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karlee10 04-25-2014 01:50 AM

My Baby, Kory, died of SIDS at 4 weeks old.
Hi. This sure is a very important, but kinda scary looking board to me, because of when I see the word, SIDS. It's kinda crazy. Before Kory died, I just never even noticed those letters. In fact, I'd only heard the term, Crib death. I am so grateful to know now that after Kory died, I did have 2 baby girls, and then later, a baby boy again. God is great! Right off, I wasn't ready for another boy, and I had 2 baby girls. In fact, Misty and Shonna are 12 months and 2 days apart. And then, years later, a surprise! Baby Tyler Jordan. He's got 2 big sisters to take care of him. And, I haven't yet mentioned that when Kory died, Dustin was 14 months old, is all. And so, We let Dustin pick Tyler's middle name. And, he got a little brother when Dustin was 11. And, wow. I've had many tragedies and stresses. But then, I no longer feel that God allowed Kory to just die because He just doesn't care. I greatly appreciate Gods loving kindnesses. Without God, I would've remained severely depressed after Kory died. For sure. Well that's it for me tonight. It's late. Jemma.

gmak 04-26-2014 10:26 PM

Re: My Baby, Kory, died of SIDS at 4 weeks old.
Hi Karlee, Im so sorry to hear that you lost a beautiful baby son, Kory. I can hear the love you have for all of your children in your post & Im so thankful to God for bringing you through. You are a wonderful support to me & to so many others that are in pain & bring joy & hope to others truly showing you have been touched by Gods lovingkindness & share that love here. Thank you.

robin446 06-26-2014 11:08 PM

Re: My Baby, Kory, died of SIDS at 4 weeks old.
Hello, karlee! I'm sorry for your loss. Your story is such an inspiration to other people who can relate to this. Everything happens for a reason. Always remember that God is good... all the time. :)

ladybud 06-27-2014 07:10 AM

Re: My Baby, Kory, died of SIDS at 4 weeks old.
Thank you for sharing your story. I think it will bring some hope and comfort to those who have gone, or are going through, a death from SIDS in the family. It is such a cruel, unexplainable loss that leaves parents devastated. Any inspiration for them is wonderful, and you have brought to light the hope of future children, of healing from the loss, and moving on with remembrance and love for all your children. Thanks for sharing your strength, hope and inspiration. Best to you and your family!

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