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angelique5 09-30-2006 05:40 PM

"aura migraines" AFTER a stroke?
I've tried to look this up on the web, but only find articles about how people who have aura migraines are at a greater risk for a stroke...

Has anyone else who's had a stroke, started getting auras/aura migraines AFTER the stroke??

I had it 3 times within the first few months of having my stroke. The first time it freaked me out, the "blind spot" in my vision that grew, the strange lines that seemed to zig zag in my vision... I went to the hospital, they gave me a CT scan, showed nothing, and the doctor said it was 'aura migraines'.....I'd never had any kind of migraine before in my life. it's been about a YEAR since the last time I had one, and I just had another. It's mostly a vision disturbance for me...I do get a headache, but it's nothing MAJOR, like I would think a migraine would be...

this happen to anyone else??

Oleander53 10-01-2006 05:41 PM

Re: "aura migraines" AFTER a stroke?

I was on my way to the Thyroid board and saw this post........

I had 3 migraine auras about 6 years ago. They scared me to death and it took me going to several Doctors to find out what they were. My Mother had had an Anuerysm at age 48 and I was 47 when they started so I was SURE that is what was going on. I was terrified when I had one. Never did I have a headache with them. :eek:

I would see a blind spot that would grow bigger and then the Zig Zag lines would start in both eyes like a projector running. :eek: I would close my eyes and cover them and it would still be there. The colors would zig zag and were red and green....... I never had a headache but some fatigue and nausea after I would have one. I felt like I started to have one about a year ago but it did not progress into anything. I was really stressed out when that happened. :blob_fire

Actually a Psychiatrist I worked with was with me one day when I had my 2nd one and he knew exactly what it was. I saw a connection that they all 3 had come a day before my period which meant it could have been caused by pre menopausal hormone changes, I also had insomina the night before all 3. I also found out I had hypertension and had to go on medication at that time.

It is no longer a problem for me now but they are scary.:eek: I have talked to many women that had these the same as me before their menstrual cycle. :dizzy:

I wish you the best and hope you find out why you are having them. I would make SURE you get your Blood pressure checked and make sure it it under control. My mother had un diagnoised high blood pressure which I am sure led to her Anuerysm.

I did not know people who have Migraine auras are at higher risk for strokes.
good to know.

Hope this helps you..........Oleander :wave:

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