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My H1N1 Nightmare

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Lightbulb My H1N1 Nightmare

I do not consider myself a true asthmatic. Since my 20's (now 42) I've had bouts of asthma caused by URI or allergies from hayfever. I didn't buy into the hype of H1N1 and had no idea asthma was in High Risk category.

So here's what happened at my house, this is long but I was put off by our local Hospital.

Youngest daughter (8yrs)goes to visit her Dad for Thanksgiving, return home on Sunday 11/30. Dad took her swimming at Community Rec Ctr.
Monday she wakes up with running nose, mild cough. Day progresses and she gets low grade fever, upset tummy and fatigue.

Meanwhile 18yr old daughter comes home from work early with swollen face from lymphs, high fever, sniffles, cough, bad body aches. She thinks its Scarlet fever as her whole face is red and irritated, which after reading it can develop rash from the heat of the fever with H1N1.

Tuesday 12/1/09 I am giving both girls herbs, MMS and lots of fluids. The 18 yr old goes into her room and literally sleeps for 2 days while coming out only to go to the bathroom caused by the violent diarrhea. The 8 yr old watched TV, colored and napped. Her cough was better but at night her fever went up again.

Wed 12/2/09 Both girls better. Cough calming, diarrhea ceasing, fever subsiding, nose congestion clearing to stuffy vs. runny.

Ok I think, that wasn't bad. I'm not really feeling much other then a scratch at the back of my throat. I keep taking MMS and increase dosage as well as B vitamins, D vitamins and increase water intake.

NOW The Nightmare Begins....

First let me mention my Boyfriend is a Lung Transplant Recipient of 19 months. He must be very careful of viruses, colds etc. due to his suppressed immune system. His Docs at UCH in Denver are not giving the H1N1 Vaccine unless patients insist because they don't necessarily trust its efficacy in the Transplant patients. When the girls go sick he was in Denver at check ups. I told him I thought they had colds but they were better so he might want to go stay at his house versus coming home to my house.

Thursday 12/3/09 Runny Nose continues and I feel a little more tired. BF comes home. Girls seem better. Dad (68) who lives with me too has been at work most the week at night and has no symptoms.

Friday 12/4/09 Wake up with fever, total sinus congestion with headache, body aches, explosive diarrhea that lasts 36 hrs., short of breath, mild asthma symptoms. Too exhausted to look up H1N1 symptoms or even read about it. I think "the girls got through it quick it won't last".

Saturday 12/5/09 Asthma and breathing problems getting worst as cough begins from Post Nasal Drip? Just deal with it and go to bed. More Soup, Tea, water.

Sunday 12/6/09 Can't breathe. Inhaler is not cutting it to get enough air to my lungs. Whole body aches, fever spiking, throat hurts, coughing violently. Boyfriend brings over Oxygen to help ease my breathing and headache. Got to sleep for 2 hrs...

Monday 12/7/09 Symptoms getting worst. Nose cut up from blowing so much. Fever still present. Chest very heavy and breathing labored. Can barely walk. By nightime Inhaler is almost empty, 2 bottles of Oxygen gone, We are having big winter snow storm and I need to go to ER.

Mind you we live in a small Ski Resort Town in Colorado with 1 hospital. I'm from California been here 10 yrs. so having only 1 option of Hospital is weird to me. I don't do Docs if I don't have to, which should tell you I was dying...

Get to ER at 10:30. Tell the admitting Triage Team that I'm pretty sure we all had the H1N1, told them I was on Oxygen for last 24 hrs. and still can't breathe. They were more concerned with where I got the oxygen then with the fact that I needed it to breathe.... Yea whatever!

Start breathing treatment on Nebulizer with 4L oxygen, Albuterol and Atrovent. Take chest xray. Have me blow.... Only blowing 200.

Give me 2nd breathing treatment 30 mins later. Blow..... now 250. Nurse is telling me to try to blow 800 while wheezing and coughing.

Doc comes in and says xray clean, no Pneumonia and says it must be Bronchitis. Gives me 1 dose of Tamiflu and 60mg Prednisone (steroid).

Nurse comes back with 3rd breathing treatment and says "We hope this 3rd one is Magic Bullet and we can get you out of the woods and sent home".

Now at this point no one will test for H1N1, I ask why Tamiflu they tell me if anyone has underlying symptoms like asthma they are just treating with Tamiflu in case. They do not give me info on H1N1. They do not tell me the High Risk of Death from Asthma with H1N1, Nothing, Nada, Zilch. Oh did I mention I'm Self Pay because I'm Self Employed. Thats right NO INSURANCE!! Factor? Maybe, Maybe not. Tell me no Pneumonia but that doesn' mean it won't turn to that so watch for it.

Ok, 2am now it's Tuesday AM. They discharge me from ER with referral to My Family Doc for checkup in 2 days, and new inhaler since my was empty. Tell me to use my inhaler every 4 hrs, 2 puffs. HAHA I told them when I walked in that using it every 20 mins wasn't doing anything to help open my airways.

Tuesday 12/8/09 Sleep for 1.5 hrs. wake up unable to catch breath. Use inhaler to no avail. Go Online to research Swine Flu. Shocked to find Asthma a High Risk Complication. Back on oxygen. Call BF and tell him what has happened. he sends me to his house to get Nebulizer and Albuterol to do breathing treatments at home. Gets more oxygen too.

Tuesday night 3 Nebs with Albuterol, sleeping with oxygen. Cough worst, phlegm is yellow and turning green.

Wed 12/9/09 I call my Doc and tell her whats happened. At this point I can barely talk as Laryngitis is setting in. Tell her I think I have infection, she says she would have to refer me back to ER because of breathing complications. OK this passing the buck BS is not working for me. I hang up, start crying, call BF and ask what I should do.

Meanwhile BF is up at UCH in Denver. His Doc hears what happens to me and is mortified. Apparently calling the Docs here Morons and other 4 letter words. He lung biopsied BF to culture for H1N1 and anything else that grew out. He couldn't believe the ER discharged me. BF was honest and told Doc he loaned me his nebulizer and albuterol. Doc was blown away I wasn't admitted to Hospital for inpatient care. So BF in Denver, Dad taking care of me during day, daughter at night. I need antibiotics!! I find current RX of Bactrim from BF and take one. (Yes I know they don't recommend taking someone elses drugs but when you're dying and I feel I was you will do anything!!!)

Thursday 12/10/09 BF cultures back showing Rhinovirus (cold), H1N1 exposure but didn't quite take (he got on Tamiflu immediately), Bacterial infection. BF put on Bactrim. Doc tells him I need same thing. Awesome! I'm already on it, haha.

Friday 12/11/09 Ribs hurt so badly throughout back from this cough. Phlegm changing colors from bright green to mild yellow. By nightime it is very light. Down to 2 neb treatments and don't have to have oxygen but am doing in middle of night when I wake up with coughing fit. Slight fever today but only after 3rd dose of Bactrim. Able to walk up the stairs today which is a huge accomplishment!

It is now 4:24AM Saturday.... I'm still wheezy after laying down but I can actually lay down finally! I've not been able to lay down only stay in reclined position.

So the moral, YES I made it, or am making it, no thanks to the Docs in my town. If it weren't for my BF having Nebulizer from his Cystic Fibrosis (Pre Transplant) and his awesome knowledge of the respiratory system, asthma and infections I wouldn't have. Seriously, I live 1 hr from our hospital, who can drive when they can't breathe not to mention the snow storm.

I'm 9 days into this and I know it's going to take some time to recover from this. My hope is that there is no permanent damage to my bronch, lungs and voice. I still have Laryngitis.

I still don't think the Vaccine is for me but IF I even smell H1N1 again I will be reacting with a lot quicker speed.

I pray more people understand this isn't anywhere close to a normal FLU. If you are high risk, meaning Asthma, COPD, Pregnant, Diabetic, heart disease, take the warning seriously so you don't end up like me.

Dad got symptoms of Runny Nose and Cough, went to Doc next day, started Tamiflu.... 2 days later he is fine.

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Re: My H1N1 Nightmare

I am so glad you have got over your swine flu nightmare. People really do need to take this virus a lot more seriously. I have had it 4 weeks now. I started with fever, aches, headache, shaking, shortness of breath. I took a course of tamiflu on day 6 docs perscibed antibiotics for my breathing. Since then I have been given an inhaler to take when i need it as my symptoms havent got any better. Doc says he cant here any infection so there is nothing they can do other than give you pain killers and an inhaler (dont usually have astma). I have never been this ill in my life, I have been resting in bed now for 4 weeks only getting up to make a drink and things. I am really worried now that I will never get rid of this alwful virus and nobody seems to have any answers. The doc cant understand why I am struggling to breath without having a cough or wheezing??. To me it just seems like I have got the normal flu x 4 my aching is horrendous. Anyway I guess I just want to ask you how long it took for you to feel better again after you shocking experience and is there anything you took that could help me??. I agree that everyone should get the vaccination if they can because i would not want anyone to suffer like this. :-(

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Re: My H1N1 Nightmare

I'm not over it. I'm on Day 9 of it. I'm on Day 4 of Tamiflu and Prednisone. Day 3 of Bactrim. I'm still bedridden and have no voice.

If I were you, I would go to a Pulmonologist or a University Hospital and make them find out what you are dealing with. My BF had a Lung Biopsy which is standard for Lung Transplant Patients, only because of that do we know for sure that Bactrim will kill this Bacterial Infection. It's not like my treatment was great, they didn't even want to diagnose me. They wouldn't diagnose anything other then bronchospasms and bronchitis.

Some Bacteria can become resistant to antibiotics and another is needed, I would make them find out. The Transplant Docs don't fool around when their patients get sick.

They hyped this virus but you surely can't tell how serious it is by the medical treatment we are given. I do know that there is a strain of H1N1 that does very serious tissue damage in the lungs. You aren't coughing up blood right?? They can perform a Bronchioscope to see what's in your lungs and biopsy it in order to culture any bacteria, virus or infection. Otherwise, be patient people are saying over a month to recover. Thankfully I work from home, unfortunately I need my voice to work and I have to be able to breathe first.

Let me know how it turns out for you, I'll update as the days pass.


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Re: My H1N1 Nightmare

Oh sorry, i thought you were over the worst. I am not coughing up blood well actually not coughing at all it just feels like its hard to breath like i am only taking short breaths. I guess i should be more patient but after 28 days of feeling like this you just get very disheartened and depressed seeing little improvement. I dont know anyone who has had it for this long and the doctors keep telling me is just post viral fatique so i suppose i will just have to wait and see. Let me know how you get on.

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