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mlacey 09-09-2011 01:05 PM

H1N1 survivors
I am a 48 year old female.
In nov 2009, I was at work and developed a migrain, the kind that messes with your vision. I left work early that day
the next morning I got up to get ready for work. for some reason I was not feeling very good so I called my boss and told him
I won't be coming in. I am usually really good on not calling off. that night I was throwing up and had this tremendous pain
in the left side of my chest. my husband took me to the Er. the PA that saw me told me I had the symptoms of the H1N1. so she gave me a shot of toradol
for the pain and something for the vomiting and send me home. the next night I was still in alot of pain I could not move. so my Husband took me back to the
Er then I got to see a real physician. my 02 was down at 87'. they admitted me. I dont remember much after that. they had to fly me into the next city. from there
thats when they put me in a medical induced coma and put me on a ventilator. I woke up three weeks later. not fully aware of my surroundings. a week later I was
starting to focus a little better then they moved me to Rehab then I stayed there for another week. doctors were telling me they were amazed in my recovery
they had little hopes of me surviving. I had to have three chest tubes my left lung had collapsed my 02 dropped clear down to 64'. I was told they even had a priest
in my room. when I finally got to come home I was using a walker I had to have my husband help me with my showers and toileting. they did diagnose me with emphazema
and supposably neropathy. but told me I would be fine in a year its been almost two years and my legs and feet still hurt. and I still dont have a lot of strength.
I still continue to have problems but can't get dissability because I have not been able to afford to see a doctor because of the high hospital bills (200.000 to 300.000)
to back me up. I am really curiose to hear from other H1n1 survivors to know if they are going through the same things. and if they are still seeing a doctor and what are there

bob mcnamar 10-12-2012 12:59 AM

Re: H1N1 survivors
I cought hn1, january20th 2011, I went to the er, and they sent me home, they said it was broncitus, 5 days of 104 plus fever, my doughter had to help me to get to the hospital, I collaped in the waiting room, I was there for 3 hrs when they decided to send me home. I made it off the cart and hit the floor, so they had to admite me, they put me on oxygen80%, the next day they tested me for h1n1, and did x-rays, i had h1m1 and double phnumonia, thay night about 7pm I died, they stoped working on meto go out to tell my 17yr old dauther i was dead, someone hit me with the pattles one last time and i was back sort of, they inhbated me but put the thing they put down your throat, that was backwards,suffacated on life flight to u of iowa hospital, while there i died 2 more times, kiddneyfailure, had trac, 2 chest tubes, 45 days in a coma, they found cancerwhen they put the trac in, , i had to learn to walk again, i spent almost 5 months in hospital, I got out in may, went back in and had cancer thyroid and parathyroids cut out, in july, radation in sept. , as as of oct 2012 nownd i am still fighting p.t.. lung p.t., each time i get sick, it gets worse, my lungs are at 20%, i have nuropty in my feet and legs, ,, I know how you feel, if its any hope , if you keep appelling with ssi they will send you to a doctor, make sure its a doctor of yur choice, you will win in the end, my doctor wrote a letter to ssi, and it said the only way i would get better is if there was a christmas merical, just remember if you are 6 ft above ground and not 6ft below, that makes you 12 ft tall, ya just have to find out how to be bullet proof.!!!
keep fighting, never give up, i know what you went through , and what you are going through

cgarrido 04-23-2013 09:16 AM

Re: H1N1 survivors
i also had h1n1 may of 2009. very much the same things you had . I was in a coma for 1 1/2 mths in the hospital for almost 3 mths and rehab. I had about 4 chest tubes , a gtube, was on a vent and have a pace maker. My heart stopped and I died 3 times. Most of the dr.'s told my family to get things in order it didn't look good. I was the sickest the hospital has ever seen. They called me the miracles of Mather Hospital. It's been almost 4 yrs. later and still on oxygen. when I came home I was on 4 litters now i'm down to 1 1/2 litters. I still have neuropathy in both feet and both outer thighs . I could not walk and use my arms and hands when I woke up from the coma. It took a while to get back on my feet. After being out of the hospital I was put on an inhaler because I developed asthma . I was sick every 4-6 wks for almost 2 yrs. The inhalers were making me sick , they kept giving me bronchitis. We tried to get off of them and when I did now 2 yrs. later I have not been sick at all . I still have heavy coughing where my lungs hurt. Still very tired but I'm finally able to walk around the mall instead of using a scooter. This h1n1 has ruined my life , I had a 5 yr.old at the time I got sick she is now 9. I've missed so much in 4 yrs. I do give all the glory to God . I also believe God has put my dr. in my path . He is wonderful to me . He has gone above and beyond. My husband has had to put up with a lot also. He helps me so much.

Stacyga 09-05-2013 07:40 AM

Re: H1N1 survivors
In October of 2009 I came down with the flu. I nursed it for 4 days. On the fourth day I began having a fever of 104 that would not come down despite tylenol, ibuprofen and ice packs. By this time, my husband also had the flu, so I had him take me and drop me off at the ER. My 02 Sat was 86% and I was diagnosed with bilateral pneumonia. Respiratory Therapists did not believe the sat results were accurate because I did not display difficulty breathing or any cyanosis (purplish color around lips or severe paleness). This determination and further continuation of blantant disregard almost cost me my life.

Upon admission, I continued to get sicker and sicker by the day. I was on higher levels of oxygen then are ever recommended when using a nasal canula. At one time I was on 15 liters forced nasal canula with an 02 Sat of 86%. (it makes me mad just thinking about it). I felt like I was fighting for my life. I don't know what was going on with the doctor during all this, but I can tell you he is no longer in practice. Finally after about 5-6 days of this, the doctor came in one morning when I was gasping for air and I told him I was tired of fighting and I was just soooo tired, he did an abg and my oxygen level was 61. He told me that not only did I have bacterial pneumonia, I also had viral pnuemonia. I was induced into a coma, placed on the vent and transported to a larger hospital where I was diagnosed with H1N1 after my samples had been sent to the CDC.

I have never felt the same and I tell people that all the time and they just treat me like...... wow, that was several years ago, can't you move on. My chemical reactions changed, but I no longer had insurance and was unable to get checked out. I began having anxiety, heart arrythmias, difficulty with my speech and thought processes and sometimes with my eyes focusing when I change fields of vision. The whole way my brain processes things is different since the H1N1. I figured.... PTS and probably some minor brain changes due me being hypoxic for so long before they vented me.

Finally this year I have insurance and have gone for a physical. My Pituitary Gland and thyroid are all out of whack.... hense the anxiety and arrythmias and visual disturbances. I am always hot and didn't think anything about it until now I found that goes along with this. Now I am wondering if the virus did something to damage these organs. I also have neuropathy in my hands and feet. (intermittently)I was a healthy 38 year old woman before all this.

I am blessed to by able to physically function, but my mind and decision making and processing of information is so totally messed up. This week, I have had an EKG with abnormal findings, wore a heart monitor for 24hours (no results yet), blood work, ultrasound of my thyroid and parathyroid, echo of my heart and have a ct of my parathyroid. It made me think that I should try to find a survivors board and see what after affects other survivors are having to see if there are any commonalities.

I wish you all the best of luck~~~

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