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RANDOL 08-20-2010 03:51 PM

H1N1 Vaccine Side Effects
Hi there, i just got the H1N1 shot along with the Tb,tdap and flu the 18th. As for side effects go i had sorness in my arm,then twards 8pm i started having aces & pains in my muscles all over my body then the next day followed by fever(100.04) along with slight headaces. Around 6pm or so the fever went down and everything started feeling normal again but still have a little of the aces and sorness. Today im @ school and feeling better. Just to inform you ahead of time,have nothing planed the next 2 days just in case if you get the vaccine,i also heard it effects others differently but i think its the best to get the shot considering what i went through lol but good luck FuFu

mellowfish 09-18-2010 09:45 AM

Re: H1N1 Vaccine Side Effects
Just adding my .02...

I got my flu vax yesterday evening, little sore in the injection site and I'm waiting to see if I'm going to feel like crap today. I am kinda glad to see H1N1 as part of the vax, thought I'm sure there are others who will think differently, lol. After numerous years of always getting nasty bronchitis (and a few bouts of pneumonia on top of that!) I started getting the "flu shot" each year and have been very fortunate not to have been so sick since then :D (touch wood!).

Last year was the first I felt yucky from the flu shot, I had extreme exhaustion, body aches, and a low grade fever for a day or two and then felt fine, and I also did not get the vax for H1N1 last year. I think it's a YMMV type of thing as far as reactions and side effects go :wave:

neuroticwriter 10-27-2010 06:39 PM

Re: H1N1 Vaccine Side Effects
I was the only one on my family to get the swine flu last year, and when I was diagnosed, I was scared. I remember how bad the regular flu was, and wasn't looking forward to the weeks without the energy to move, the aches, pains, fever, headaches, coughing, chills, etc. Since I caught it fast, the doctor prescribed my Tamiflu. I was thinking it wasn't going to help me at all. By the next day, I was feeling dramatically better, and was over the whole ordeal in about three days. It is the most awesome medication I have ever used, so if you get the flu, go to the doctor ASAP. It works like a miracle!

adamalsalman 12-23-2010 01:14 PM

Re: H1N1 Vaccine Side Effects
I had swine flu vaccine 1 year ago. It was fine. I caught the flu this year but more mildly than most people.

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