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writeleft 10-13-2012 12:54 PM

242/127... close call
Night before last I noticed the strangest feeling of anxiety of sorts, and as yesterday wore on, I knew something was wrong. I was clammy, and chilled, my legs were weak, and I had a blazing headache. When I took my BP, my machine kept returning and error code, which made me realize my BP was too high to read. I had my son take me to the fire station around the corner from my home to get checked on their machine.

Sure enough, my reading there was 242/127, and they started and IV, and called an ambulance. With a history of 4 strokes already, I knew I was on the verge. I made a point to keep talking to the EMT's who were watching closely for any signs of stroke happening before we could get to the hospital.

Thank goodness, I was in time, and within a few hours my BP was back within the safe range, and I was on my way home to recover further. The only lasting effect is this headache, and the knowledge that I escaped another stroke.

The culprit this time was a small change in my medication, which took me a few weeks to build into this hypertensive crisis. Whew! Am I lucky to have gotten the help I needed when I did. The moral of this story is to always to listen to your body and take action when needed. Blessings to all.

goingtorun 10-13-2012 01:04 PM

Re: 242/127...close call
g'day Writeleft,
thank God your ok......

writeleft 10-13-2012 05:09 PM

Re: 242/127...close call
Thanks George,

As I sit here this afternoon, I realize that even with 9 years of stroke free years behind me, that it only takes a little change in my medication to send my blood pressure right to where it wants to be, and that is over 200/100 it seems. To this day, I have to be aware of my blood pressure every single day, and have to keep my medication regimen perfect. This latest hypertensive crisis was due to a small change in my medication made by my cardiologist, not my nephrologist, who has always managed my medication. The one time I alter my own rule, this is what happens. Boy have I learned something by this experience. I hope sharing this helps someone else avoid a similar mistake be made in their medication.


Iwamura 10-13-2012 05:28 PM

Re: 242/127...close call
I'm glad you're here telling us about ur experience!!!!! Hope your day(s) are better!

God bless you and your family!
Take care.

Casey991 10-13-2012 05:39 PM

Re: 242/127...close call
So glad to hear that you are ok. You might not know it, but you and this board are my lifeline.

I will post about my own challenges and situation on another thread when I can....


tinam7 10-14-2012 06:58 AM

Re: 242/127... close call
Those numbers have been bouncing around in my head. Thank goodness you took care of them and got them under control.

Now I will mention a unit designed to even BP called Resperate that I've used twice a day without fail since Jan. 2011, the month after my stroke. My son found it and told me about it. I am not promoting it, it is not inexpensive, it does not work for everyone. But I feel it has worked for me. It is the foundation for what I consider my meditation. It helps to even my breathing, to calm me. In addition I try to avoid any stress or excitement, even good excitement. I end up leading a limited almost cloistered life, but I'll take that instead of the possible alternative.

So happy you are well, Janet, and BP is controlled. Stay well.....tina

Mulchie 10-14-2012 09:44 AM

Re: 242/127... close call
Oh my Goodness That was a close call. you are so right about listening to your body and then taking action. So many times we worry about putting people out or what if we were wrong, or what if nothing is wrong. so we do nothing and thank God you did something. Another confirmation that you were saved for a reason my dear friend and you aren't going anywhere.
Oh another reason to celebrate. God Bless Mulchie

Larry88 10-15-2012 05:06 PM

Re: 242/127...close call
thank god! there was a fire house and EMT's nearby.

hugs Janet

Alberta1967 10-15-2012 06:11 PM

Re: 242/127... close call
Thank God your son was home with you.I am happy you are still here with us. Alberta

writeleft 10-15-2012 09:37 PM

Re: 242/127... close call
Deepest thanks to each of you who posted to me. I have such strong and personal connections with each of you, and even as I have been scarce on this board. I have trying to make my way back.

I know being back here regularly is best for me and I love it most..I have been terribly distracted by the continuous obligations I have had as i continue to deal with my late parents estate, with a great emotional and physical toll.

I have been overwhelmed and my health has taken the brunt. I just came back from the ER, the second time since Friday. Time for me to come back home to my stroke family to stay in good company until I get myself through this thing. Who better to remind myself of where we all have come from...stroke.

Today I did not wait until I reached the 247 range BP. I went in at 200/110. Once again my home machine was error-ing out when it was too high to read. Rather than seeking the Fire Department to measure my BP. we drove straight to the ER.

[B][I][COLOR="Red"]Remember The Fire Department is always a good place to keep in mind if you need an acurate BP measure. Ther are there 24 hours a day, and have immediate access to emergency care. Drug store monitors are not always accurate.[/COLOR][/I][/B]

I don't know if there are any others who suffer from malignant hypertension, but that is where my strokes have come from. Watching your BP get so high that you know you could stroke out any second is so frightening. It's almost like if I blink, I will have one.

Boy, do I feel like I escaped, again. But what must I do to avoid this happening again? The combination of this long term stressful situation, becoming completely exhausted recently with the move of my parents belongings from their home of 40 years, and it's sale...throw in a blow out with my son, who left home mad...Then I had made a small change in my medication and that was enough to blow my BP through the roof!

So, the use of relaxation techniques daily, never messing with my meds, and enjoying life, is on my short list. That and coming here alot to check in with all my friends, old and new who I may inspire or understand.

Hope this post makes sense, I did have some IV demeral earlier, and this was one of those "stream of consciousness" type writings.


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