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AutumnMist 03-14-2004 04:09 PM

I don't belong...
Last year (the beginning of freshman year of high school) I moved to a new state, had to make new friends, and everything was going fine. The year was off to a slow start but eventually it ended up being a fun school year for me. I had great friends.

But now it's sophomore year for me, and my group of friends from last year has fallen apart. During the first couple of months of this year, we still had our group together. But now my best friend from last year who is a guy, has gone off and only hangs out with his girlfriend. I see him around a lot and we still greet each other, but we don't talk anymore. He's always wanted a girlfriend, and he seems so happy now, and I guess as long as he's happy then I don't want to say anything about him leaving the group. A couple other people went off and started hanging out with their 'basketball buddies'. So now it's just me and my guy friend Justin, and there's a few new people in our group.

My problem is that I don't feel like I belong anymore. I have changed a lot from last school year, and I feel like I have nothing in common with these people in my group. In fact, they're so different from me that they annoy me and I just want to get out. Everything, like my taste in music, hobbies, and my style, is just different from theirs. I don't know how I manage to hang out with these people. I have different people that I hang out with during class, after school and on the weekends, people who understand me and are like me, but during school I feel like the black sheep of the group. My other friends who are like me have a different lunch, and although there's an extension of people that I would fit in with during my lunch, it's hard to just leave one group and go to another. After all, these people, although different from me, are still my friends. I like to stick to what I know, and it's a hard transition for me. What should I do?

chimpy 03-14-2004 04:21 PM

Re: I don't belong...
Don't think about it. Go and do as you please. Be happy to have friends. Be happy to have friends in many groups. I do, and it's great.

If you are annoyed by them, then they are being annoyed by you, so watch out. People are fickle, but I enjoy them all.

Currently I hang out with people from every group imaginable, and when I have a gathering.... It's the best.

Rich and poor, gay and straight, black, white, Hispanic, blue collar, white collar, fun and boorish... We all get along.

You should never hate anybody, feel bad for there shortcomings and do a little to smooth things out. You can't save the world or everyone.

Care about yourself, and teach others to have compassion for people less fortunate and all the world will befriend you.

Remember, the less fortunate can just be someone you think is a jerk.

Why are they a jerk?

Find out and you will be rewarded.

Even jerks enjoy being loved... Perhaps they don't get love at home.

eightball61 03-15-2004 12:27 PM

Re: I don't belong...
High School consist of a lot of changes. For Examplem,m Friends change friends, people's style and personality changes, you have career changes, ect.

I wouldn't worry about this happening. This is something that happens all the time in high school. But trust me you will notice who your real friends are by the one who still talk to you and stay in touch with you. And if you don't have one at the time I promise one will come to you.

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