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lindmar67 05-01-2011 11:32 AM

I had a stroke and need to talk about it
Hello...I'm new on this site and I need to talk about one of the worst day of my life...On March 31st of this year (last month) I had a stroke. Prior to my stroke I had a light migraine (nothing big and was not the first time) that lasted 4 days and on the last day (the day of my stroke) I woke up that morning with a tiny blind spot in my right eye and a sensitivity to light. I blamed it on the migraine cause internet said that they can sometimes do that and took tylenol and went on with my day. Later that afternoon this same migraine was accompained with ocular zigzagging flashing light patterns in both eyes that lasted about 20 minutes but since this was not the first time I had this type of migraine with aura I wasn't worried about it. At 18H30 I took a warm bath and was feeling much better and at 19H30 I was at my computer writing a message to a friend when all of the sudden in a time frame of about 5 seconds starting from my forehead down to my toes my complete right side went deeply numb. I immediately stood up in a panik and screamed out loud that I was having a stroke or a heart attack and to call 911. My eldest son did the 911 and I layed down on the couch. My complete right side was still very numb and I was so nervous that my heart was pounding hard and my whole body was shaking. I was trying to remain as calm as I could to not aggravate my case but it was hard. About 5 minutes after my right side came back to normal but I stayed on the couch and was waiting for the ambulance to arrive. About another 5 minutes later the whole thing restarted again exactly the same way as the first time and ended exactly the same way it did 5 minutes later. When the paramedics arrived (took about 20 minutes) my right side was back to normal but as they were taking my vital signs the whole process restarted a 3rd time but this time the numbness never went away to this day and it has now been a month. Since then my whole life has never been the same and there are so many days I feel so bad that I wonder how I'm going to pull through this. I have so many questions without answers and I'm so scared about my futur. I need to talk to someone...Thanks...


max55 05-01-2011 12:25 PM

Re: I had a stroke and need to talk about it
Wow only 44 in both cases. I am 45. I never thought it was much of a risk to have a stroke that young.

I guess we should be thankfull that it was not any worse. We can still talk and move around. They told me in the hospital to see it as a new beginning and to change my lifestyle. Although the only real risk factors I had was pack a day smoker and some high blood pressure. I thought for sure the blood work would come back showing something wrong but it was not too bad.

It's something that should not have happened but did - as in your case.

Curious - what were your risk factors?

lindmar67 05-01-2011 12:45 PM

Re: I had a stroke and need to talk about it
Hi Max...For my part I had lots of risk factors...I'm also a pack a day smoker and sometimes even more...I also had high blood pressure around 160/100 but since my stroke I am now taking a BP med called Avapro 75 mg (with debilitating side effects) I have genetic high cholesterol since birth and so does my 5 children (Genetic) I now take Crestor 20 mg (with debilitating side effects), also since my stroke I take a daily aspirin and also Paxil 20 mg for anxiety issues. I'm borderline type 2 diabetic too but not treated as of yet...I feel so young for all these things...We have some similarities...How did your stroke affect your right side? Thanks for the hug :)...

max55 05-01-2011 01:07 PM

Re: I had a stroke and need to talk about it
Hi Linda. It actually occurred over the course of a few days as I tried to write it all off due to stress. I had coordination issues. I had a general lack of dexterity on my right hand side. I could still function but had trouble moving my right hand and leg like I used to. I had trouble writing and moving my fingers/toes fast. Tapping my foot was slow. I could still walk normal but it felt different walking up stairs. I also had some difficulty speaking but others could not notice it. Never any severe numbness just a lesser feeling. I finally had it and went to the hospital and an MRI later they told me I had a stroke. After several more tests they found I was not in danger and I was sent home.

Most of it has come back already but there still are little blips like for some reason there less sensitivity in my right leg today but thats about it. Coordination has been improving but there still are episodes of tingling feelings and less sensitivity. - and lightheaded but that could be due the the BP meds.

I am on Lisinopril 20mg for bp, some kind of small cholesterol pills and a baby aspirin a day. I start physical therapy on Tuesday - looking forward to that.

lindmar67 05-01-2011 01:19 PM

Re: I had a stroke and need to talk about it
I'm happy to know that your stroke symptoms are subsiding gradually...I think you will completely recover from this pretty shortly. Keep taking your meds to prevent any other issues...The doctors here didn't think I needed physiotherapy...I don't agree but here in Quebec we have a very bad health system and one needs to be in a more than awfull condition to benefit from anything from the system. Keep me informed of your progress...Bye for now...


max55 05-01-2011 02:12 PM

Re: I had a stroke and need to talk about it
Thanks Linda. I still haven't gotten the bill yet - lol. I don't know what will and will not be covered yet.

lindmar67 05-01-2011 03:14 PM

Re: I had a stroke and need to talk about it
Here we don't have anything to pay when using the regular health system but the service is very crappy. Two weeks ago I took some infos on the private health system cause I wanted to pay for an MRI and not have to wait up to 2 years for it on the regular health system but was told that it was extremely expensive and that I would also have to wait 6 months before I had my turn even when paying for it. I hope that you get most of it if not all covered...I would hate to have a huge bill to pay on top of it all.

Chloe1252 05-02-2011 08:40 AM

Re: I had a stroke and need to talk about it
Hi Linda! I see we have some things in common, including both living in QC.

I had a stroke in March of last year. It happened during my sleep and I woke up with my right side very numb from my shoulder to my toes. I went to the ER and was kept in the hospital for 4 days and given every test possible. No cause for my stroke was found however.

[QUOTE]The doctors here didn't think I needed physiotherapy...[/QUOTE]

Mine didn't really say much about it either, but after I got home and read on the net it was necessary, I called around to the hospital and the CLSC but the waiting list was too long, due to patients being taken in order of priority, which makes sense. I found a physiotherapist at a private clinic. I can tell you that the physio is what made me - one year later - recovered nearly 100%.

I suggest you might do the same. It's only been one month since your stroke and I know just how you feel. I too was scared, depressed and filled with anxiety (also dizzy, disoriented and exhausted) but now it's very difficult to tell I ever had a stroke. It will get better!:)

Hope this helps a bit!

Positive Cynic 05-02-2011 03:18 PM

Re: I had a stroke and need to talk about it
Hello Linda and welcome,
I am so sorry about your stroke. I totally understand your fear and anxiety. This is a good place to find information and get comfort. I wanted to say something more, but every one just got home got home and I can only do one thing at a time. I hope I can respond to you later. Things will get better to you my friend. Hang on to hope, love and happiness.
God Bless,

lindmar67 05-03-2011 05:45 AM

Re: I had a stroke and need to talk about it
Hi Chloe1252...thanks for replying to my post...I'm happy to know that we not only both share the same country but also the same province lol...I also called the CLSC for help with a few things and am still waiting for a service...Well...I guess I will be waiting for a long time lol...I don't think I could afford paying for regular physiotherapy sessions as they must be pretty expensive and I don't have insurance neither, but I should not just guess but check really how much it would cost. I'm happy for you to ear that you are almost all recovered from your stroke after one year...It's encouraging to ear things like that. Yesterday I had an appointment for another CT Scan...I should get the results in a few weeks or so from now but getting the results also scares me too...I also feel dizzy, disoriented and exhausted just like you did and even so many other weird symptoms and questions needing answers etc...but I will start another post for that. Thanks again for your words of encouragements :) ...Bye for now...


lindmar67 05-03-2011 05:59 AM

Re: I had a stroke and need to talk about it
Hi Positive Cynic (Tim)...thanks for replying to my post...You're right...I also feel that I'm at the right place to get infos and comfort etc...The people here seem to be very nice and I feel less alone. I'm looking forward to discuss so many things with all of yous in this forum. Take care and bye for now :)


writeleft 05-04-2011 01:39 PM

Re: I had a stroke and need to talk about it
Hello Linda and welcome to our family of stroke survivors. I am so happy you have found us!

I had 4 strokes at the age of 43, and I am now 50 years old. My strokes were a result of malignant hypertension, which also caused kidney failure and vision loss. The first 4 years I spent slowly re-learning to walk, talk, think, and finally type. It was hard.

Nowadays though, you would never know I had strokes, because all my physical deficits are gone. I still struggle with memory, but at time that is a blessing.

We look forward to sharing what ever we can to help you on your journey to recovery. It is a slow process, but our brains being the amazing instruments that they are, will slowly try to overcome the damaged spots.

We are here for you and happy to have you with us!


lindmar67 05-04-2011 06:43 PM

Re: I had a stroke and need to talk about it
Hi Janet...I am so happy that you replied to my post...I was very eager to exchange with you in particular :) . I have read so many of your posts here and there and admire your positive attitude and strenght. You have been an inspiration for me so far. Correct me if I'm wrong but I read that you also had lots of migraines before your strokes...Do you think that they could of also led to your strokes? Janet...By reading my story of stroke (my present post) do you feel like the 3 episodes of numbness that came and went away (the third one the numbness stayed and never left) do you feel like these 3 episodes could be considered as either 1 full stroke episode or 3 strokes episodes in a row or 2 TIA episodes and the 3rd episode being the stroke as they all happened in a matter of 20 minutes altogether...The reason why I'm asking is because in my first CT Scan (the same night as my stroke) the results came back normal...But 24 Hrs after my stroke another CT Scan was done and this time the neurologist told me that it SEEMED (he wasn't sure) that I had 2 possible old Lanucars but that these Lacunars didn't just by themselves explain all the stroke symptoms I was having and said that the whole thing was atypical. He terminated by telling me that I had indeed suffered a mild ishemic stroke and to take that as a warning sign for a worse one. I tried to re-contact him for further explanation but found that it is totally impossible to reach him (being probably too busy). I wonder what he meant by it being just a small ishemic stroke because the symptoms I experience right now are just so devastating that I'm having difficulty imagining being worse. I know that I am asking a :dizzy: big question to you and will understand if you don't have an answer for it ;) ...Bye for now :wave:


lmorgan79 05-05-2011 06:24 AM

Re: I had a stroke and need to talk about it

What he probably meant by a "mild ischemic" stroke was a tiny clot in your brain caused by ____. It could have definitely been worse, even though you think it is bad enough already. Worse could mean death, being locked in, etc. Usually, the Dr. will tell you to take a baby aspirin/day to fight further blood clots. TPA is also a clot-buster, but it has to be administered within a certain time frame of the stroke. I've heard that it has to be given within 2 hours, 3 hours, etc. No real consensus, that I've seen.

My stroke was hemorrhagic, and I was only 42 at the time. Now, I'll be 50 in May. Since it was hemorrhagic, no TPA can be given.

After having a stroke, you'll have good days, and bad days. Just be thankful that you have days at all, because it could have been worse, but wasn't. :)

Look at it this way: stroke is awful, but you met all of us! ;) We'll help you as best we can. Hug, and kiss your family. Just keep plugging away.


lindmar67 05-05-2011 08:38 AM

Re: I had a stroke and need to talk about it
Hi Lee...Thanks for replying to my post...You are right I should be grateful for still being alive because yes it could of have been worse...You were also very young for a stroke and as I can see there are alot of young people out there with strokes. Yesterday I went to this other forum and found a 37 y/o neurologist doctor who was specializing in strokes that has just recently suffered an ishemic stroke leaving her in a bad shape too. Life is so unpredictable...Now this nice lady is offering us her support along with all her medical knowledge to stroke survivors just like herself. I didn't as of yet had a chance to discuss with her but am looking forward to it. May God bless all of us...


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