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food cravings?

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jlh1 HB Userjlh1 HB Userjlh1 HB Userjlh1 HB User
food cravings?

Just curious, the one ting I crave when I am hungry is carbs. Ill want is noodles, sometimres potatos, mainly noodles.

Did anyone else have any cravings? I wonder if carbs have a benefit and if everyone craves them, I have always belieed your body tells you what you need and thats why you crabe it.

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Re: food cravings?

There is actually the opposite opinion around, that your body craves what is most harmful to it.
That aside, the fact that you crave simple carbohydrates indicates that there is a comfort-seeking element to your cravings. Try to check out what is happening and how you are feeling when you really crave something, and you may find out what triggers it. If you can then replace some of the carbs with protein, eg. eggs, cheese, meat, fish, it will be more sustaining for you. Sera

Sorry for this less than helpful post, I didn't realize it was the stroke board until I went back and read the other answers. S

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writeleft HB Userwriteleft HB Userwriteleft HB Userwriteleft HB Userwriteleft HB Userwriteleft HB Userwriteleft HB Userwriteleft HB Userwriteleft HB Userwriteleft HB Userwriteleft HB User
Re: food cravings?

During stroke recovery, there are many things your brain is working hard to re-connect. This can lead to a wide variety of new issues that you must adapt to. Some of them are temporary, and others are permanent. I have read many reports of either food cravings, or people finding only a very limited variety of foods palatable.

Either way, it is important to maintain a proper balance of all the food groups. Make sure you balance those carbs with lots of fresh veggies and fruits, stay well hydrated and be sure to also include some lean protein in your diet everyday.

While your brain heals, hopefully your appetite will even out, and the craving for the carbs will diminish naturally. Just dont let your mind overtake your good sense about your need for good nutrition.

When you do give in to your desires, you can always use the healthiest methods of preparing your carbs. Using whole grain pastas, and leaving the deep fried and butter filled potatoes behind, for a baked or boiled one with fat free toppings.

I know my strokes left me with great difficulty getting the kind and amount of exercise I did previously, as well as changed my diet toward easier to cook items, and it ended up leaving me with unwanted weight I had to loose. Do your best not to follow that path, it is so hard to take it off once it is there...

my best to you...Janet

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Re: food cravings?

GíDay Jlhi,
Hope you and your loved are doing as well as can be. Before my stroke, I was considered quite fit and health for a guy of 54. I never really wanted or craved any particular type of food. I maintained a good diet, keep my weight under control, and was very active.
Then came along ďthe strokeĒ, like everyone else, my world was turned upside down and inside out in the blink of an eye. About two weeks after my stroke I developed this crazy craving for chocolates and lollies [candy]. Man I could not stop eating all this junk food, then weight started to pile on.
Within about 4 months I had gained about 20-25 pounds. Its been over two years now, and Iím only just being to take control of my eating habits again. You see I never craved junk food; this is what I canít understand nor anyone else that knows me.
May be itís because Iím not as active as I used to be? Iím trying to work out why I developed these weird cravings, no one can tell me. Well at least they have stopped, now Iím working on losing all the weight Iíve grained.
I wish I had an explanation but I donít, I guess it just takes time for your body to re tune its self both mentally and physically. I did notice that when Iíd become emotional the cravings did increase for a time.
Iím sure these cravings will pass, and youíll get back to regular diet. Mate try to keep a balanced diet, and exercise however and the best you can, never lose hope or give up on yourself.
just remember your not on your own.
I hope you and your family keep fit and healthy.

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jlh1 HB Userjlh1 HB Userjlh1 HB Userjlh1 HB User
Re: food cravings?

Thankyou. I had no idea cravings could be bad.

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Larry88 HB UserLarry88 HB UserLarry88 HB UserLarry88 HB UserLarry88 HB UserLarry88 HB UserLarry88 HB UserLarry88 HB UserLarry88 HB UserLarry88 HB UserLarry88 HB User
Re: food cravings?

hi Jlhi, I have never had any weight problems. I'm somewhere between 5'10"-5'11" from the age of 18, I never weighed more tan 165 pounds. my job was quite physical, carrying 12' sheets of drywall 10-12-14 sometimes 16 hours a day. kept me fit and in shape. I tried and tried to gain weight, but never could! and man did I eat. junk food-fast food as much as I could eat and wanted never gaining a pound.

then came the stroke in 1992 age 42, occurring swallowing problems put me on pureed food and thickened liquids through a straw. by the time I was sent to rehab from the hospital, I was down to 128 pounds. one of my main goals they'd set for me, was to gain 2 pounds per week. I was allowed to eat anything I wanted at any time I wanted. my room was stacked with junk food to snack on any time, every night my wife brought me a fast food burger,fries, and milkshake for dinner, + I'd eat ice cream every night, I guess my metabolism was just very high? I couldn't gain much at all the only exercise I really got was in therapy, mostly all I could do was set and lay in bed for 3 years.

leaving rehab in 1995 I may have weighed 135 pounds? still eating like a horse or a hog. having blood work done every 6 months my numbers were always good and low for about 8-9 years, when I went to my scheduled doctors check up appointment and found a died pamphlet for high cholesterol on my chair, my numbers had went way up! I was put on zocor and fish oil for high cholesterol, was told "don't eat anything white' pasta, bread, potatoes, nothing white. then, my blood sugar went up a bit, more borderline than too high triglycerides were too high, I had gotten up to 210 pounds. not overweight? just more than I wanted to carry. I doubled up my fish oils to taking about 600 Mg's per day, tried to move around more each day, my ability to exercise is limited greatly being totally paralyzed on my entire left side,lack of balance, not an abundance of energy. I cut way back on my sweets intake and junk food, stayed with my medication regimen of 1 47 pills per week,+ added 1000Mg's of green tea complex supplements. my last blood work came back with the best numbers I've ever had, even my blood sugar came down 10 points after popping a breath mint in my mouth just before being drawn, was to be fasting!

this morning I weighed in at 178 pounds, never increasing my exercises nor changing my normal diet outside of the fast food and junk food. I've managed to lose 32 pounds, never noticing a thing. the green tea is supposed to increase metabolism? I guess it works

good luck and god bless

determination breed progress-progress breed success- success breeds happiness.

happiness is a way of life, not a goal in life, success comes in cans not can'ts

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Casey991 HB UserCasey991 HB UserCasey991 HB UserCasey991 HB UserCasey991 HB UserCasey991 HB UserCasey991 HB UserCasey991 HB User
Re: food cravings?

Hi jlh1,
Sorry to be so tardy with my responses to your questions. I am an on and off poster and it took me a while to go through all of your posts. Wow! You have had a terrible time. I can only tell you that I can relate...on May 5 and then again May 7 2010 I had strokes and my world has never been the same. They came totally out of the blue. To this day no one has been able to figure out why or where I had them.They just...happened....

The food cravings. I am not a doctor but it sounds like a portion of your brain is saying make me happy. Why? We are conditioned to go for "comfort food" at times of stress. Physical stress, mental stress. And there is nothing more stressful than a stroke and its aftermath. Just ask the folks here on this board!

I don't know if you have had food issues in the past (I know I have had my share of food issues!) but I believe that slogging down a big bowl of noodles could potientally screw around with your blood sugar and only add to your bad feelings. I don't think you want that! Really.

I believe you will be better eating good stuff. If your doctor won't help you, there are a ton of free resources on the Internet. If you are on blood thinners watch your intake of vitamin K. Ok..end of lecture...once I get wound up I can go and go.

I hope this helped. And you are feeling better and finding your way. It's hard. I know and I care.


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