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graces23 10-27-2009 02:53 AM

Mini stroke with NO symptoms?
I've written 2 other threads on this, and here is the latest update.

My dad had a sore neck about 3 weeks ago and thought he'd just twisted it in his sleep the night before. The next day, his throat was sore and his voice was hoarse and he had a cough. He went to the doc who prescribed strong antibiotics for the "severe throat & lung infection". It didn't get much better a week later so he went back, and was told he had pneumonia. More antiobiotics followed and he got better, however at some stage during the first lot of antiobiotics, my dad said it felt like only half of this throat was open. It was still sore, and he had trouble swallowing liquids. We all assumed it was due to the sickness.

He has felt pretty fine for a while now, and has had many tests due to the fact he still cannot swallow liquids or talk at ALL. He can form words just fine, and in fact seems completely normal but just has no volume. The larynx has some problems obviously, along with the swallowing mechanism, but apparently everything else is fine. He had a chest X-ray which was clear. He has no more germs apparently either. So...

He went back to the doc after they did a swallow test / video thing and saw that liquid (and some foods, though not very often) is going down his wind pipe. They at first thought this was what caused the pneumonia (aspiration pneumonia caused by the throat problems / dysphagia), but really, the pneumonia came first it seems. My dad, again I repeat, had NO other symptoms and certainly no stroke or TIA symptoms at all prior. He still doesn't, except for this throat thing.

And yet now the docs are sending him for a brain scan, as they think he's had a mini stroke / TIA. So now I'm scared and confused, and reading all this stuff about how TIA's can be a big sign of a pending major stroke, and you're meant to go to the hospital / doctor right away after a TIA, but it's been many weeks and we never even knew he'd HAD one, (if he even has). How are you meant to prevent a big stroke if you're not even aware a mini one has occurred?!

He's had tests to rule out any lung problems, cancer, thyroid issue, there're no more germs present anywhere apparently, he had a heart scan and it's fine, his blood pressure is fine (low if anything), and his carotid artery is clear and fine. So...*sigh*

I'm also concerned as everything I've read about mini stokes says their symptoms are like those of a major stroke, but they are much quicker and you're completely symptom free again within 24 hours or so at the most. But my dad HAD no symptoms and yet now has the so-called after effects?

Any suggestions or commiserations would be greatly appreciated.

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