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fabulousx 02-11-2004 09:36 AM

Too much stuff going on!
I feel like im completley snowed under with school work and one of my close friends told me today that she is getting married to her boyfriend of about 1 1/2 yrs. They arent gna get married until august 2005 but i still dont think its long enough to wait. She is 18 and hes 17 so by then they will both be about 20 which may be old enough to know you want to get married but i just feel like she isnt thinking straight and by the time it comes around she may have changed her mind. She also said if they both hadnt got into cambridge neither would have gone which fortunatley didnt happen but she would have seriously been holding herself back if she hadnt gone. Im not going to tell her im thinking like this cos it would only cause problems between us but im pretty sure some of my other friends think the same.I respect her options and would never tell her what to do but i just think when you are this young and even at 20 you dont know what you want. I suppose as long as im there for her if anything does happen everythig will be ok. What i really wanted to say was how do i stop myself from either feeling this way or from showing my feelings outwardly cos we are all going out on friday nite(which i dont really want to do anyway as i have little money and im trying to watch what i eat!)
Anyway because of things like this and all the work i have i get really stressed and build up things until i cant concentrate or be around my friends cos i know i will end up shouting at them or being really quiet and hostile towards them. I came home from school today because i felt this way and didnt want to subject my friends to my attitude, but is there a way i can feel less stressed and more in control of things? Thanks for reading this i know it was long. Kx

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