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musiclover15 02-25-2003 05:58 AM

Girlfriend with strict parents
I have just started recently dating a girl, she's yugoslavian and her parents are realy realy strict. They dont seem to like her dating australian boys and would prefer her to date a yugo boy. The thing is, her parents dont let her do anything. She even has too beg to go to a friends house and even then they usually say no. She is an extremly beutiful girl, and when i ask her to movies etc she always says theres no way she can go, because of her parents.

She says it like she is afraid of her parents. Im afraid they are physically hurting her, she says they dont but what can i do to let her parents be more leniant and let her go out places. Her parents dont know im going out with her but they probably suspect when i ring up all the time.

All i want is to be able to go out places with her, im sick of her parents always getting in the way.

NJChick 02-25-2003 11:57 AM

I hope you don't mind a parents point of view, although we are not overly strict with my 16 yo daughter, I have been known as one of the stricter moms.

I would feel very uncomfortable when my daughter used to ask if she can go and hang at someones house. The reason being, I didn't know the kids or the parents. How can a parent just say "sure, go hang out with people I dont know. " I am almost 40 yo. and I know a few parents who party harder than their kids. How do I know that some parents might serve alcohol or do drugs with the kids. Believe me, it happens. I need to know who my daughter is with at all times. PERIOD!

My suggestion would be to ask your girlfriend to ask her parents if she can have you over to do homework, or study. Tell them you are working on a school project together, or something you need to do together. If the parents say yes, make sure you both stay where the parents can see you. Make conversation with them. Talk about anything....the weather, your , politics, hobbies, how nice their house is.....anything. Show them you are a good kid, and try to gain their trust. Be very polite.
It will make it a lot easier to go out (away from her house) if they know you a little.

Its really hard for parents to let go and give their children their own space......Trust is key! You need to earn it from her parents. If this girl is worth it, you shouldn't mind a little bit of a** kissing.

armageddon69 02-25-2003 06:20 PM

Im (deleted), and my mom is really paranoid about me "hanging out" though my dad isnt. Funny thing about that is, im almost as big as my dad and like 2 times bigger than he. But if she has like a frend that her parents know and would let her go hang out with her, See is shell
ask to go to her frends house, then talk to her frend and see if shell work with you( like if her parents call the frend, she wont be like huh? no, she s not her.)

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