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Makidigital 03-08-2013 03:18 AM

Chest pain when stressed out
I have been going through some serious stress lately concerning my job and my marriage. Lately when I have been getting overly stressed I get sharp pains in my chest on the left side which radiates to my side and the center of my back. The pain lasts for hours and does not go away until I go to sleep and wake up the next day. I have Ben getting these pains every single day for the past month or so because it seems like I am stressed every day as well. On days when I am extremely stressed and the pain is a bit severe I cannot turn my head too much to the left because it hurts too much. I feel the pain in my shoulder and back. So far I have had a chest X-ray and I wore a heart monitor and they have not seen anything yet. Next I am going for a 2D echo c-gram. If it truly is stress that is causing this then that is the best case scenario. But can stress truly cause all of this pain? I think my stress and anxiety is slowly killing me and when I think about it I get even more stressed. I'm not sure what to do. My dr. Gave me Xanax and klonopin but I do not like to take them because they make me very sleepy and I commute over 3 hours a day. Does anyone else have these issues I am having? I hate to say it like this but I hope so. I hope I am not some rare case.

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