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jlh1 05-05-2012 12:53 AM

Introduce myself
Hi, I am new here. I am 38 years od, a single mom of a 15 month old and recently had a stroke as a result of a bad car accident.

writeleft 05-05-2012 01:43 AM

Re: Introduce myself
Hello jlh1, and welcome to our very special place for stroke survivors.

We are so happy you found us, as we can offer you so much support and information that you really need at this time. The earliest day and weeks are full of so much confusion and concern for everyone involved.

Much of what we can share with you is how normal many of your symptoms are, which can be such a relief when so many things are suddenly very different. There are also things you must seek attention for immediatly, that you need to seek medical help for immediately. Everything around stroke is a matter of time, so anytime you start experiencing anything suspicious, call your doctor, or go right in.

i have to agree with the doctors and any others who told you how lucky you are to be alive. Please be very careful with yourself, as the early days can be very important in you recovery. Do you have someone close enough to you that could be there for you in a minute is needed? Any devices you can use to help yourself remember things like the medication as you mentioned is a good idea.

I can think of a hundred idea of things to share with you, but I do not want to overwhelm you right now. There will be lots of others along to introduce themselves and offer you their support. Take great comfort in the fact that you are here with us now. We will be here to answer any question or concern you have.Don't be afraid to ask anything that comes to mind, even if it is 3 am or midnight. We have members here from all over the world to help.

Again, welcome to the stroke board. We are so glad to have you..


Mulchie 05-05-2012 10:01 PM

Re: Introduce myself
Hello and welcome to our family.
Well we will all agree you are one very lucky lady. You were saved and its pretty clear why. You have a magnificent job to do and it sounds like your doing great even though your meeting with some challenges. Writing down everything is a great idea. I have a big white board on the fridge and I keep track of important info jotting down everything. Your right to be concerned about your daughters meds. But just make sure you write down dose and time given for your reference. Write down feeding times diaper times etc so you will feel better about it.
Your new in stroke recovery and your going to continue to improve. Im glad your writing down questions for the doctor. Its the best way to go into an appointment.
Im glad you found us so we can help you out. I had a stroke 2 years ago at age 54 and when you talk about he confusion and tiredness its all too familiar. Rest when you can your poor brain has taken a hit and must heal. Rest is healing so when baby sleeps you sleep. The fear you mention is also common with us. You must continue to push that out and remember you were saved for a reason and let that bring you comfort and peace. Every day you are getting stronger and stronger. Some days will seem you will feel great and other days you will feel like your going backwards. This is normal and you will get more and more good days. You sound like your doing amazing.
1 year after my stroke my first grandbaby was born. Whenever he was in my arms I forgot all about my stroke. All I remembered is how great he felt in my arms, how great he smelled and how absolutly wonderful he was.
Let all the great stuff in your life push out all the fear. You will be okay. Keep in touch God Bless Mulchie

jlh1 05-06-2012 10:00 AM

Re: Introduce myself
Thank you. :)

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