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juiceb0x 01-22-2004 03:58 PM

bad concentration
hey everyone, as teens i guess it's pretty much expected that we're bored of school.

but i love going to college and learning all about art. i jsut find it really hard to concentrate and get rid of all of the thoughts that are going on inside my head at one time. does anyone have any suggestions?

Sugar+Spice 01-22-2004 04:54 PM

Re: bad concentration
i found out when i have bad concentration to listen to some music that inspires you like for me its pop and some times country depends on what kind of mood you are in
sometimes it helps to sit in a quite place and do what your suppulst to do well good luck on ur concentration to get it better

James925 01-23-2004 07:07 PM

Re: bad concentration
Simple breathing tasks help a bit, at least for me it does. It partly clears my mind and makes room for new stuff. Writing out all my thoughts down on paper (ie. notes or drawings) also help.

Atlantic Salmon 01-24-2004 06:43 AM

Re: bad concentration
Make sure you aren't hungry before you study! Try going for a jog (or exercise), and then a shower before too. My mind wanders easily so I need something to munch on (baby carrots), music (country radio), good lighting, and easily read notes. If they're too messy than I have no desire to try and decode what I scribbled down.

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