly began to regain my functions one by one, I was so thankful and so grateful just to be alive to watch my children grow up. All of the things that I thought were so important were gone in one second. Most of them I have never taken up again, I still cant drive, I cant work, but I can help others by typing. That is really about all i can do, and not even that well sometimes. i learned again here.

Your health is all you really have that is important, and if you can learn to live stress free you can have a wonderful life. I hope this helps you a little bit. sorry it is so long, but once I get started, I just go until it is all out,.

I cant tell you are a very smart person and with all you have endured in your life, you especially deserve to take the rest of your life for yours...Do not let anything before this day to keep you back..

I heard a cute saying about the past..

"Don't trip yourself on what is behind you.."

I wish you the very best

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Re: Could subconscious stress be causing all my medical issues?

Oh, and one more tiny thing..

YES, to your question, your stress can cause medical issues.


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Twisted Metal
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Re: Could subconscious stress be causing all my medical issues?

if it's not to late to reply to this...

i know what you mean, i am a 24 year old female. i have had a pretty tough life myself, one so bad i dont know a single person who can relate to it. i never had anyone to help me threw it either which is what i think mae it so bad. i have chronic constipation and gastroparesis that i beleive is caused by stress, because they cant figure out at all what caused it which really gets me angry. i just want it to go away. I also have swelling in every joint in my body (fingers, wrists, knees, elbows, toes, jaw, ankles, shoulders) that also they cant figure out what caused it. im miserable everyday i cant eat and its difficult to do things with my swollen joints.

i truly believe stress caused this to happen to me and i wish i know how to make it go away. the swelling joints has been happening everyday for 2 years and the gastroparesis and constipation everyday for one year. i feel for you i can relate to you and i hope one day you can feel better. i believe it has to do with our bodies being in a constant state of stress so they shut down unnecessary body functions because we dont have the energy

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