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Bird Flu

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Old 05-24-2006, 02:58 PM   #1
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Howitt44 HB User
Bird Flu

I have been reading articles about the Bird Flu. Not to the point where I am in a panic, but I think it's wise to prepare for any kind of disaster whether it's a tornado, terrorist attack or the bird flu. I know that our health care system will be stained and those receiving antiviral medications first will be government and health care workers. I have been reading about antiviral herbs - especially those that will reduce cytokines in the body. The article said that in the flu pandemic in 1918, young people with relatively healthy immune systems were one of the groups hit hard. It seems their immune systems turned on themsevles and cause what they call a "cytokline storm". The article further recommended certain herbs that would reduce that inflammatory condition and help ward off the bird flu. One was garlic, best if eaten fresh and crushed. Is there an equally potent way to get garlic in the body? It would be useless to stock up on whole garlic cloves, but in a capsule form or tincture, it would be more likely. Does anyone have ideas on how to stock up on garlic in a practical way?

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Old 05-24-2006, 03:18 PM   #2
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snowmelts HB User
Re: Bird Flu

I never thougth about herbs ect very much but I guess you could buy Garlic salt or Garlic powder. It's commonly sold just about every where to sprinkle a little in food when you are cooking. It has a long shelf life. In the past I've bought it at Walgreen's, CVS, Dollar General and every grocery store in my area. You will have no trouble finding it. It's cheap too.

uumm about healthy young people being a high group to have that 1918 flue. You have to remember that the healthy young people are to ones that are "out there" in public, doing the daily things that make the world run like working, shopping, running errands faceing the germs the most. Because of that I would expect them to be high risk in reality. The other age groups, knowing they are considered high risk, tend to live more secluded.

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wrenegade HB User
Re: Bird Flu

Hi There ,

My DH and I owned a health food store for 8 years and had been interested in natural remedies for many years before that. We still try to keep abreast of things. We have found that Elderberry extract or tincture works very well for knocking out flu bugs. Please read the article below which relates specifically to bird flu. We have found Nature's Answer Elderberry liquid extract to be effective, too. 1/2 teas. held under the tongue for 1 to 2 mins every few hours. As well, you can easily make your own tinctures.

Dr. Madeline Mumcuoglu immigrated to Israel in 1974, and obtained a doctorate in Virology. Her doctoral dissertation was on bird flu.

Noticing that the black elder tree (Sambucus nigra) had healing properties which had been used since the time of Hippocrates in ancient Greece, she began doing research on it. Elderberry juice had been used to reduce flu for centuries.

The juice was commercialized in 1992 by Razei Bar Industries, and Israeli firm founded by Mumcuoglu. The brand name of the extract is Sambucol. It was tested in southern Israel flu epidemic of 1989-1993. By the third day, 90% of the patients showed dramatic improvements in symptoms (fever, muscle aches and pains, and coughing).

In 1995, lab studies were carried out at Hadassah University in Israel, which showed that elderberry extract was effective against human, swine, and avian influenza strains.

A second, double blind study was done in Norway, with similar results. It reduced the duration of flu by approximately four days, and appeared to stimulate the healthy immune system by increasing production of inflammatory cytokines. The use of rescue medication (pain relievers, etc.) was significantly less in those who took Sambucol.

In mid-January, 2006, Retroscreen Virology, a leading British medical research institute in London announced that it was “at least 99% effective against the avian flu virus, H5N1, and in cell cultures significantly neutralized the infectivity of the virus” (reported in Israels 21c. January 29, 2006).

In the U.S., Sambucol now controls about 80% of the elderberry remedy market. The liquid food supplement is distributed by Nature’s Way Products and sold in health food stores.

Unlike Tamiflu, Sambucol has no side effects. It can also be given safely to children. (Tamiflu cannot be given to children under 12.)

A recent New England Journal of Medicine report disclosed that a 13-year-old girl in Vietnam developed resistance to Tamiflu and died. Dr Anne Moscona of Cornell University commented, “Tamiflu-resistant H5N1 is now a reality.”

About 30,000 people die of regular flu every year in the U.S.

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Wigsrip HB User
Lightbulb Re: Bird Flu

There is some evidence/concern of avian flu in effect turning the acquired immune system against itself. This, as you stated, can make healthy people as vulnerable as the young or elderly.

There is a compound called WGP 3-6 that is a highly potent immune modulator. It works on the innate immune system and increases white blood cell count as well as priming neutraphills and enhancing their ability to get to the sight of a challenge and then kill that challenge. Better yet, research out of Brown University published this year found that it was safe to take daily and NO stimulatory or inflamtory effects.

The compound is in human clinicals as both an anti-tumor medication but also as a hemetopoetic drug (white blood cell productions).

It is available over the counter as a daily preventative. My family has taken it for two years and we have not been sick during that time - even the kids. We have stocked up on this just in case flu season is rough this year.

The brand is called Imucell and can be found most easily online. [DELETED] I think.

use product names only - please do not post commercial websites for any reason whether or not you personally benefit

Last edited by mod-anon; 07-20-2006 at 08:07 AM. Reason: please do not post info on how to locate commercial websites

Old 06-17-2006, 04:41 PM   #5
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snowmelts HB User
Re: Bird Flu

[QUOTE=Wigsrip]. My family has taken it for two years and we have not been sick during that time - even the kids. We have stocked up on this just in case flu season is rough this year.

Well I don't take flue "shots". Tried one in '95 cuz they were giving the shot where I worked, and it made me throw up rather violently for an hour. I'll never try that again! But, you know, I can't even remember the last time I actually cought the flue anyway. My elderly mother also never gets the "the shot" and she also never gets the Flue. We just don't seem prone to catching it but then we don't get out in public much.

But I do have wild Snow Geese right out in back of my bedroom window in this apt complex so I am considering this Bird Flue in a way I never think of regular Flue.

About the elderberries.. my allergies react badly to most berries. I know of only 2 I can eat.. blueberries and cranberries. So I'm leary of trying elderberries.

Last edited by snowmelts; 06-17-2006 at 04:45 PM.

Old 08-23-2006, 10:39 PM   #6
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wackytoposthere HB User
Re: Bird Flu

Howitt44 - I find the best way to benefit from garlic is, extracts. Mine are strong, very strong, you just use less drops at a time. I read somewhere, to benefit from garlic you need to eat 2-3 garlic bulbs a day, now personally the thought of eating raw garlic doesn't appeal to me much. But then again taking my garlic extract takes a strong will, because the smell will knock you off your feet. In fact the first time I made it, it was several months before I could bring
myself to try it, I felt like I was coming down with a cold or flu, you know that raspy sore throat that starts first. So I took the garlic extract that night, next morning I felt great.

I use a large glass jar and fill it with pealed garlic cloves, cut each clove 1 or 2 times, then pour in Everclear (190 proof grain alcohol) making sure it totally covers the garlic, and making sure you work out all the air from between and around the garlic.
I generally leave my roots longer then my leaf and flower extract, the bulb (garlic) I left a little longer this time, almost 2 months, not sure why. I had made another extract at the same time for tumors/cancer that I wanted to be as strong as it could be. So I left both for almost the 2 months.
Keep the extract in a cool, dark area, and turn the jar up side down 1 or 2 times a day, don't shake the jar. When you feel the times up, strain the fluid through
a strainer a few times, and if you have lots of time to spare, then pour it through a paper coffee filter. Then store in air tight bottles. I use the rubber stopper, green and brown glass beer bottles.

Don't ever use this extract by it's self, add the drops to 2-3 oz's water, mix well and hold in your mouth as long as you can, before swallowing, (this will aid in getting it into your blood stream faster.)


snowmelts - Don't waste your time trying to heal yourself with Garlic salt or Garlic powder. And some herbs from General Dollar, Walgreen's, CVS, Rexall and walmart lack quality.


On the subject of ELDERBERRY EXTRACT - For those who don't know, it's made from the flowers. The leaves, roots and bark are poisonous. The berries
yield delicious wine and jams.


Howitt44 - A question you had asked, but failed to get a answer for. Is yes, our 4 legged frends benefit from herbs too.

Last edited by wackytoposthere; 09-06-2006 at 10:28 PM.

Old 09-12-2006, 05:59 AM   #7
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coules HB User
Re: Bird Flu


I did some research myself and found there was an article where a sciencist was working on a cure. He found that he could cure the birds with a combination of wild oregano and cinimon. The article further stated that he found this combination by studing the plague. In his studies it showed that the people of that day that worked in a cinimon factory never contracted the plague. Using this information he began to work on combination to cure these birds and is having success with his findings.

Myself I would not be without colloidal silver. Do some research on these products and see what you think.

Old 09-12-2006, 07:31 AM   #8
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snowmelts HB User
Re: Bird Flu

Cinnamon? Well now that's a nifty idea.
cinnimon is easy to incorporate into fun food.
I don't have an organo around, though.. not a spice I use for anything.

However the drug companies can't make money selling us spices so I don't think that will get advertsed!

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