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Does he like me?!

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Old 02-16-2004, 06:05 PM   #1
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butterflyz87 HB User
Post Does he like me?!

Sorry this is kinda long, but i really need ur help!-

Hi, most of my friends say i'm being stupid about this.

I really like this guy named cody and it's pretty weird. I have world geography w/ him one day and the next day i have conceptual physics. We make a lot more eye contact in physics though, o hell that's all we do. And then when we do make eye contact we're both ALWAYS smiling! plus the fact he gets this innocent look in his eyes when he does look at me. Ok, everyday in science we have whiteboard presentations that we do, and we have groups so most of the time cody's group is usually by mine and he's always goofing off.

1 time he asked me why i'm always laughing at him and he was like "is it cuz i'm funny?" w/ a grin on his face, and i was kinda giggling and i said "yeah" and then he goes "well then it's ok", but still w/ a grin on his face. So then one time our group was presenting and i looked at cody and he was looking directly at me and he started smiling. I've also made him laugh a few times. And even when he's talking w/ someone else and he starts smiling or laughing he'll always look at me.

Plus the fact i've made him laugh a few times. one time we were doing a lab in science and we had to tie a string to the ceiling and cody was up on the lab table tying his groups string so when he was done tying it he stayed on the table and started table dancing, so i started laughing w/ this one girl in my group and i looked at cody and i said "omg, cody's table dancing" it was so funny cuz he looked at me and he started laughing and he kept going. One time in science when we were in groups cody's group was by mine so he brushed his hair to one side (cuz he has shaggy hair) and got in a pose and was like "i'm so hot" and he said it in a funny way while looking at me and smiling. He always manages to show his boxers to, when he's around me.

Oh we have math together and he sits a table back and towards the board, so i'm always facing that way so this kid who sits across from is really flirty along w/ this other kid in my class, so their both always flirting w/ only me, and everytime they do, cody is looking, so when i look at him, he looks at me and smiles sometimes. Plus i was singing in math the other day cuz one of those guys that's always flirting w/ me got it stuck in my head, so i was singing and i looked at cody and he was looking at me and he laughed a lil.

In geography one time we were working on something and i asked cody if i could borrow his black marker cuz it was sitting right in front of him, so he goes "what black marker?" w/ a huge smile on his face, so i gave him this look like u know what i'm talking about, and i said "the black marker right in front of u" and he goes "what r u talking about, what black marker?" while he's hiding it from me and still smiling really big and so was i, so i said "ur so mean" but in an innocent, smiling way.

So one time i was taking a walk w/ 3 of my friends and we were walking past my friend zach's house and cody was over w/ another dude his names bryan. So when we came out from behind the house, u know cuz we were across the street, i saw zach so i turned to my friends and was like "zach's out" and i looked back and all the sudden i saw cody standing in zach's garage and all the sudden cody waved. So we had to cross the street to get to the street we were going to and all the sudden we hear "hey!, come here!" so we looked and bryan was calling us over so we started walking that way, and he kept saying it, so my friend alyson asked bryan which one of us he was talking to and he pointed to me and alyson went "Jackie?" and he shook his head yes, so he yelled out "cody likes you too!" and cody's standing right there so cody goes and hides in the car w/ zach and bryan kept calling us over. So we started walking down that street and i turn to look back at my friends marcy and lindsey and i saw cody leaving on a bike like he was trying to get away from all of this. But the strange thing is he didn't deny it, cuz i thought it was like a joke or something but he hasn't denied it yet, unless he's thinking "let her think what she wants to think" but i doubt n/e one is like that becuz i've been in his place in a situation like this before and i've done the same exact thing as him. So i don't know if it's the truth.

But my friends think i'm being stupid about it and that he probably does if he hasn't denied it yet. Plus when we came back to school i was so nervous as to what was gonna happen in physics that i felt like i was going to throw up and pee in my pants all at the same time. So lindsey and alyson asked cody about what happened so lindsey asked "so cody y'd u ride away on ur bike?" and he said "that wasn't my bike" so lindsey goes "well then y'd u ride away on THE bike?" and she said he was blushing and smiling while saying all this-but he said "cuz i felt like going for a ride" and then lindsey asked him y he was blushing then and he said "cuz it was cold" while still smiling. But the thing is he had been outside the whole day. it wasn't from the cold. But cody acted like it was a normal day, he actually still smiled at me. It felt so good when he did, cuz when he does smile at me we make eye contact for like 5 seconds and we're smiling the whole time.

And another time a few weeks ago i was standing across from him at one of the lab tables and cody was making joking threats and so we made eye contact actually we locked eyes for at least 30 seconds and we didn't let it go for that long, but we were both smiling the whole time. So i want to know if it's a lil too obvious now seeing that his friend yelled that out to me right in front of him and he didn't deny it, plus how can i get him to ask me out? Thanx! PLZ HELP!!

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Old 02-16-2004, 06:10 PM   #2
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Magnetic HB UserMagnetic HB User
Re: Does he like me?!

Laughter can lead to a great relationship. Sounds like you both are too shy to start up somthing. One of you needs to make a move.

Old 02-16-2004, 06:21 PM   #3
Join Date: Nov 2003
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butterflyz87 HB User
Re: Does he like me?!

thanx for postin...but i don't think it's gonna be me, cuz i've tried b-4 and it never works. But PLZ keep postin u guys, i love other peoples point of views!

Old 02-21-2004, 08:57 AM   #4
Join Date: Nov 2003
Posts: 96
butterflyz87 HB User
Re: Does he like me?!

PLZ HELP!!!!!!! I REALLY...LIKE HIM!! plz help!

Old 02-21-2004, 03:15 PM   #5
Will M.
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Will M. HB User
Re: Does he like me?!

It sounds obvious that he likes you. I think you should tell him how you feel.

Old 02-22-2004, 06:53 AM   #6
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Natasha1981 HB User
Re: Does he like me?!

Originally Posted by butterflyz87
PLZ HELP!!!!!!! I REALLY...LIKE HIM!! plz help!
Sometimes it is very hard to tell if a guy likes you. And even harder to tell him that you like him. You said that you can make him laugh and all that - that's good. Him smiling at you and eye contact shows he has interest in you. What I would do is try to make him laugh again - tell him a funny joke or just laugh and make him ask you what you're laughing at. Then try talking to him - ask him what sports he likes, etc,. That way you two can find common ground and it may even lead to a friendship. A romantic relationship from a friendship is great because you two are already friends and know each other quite well.

Try it and tell us how it goes.

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