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  • would you bulk or cut or gone before going into military training?

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    Old 10-26-2002, 02:37 AM   #1
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    tequilashoz HB User
    Post would you bulk or cut or gone before going into military training?

    cos what i was thinking was...
    if i bulked and then went into military training i would lose everything because when you bulk ur metabolism raises becos of u eating so much and then suddenly going into only 3 meals a day youd lose everything..
    but if i cut (with a good diet) my calories are gonna be alot less so my metabolism will be slower and then when military training starts i would be use to the low calories, hence from the 3 meals
    does that make sense? or am i wrong?
    or maybe i should just bulk

    i was gonna do one cos i got all this protein powder i got left over and wanna use

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    Old 10-26-2002, 03:54 AM   #2
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    Valhalla HB User

    Don't bulk before going to basic. You'll only waste your money. No matter what, basic training will slim you down. So all your efforts will have gone down the drain.

    Get used to 3 basic meals a day. That's all you will be allowed/given. No snacks or in-between meals. (Barracks are inspected, even for food that has been snuck in. And don't even try hiding them in the ceiling. That's been done and played out.) Don't worry about not getting enough calories. Each meal is calorie packed. The usual breakfast could be 3 sausage links, 2 scrambled eggs, hashbrowns, 2 pancakes, 2 slices of toast and a bowl of cereal. And, no, I don't mean a choice of those foods. I mean ALL of it. Sure, you DO have a choice. But you'll feel as if you're in perpetual starvation due to so much running around (even when it's not PT). Don't worry about the MASSIVE intake of calories. Although it is still possible, it is hard to get fat. So eat as much as you can because you're going to need it. (In the Army, calories are not termed "calories" but "energy".)

    Honestly, you don't have to work on anything to prepare. Basic was designed to train even the laziest couch potato. But if you're going to do anything, your best bet is to train your cardio strength and endurance. You're going to be pushed beyond your limits, and discover that your limits were all mental.

    Speaking of "mental", keep a good perspective the whole time. The staff at basic are people just like everyone else. They're not personally out to get anyone. They're just doing their job, and that's to make you BELIEVE that they're out to get you. ::laughs:: But as long as you do what you're told, you'll find no problems.

    Also, you'll meet people that are VERY firm in their beliefs (and I'm NOT just talking religion). Just remember that everyone's entitled to their beliefs, even if part of their belief is to push their own upon you. Your best bet is to ignore them (or pretend to listen, for manners sake, but stay true to yourself). Remember, you have to live with these people for at least the next 2 months.

    Another important advice I can give you is this - pack ONLY what you need into a backpack:

    8 pairs of underwear
    2 pairs of civies (civilian wear; wear 1 pair and pack the 2nd)
    1 pair of GOOD running shoes, NOT X-trainers (wear, do not pack)
    1 pair of showershoes (the cheap, simple type; NOTHING fancy, or you'll regret it)
    1 combination lock (this might even be supplied at basic)
    1 toiletry kit to include:

    1 toothbrush
    1 toothpaste
    1 deoderant
    1 shaving kit
    Any hair accessories (For females of course. Make sure that all hair accessories are either in your hair color or in black. Your best bet is black, since it is the authorized universal color. And if you have long hair and don't want to cut it -since you don't have to, no matter WHAT anyone says, I suggest a few pairs of hairagami. Just tie your hair in a ponytail and wrap it up in the hairagami.)

    THAT'S ALL! If it can't fit in ONE backpack, you don't need it. Depending on the branch that you chose, you're probably even going to pack less or nothing at all (the Navy supplies EVERYTHING, even undies, upon arrival at basic).

    Also, yes, the recruiter's packing list may say 3 days of undies. But here's the scenerio: You have 1 hour each 7 days of the week to fight with about 50-60 other recruits for 1 or 2 washer(s) and dryer(s). The 8th pair of underwear that I listed is to ensure that you even HAVE a pair to wear in case you couldn't do laundry for a whole week (which is VERY common, you'll discover).

    Oh yeah! And don't forget to label all your items with your name, ESPECIALLY your undies. 50-60 recruits, all with the same clothes, sharing 1 or 2 washer(s) and dryer(s) equals chaos!

    That's all I can think of at the moment to tell you. Everything else, you'll learn, as the rest of us did. I hope that this helps. Good luck and aloha!

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    Old 10-26-2002, 05:31 PM   #3
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    fatman_uk HB User

    Originally posted by Valhalla:
    [B]Don't bulk before going to basic. You'll only waste your money. No matter what, basic training will slim you down. So all your efforts will have gone down the drain.
    Basically the same reply ive given in the 'Excersize' forum.

    Also, when ur goin in for ur training, they'll give u a list of what to bring, so altho Valhalla was right about the stuff u need to take an that u ABSOLUTELY GOTTA label ur stuff with permanent marker, i'd use the list they give ya coz u *may* need sumthin else on top of the stuff suggested above.

    Good luck, im not too good with the US regiments, but what are u goin in for? Marines? Para corps? What?


    Old 10-27-2002, 12:30 AM   #4
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    Location: The Aloha State
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    Valhalla HB User

    Ugh! I've been caught in a bit of an embarassing predicament. Fatman_uk's right about the packing list (just in case I missed anything in my own suggested packing list). It didn't occur to me that you may have joined the service of a country other than America. (There goes my narrow-minded ways! DOH!) Therefore, you may want to follow your recruiter's packing list, since I don't know what the other countries' services offer their recruits.

    But for the U.S., basically what I've listed is what you'll need. Heck, you probably won't even need the 2nd pair of civies. But it's nice to have them, just in case the staff at basic are kind (cases which are RARE, but existant). Even having 8 pairs of underwear is a personal preference. MANY people than one would expect (especially males, but it's not uncommon for females) prefer to wear no underwear. But if you're the type that can't go a day without, then 8 pairs is best for you. Whatever you don't need in basic (or not authorized to have), you will be made to turn over to the staff for storage or disposal.

    Use your judgement as to what to pack. If you pack too much, the staff at basic will QUICKLY make you regret it. (They can be VERY imaginative in their methods.) Remember the "backpack rule". If it doesn't fit into ONE backpack, you don't need it.

    If you are entering a U.S. service, and are wondering about anything else, just ask. I, along with many other U.S. service members, may help you with that. For any other country, I'm clueless (something that I'm going to have to work on), but still wish you the best.

    Good luck and aloha!

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