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Speech Problems and confusion after Stroke

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jowhite HB User
Speech Problems and confusion after Stroke


I am new here and I'm feeling a little lost with what is going on with me after a stroke. I am only 26 years old.

In September last year I was taken into hospital because of what was thought to be initially a complex migraine - it started off with distorted vision, then I just felt a bit drunk and got stupidly giggly, but found that I was stuttering and I couldn't describe what objects were, I was saying words which were opposite to what I meant -ie - hot instead of cold. My speech worsened and I lost the feeling in the right side of my body.

When I was in hospital they did a CT scan, MRI scan and Xray - the MRI showed up what they called a lesion on the left hand side but I was sent home and this was put down to a migraine (that I have never suffered from, neither my family), awaiting referral to a neurologist just to check out this lesion.

In that time I had the same in October but as I thought this was just a migraine, so I went home to bed. It was not as bad as the time before - and the same in November and December, getting weaker each time.

In January I saw the neurologist who checked me over and said it pretty much is migraines that I'm suffering from, but at the end I asked him what was this lesion thing on my brain? Obviously he hadn't looked before because he was quite concerned and forwarded my scans to a stroke specialist. So after having it confirmed this was a stroke, I am now having lots of investigations, bloods including lupus and clotting, echocardiogram, further MRI scans and a heart monitor.

Whilst I am still under investigation with the hospital, I have spoken to them about my speech, but they say they can't do much about anything until they know whats going on. It's not so bad that it's extremely noticeable but it's very frustrating. I have found that now I really have to think about what I say when I'm at work for example. My head feels jumbled up and I stop mid sentence not knowing what words to use, I stutter sometimes and again, sometimes I say opposites to what I am meaning. It seems to be worse when I have been using my brain a lot at the end of a work day so it stops me seeing friends. Also I go into what's like a daze, where I just go into a somewhat daydream and can't snap out of it.

I am on 75mg of aspirin a day.

I guess I'm just looking for some advice mainly on the speech or some reassurance this will get better, or anyone with a similar experience as I feel like I don't have a clue what's going on anymore!

Thank you.


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nannymax HB Usernannymax HB Usernannymax HB User
Re: Speech Problems and confusion after Stroke

hi there i am so sorry to hear what has happened to you at such a young age,my hubby had a problem with his vision and they did a cat scan which showed up nothing so they did an mri which showed up his stroke he is 47,he was like you walking as if he were drunk, he gets very confused,mixes his words up,he has developed vocal tics and is tired all the time,our gp has agreed he needs to see a nurologist and possibally another scan as something is not right with him as apparently his mid brain stroke wouldnt give these symptoms i always have thought he has had another stroke and wont rest until i get another scan done,you have to push push push these doctors you know yourself when you are not feeling how you should, keep your chin up take care

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Blessid HB User
Re: Speech Problems and confusion after Stroke

Hi Jo - I'm also new here too, but I think I'm still allowed to say welcome. I am no expert but I'll try to reassure you from my experience. I had one episode like yours all except the giggly part. I went to casualty and they tried to send me home telling me it was a migraine.

I'm 42yrs old and I know myself enough to know when something is wrong. I suspected I must have had a stroke, but I didn't let on and explained to them as best I could that I don't normally stutter, and that I was having difficulty finding words. I felt like I was hungover, although I'd not had any alcohol; and I had the most horrendous headache. Because I had suffered migraines in the past I knew this headache pain was different. It would not ease and I was in tears with the pain.

Eventually, somebody looked at the CAT Scan and saw some brain damage. If that person was not in the hospital that day, I'm sure they would have sent me home. About two days later, they diagnosed that I had suffered a stroke.

I have a brain injury now because of that stroke. You would never know there was anything wrong with me. The effect of that injury is that I could not concentrate or problem solve for anything over twenty minutes. After that I will start to stutter, come to a stop mid-sentence, and begin to feel extremely tired. It would take two hours sleep for me to be back to an energy level where I could start again.

If the information my brain is handling is new to me, it drains me more. If some parts of the information are familiar, my brain does not have to work so hard. If you asked me to multi-task, it would not be happening this year!

My right hand became weaker than my left, even though I am right handed. If I held something in my right hand, my brain would not send any instruction to that hand. Things felt different on my right, but better on my left. So I began using my left hand more.

I was in hospital for ten days, all that time I texted on my mobile phone, got up and used the bathroom, all without assistance. I watched TV did word puzzles, I did not stop doing anything, unless I was physically or mentally unable to do it safely.

In hospital I was assessed by both a physiotherapist and a speech therapist. Whilst we could identify the problem, there was no magic wand they could wave to heal me. I just kept on trying and when I got tired, I rested enough, then got up and tried again. I got a selection of small pieced jigsaw puzzles and used them daily. I regained my fine motor skills, but have to keep using them or my hand starts to seize up. I got a small stress ball that I squeezed most of the time, unless I was using the hand to do something else.

I went back to work after four months, just a couple of hours a day at first, then gradually increased the time. I couldn't socialise because there was too much for my brain to process. People all talking at once, background noise, people moving about. Too much everything and very tiresome. I had to take everything at a slow slow pace, and do it over and over. Allowing my brain to find a new route to the points which had been blocked off by the stroke damage. If things are written down, I can digest it at my own pace. Otherwise it's information overload.

Stay positive, don't push yourself too hard at once. Keep pushing the medical people to identify what your issues are so that you can learn to work with them. Keep monitoring the changes you see and find your way round them. Always believe you will find a way.

Blessid Xx

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Location: Kent, United Kingdom
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Blessid HB User
Re: Speech Problems and confusion after Stroke

Hopefully there is only one post now.

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