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LiquidBlueEyes 07-23-2002 01:19 AM

PLEASE HELP!! How do Finger a Girl
Well its like this.. this Girl and I ave been seeing each other for some time now. She want down on me like two day ago. It was great, but I feel bad because I dont wont her to be the only one doing stuff. I wont to finger her, but I dont know how. How should I get her nice and wet? And how do i Finger her?
PLese some one help.. i reall wont to make her feel goood.

Thank you

VegasGirl 07-25-2002 02:46 PM

If she did oral on you, then you should be doing oral on her. :)

starry eyes 07-27-2002 09:48 AM

CAREFULLY is how, if it's your first time doing it, especially if she's a virgin. :round:

Vegas Girl has a point, she sucked you off, maybe you should be doing the same for her [img][/img]

For one thing, my boyfriend has always found that easier. It's damn near impossible to hurt her with your tongue, but not so difficult with your fingers, and feels better for her too. :p

Don't worry about the taste, I've been told it's not so bad, and doesn't taste that bad to me if he kisses me afterward [img][/img]

[img][/img] *starry eyes*

Everything is okay in the end. If it isn't okay, then it isn't the end.

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scandi 08-04-2002 08:43 AM

Do something she likes to have done, or rub her "area" over her clothes a little bit before you deside to put your fingers in. It helps if she's wet, if she's dry it hurts & you could possible give her rug burn, its not fun to have. Explore putting your hand in, take your time, thats all. But if I do agree w/ everyone else if she did oral to you then do it back to her. You'll be able to finger her easier since there's nothing stopping you from getting farther in & it I tink she'll enjoy it more. :wave:

stillmatic04 08-04-2002 09:43 AM

Ok here we go what u wanna do is just before she has her pantys on just rub her ussy and massage it that will really make her horny and then let one thing lead to another ;)

moo moo shell 08-04-2002 11:59 PM

well to get her horny kiss her neck and rub her ****...and its not that hard when two people are horny it just seems to flow... and naturally it should come to you...but if you really want to get her off use the tounge...its the best thing ...especially when you use it on the ****... good luck ...

kweli 08-08-2002 02:26 PM

how to finger>? well you tkae 2 fingers usualygive or take, and you stick them in her vagina haha

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