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jrdoa 01-29-2020 07:51 AM

Help!!! Teen with marijuana issue
I have a 17 year old daughter that came to us in September crying because she was scared she was going to die. She admitted to us that she had been vaping for the past two years. Even with asthma. We had no idea. Went to doctor and she was cleared fine.

The other night, I walked past her room and smelled weed. Went in and told her to give me the weed and she did. She doesn't think it's a big deal. All kids are doing it and it's now legal. She's been smoking weed thru a bowl for the past few months. She loves the "feel" and says she also does it because she's bored.

Of course major arguments in the house the past few days. Wife wants her in rehab. She refuses and says she doesn't have a problem.

I really don't know what to do. Last night, she told us that we weren't "chill" because other parents buy booze for their kids and friends and another family allows their daughter (and friends) to smoke weed in their house since they themselves are potheads.

My daughter is very smart and I don't want this to hurt her health or possible career / schooling down the road.

Any advice? She's already threatened to move out and figure it out.

Thanks in advance.

Breezin 01-29-2020 09:11 AM

Re: Help!!! Teen with marijuana issue
You have a right to be concerned that she is smoking at all, but especially if she already has asthma. It's the "smoking because I'm bored" part that could be bad. When people smoke it to make up for something lacking in their life or to cure depression issues, it is more likely to become a habit, even addictive, and can be hard to stop. Also, smoking it will often times lead towards people not doing the hobbies and socializing that they did in the past. So if she was bored prior to smoking, she likely will just be a high bored person.

I smoked it for years, and despite what people might say, it does become addictive in that you feel the need to do it. I just recently stopped and can feel the withdrawal effects. It's been about a month now since I have touched it, but I had a hard time sleeping, was anxious, and even my blood pressure has spiked. So your body does adapt to having the doses of THC. I also found myself not going fishing and doing my wood carvings that I so enjoyed prior to becoming a habitual user. You smoke it, and most people will lose the ambition to some of the things they did in the past. Luckily, it never got in the way of my career. But I did have friends that lost all ambition to advance their lives. Getting high became their number one priority. Some of my friends smoked it, like having an occasional drink, and it never seemed to have any bad influence on their productivity.

I have a 15 year old daughter and I sure hope she stays away from it. I wish I had better advice for you to persuade her to stop. Not knowing your daughter, it's hard to say what you could use to persuade her that the short term sensation of feeling good is not worth the potential of long term harm. Good luck.

quincy 01-29-2020 09:44 AM

Re: Help!!! Teen with marijuana issue
She sounds as though she has depression and anxiety....and marijuana can cause deeper depression with its addiction. She sounds to have an addicted personality and doesn't want to quit. She is also gullible in thinking it's great to be one of the addicted and other parents condone it.

I suggest a good for her and one for family.

jim4RZ 04-19-2020 07:11 AM

Re: Help!!! Teen with marijuana issue
That's right, marijuana really can cause a strong addiction, and then it will be only harder. You should react on that as fast as possible. Although I love to consume it a little bit time to time, by simply ordering it in online stores. One little strain per week, and I feel pretty comfortable and no stress. But some people feel addiction after long consuming.

DuginMT 04-19-2020 08:27 PM

Re: Help!!! Teen with marijuana issue
Sorry for your trouble. I have two teens myself, both boys. I will also admit from personal experience that it is easy to quit marijuana.

Counseling is fine, but parents can also be counselors. When I need my boys to stop a behavior, they start getting consequences. You are the master of your house and don't have to tolerate it. What she does when she is 18+, you will have little control over. You need to start taking things away that she likes, until the bad behavior stops. Take away smart phone, screen time, outings, allowances, car keys, favorite junk foods, etc. until she can demonstrate to your satisfaction that she is not using it or bringing it into your house. You can also find 3rd parties to educate her on drug hazards; kids tend to not believe parents. So, I think if you buckle down with some Love & Logic Parenting techniques (good course, BTW), she will straighten up. Good luck!

MSNik 04-20-2020 12:26 PM

Re: Help!!! Teen with marijuana issue
Unfortunately, you are the parent.. she is the child. Enforce your rules or risk losing your daughter to drugs.

Your wife is at this point is probably your best defense.

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