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  • What the **** is her problem!?

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    Old 05-30-2004, 12:10 PM   #1
    butterflyz87's Avatar
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    butterflyz87 HB User
    Angry What the **** is her problem!?

    Ok, my so called 'best friend' is being a real *****!
    And what i don't get is why everyone is defending her and not me.

    This is all about how i'm losing her and stuff, and so far for summer i've tried planning things w/ her and the first time she said she didn't know, it was a sleepover and then we were supposed to go the mall. Well that didn't happen! Becuz the day it was supposed to i find out she's hanging out w/ the same people she hangs out w/ everyday. My other friend said this has happened to her before and that marcy is just using me.

    This is my journal entry about it-Marce is pissin me off again, and i'd hope she knows she is. Cuz she calls us best friends but yet, i haven't hung out w/ her once in like 2 months. In her journal it says how she got up this morning, got ready, and calls sean. I'm sittin here thinking 'what i'm not good enough for you n/e more? You can't even call me n/e more to see what i'm doin for the day?'. It's really sad, she calls us best friends, but i just think she wants me to keep hanging on so she has someone that comes crawling to her or something, so she can feel like she's needed by someone. I don't know, i think it's time to just forget about her, cuz obviously she doesn't want to be friends w/ me n/e more, cuz if she does, she would at least call me like once a week to show she still cares. I mean and then it's like, you wonder why we're always fighting. Cuz it feels like she doesn't give a **** about me n/e more. I mean, her parents probably care more than she does. Idk, that's probably doubtfull too. I mean, i thought we had so much fun together, but obviously she just wants to throw it all away. So she's not worth my time n/e more. Every time we talk anymore, it's always about 'i hope u have that deck party!', i mean come on, that's all she wants from me? That's the only time she's gonna hang out w/ me this summer? It's like '***?', fine don't be a friend n/e more. Go, have fun w/ ur ****in sk8r friends, u obviously want to be around them more than me. I mean she's ALWAYS w/ them, and if she's not, then she's at home. And she can't even ****in call me. And she gives me this ******** about how she never calls them to see what they're doing, they call her. I'm sitting here thinking 'my ***! marcy. u know that's such a ****in lie'. I mean i can't remember the last time i had a real conversation w/ her. Must have been like 2 months ago. Whatever, if she does actually still care about me, she'd say sorry, or start calling me or start making plans to hang out w/ me or something.

    So tell me if i should really forget about her, or do like my one friend said and keep trying?

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    Old 05-31-2004, 01:30 AM   #2
    Senior Veteran
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    eminemworshipper HB User
    Re: What the **** is her problem!?

    To be really honest with both are acting the way you are because you are jealous of one and other and feel threatened by other people who are friends with u both. I dont know how..but...u really need to get through this phase. You need to somehow get her to have a conversation with u, but you'll have to remember to remain calm or you just wont sort things out. It isnt worth losing your friend over- not matter how she is being at the moment.x

    Old 05-31-2004, 09:38 AM   #3
    Junior Member
    ePhoenix's Avatar
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    ePhoenix HB User
    Re: What the **** is her problem!?

    ok talk to her
    tell her how you're feeling, about how much you value this friendship, about what you'd like to get out of it
    to tell you the truth, i was leaving out my bestfriends in the cold when i got a boyfriend... but as time goes on, i become aware of what i'm doing and get back to planet earth.. perhaps she needs time?
    best thing is to talk to her

    Old 05-31-2004, 12:09 PM   #4
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    eightball61 HB User
    Re: What the **** is her problem!?

    Originally Posted by ePhoenix
    ok talk to her
    tell her how you're feeling, about how much you value this friendship, about what you'd like to get out of it
    to tell you the truth, i was leaving out my bestfriends in the cold when i got a boyfriend... but as time goes on, i become aware of what i'm doing and get back to planet earth.. perhaps she needs time?
    best thing is to talk to her

    Communication~ I have said it before and will say it again. She is your friend you both need to talk.

    Old 06-20-2004, 10:52 PM   #5
    Sweetchick1016's Avatar
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    Sweetchick1016 HB User
    Re: What the **** is her problem!?

    I say dump her.. i have the same problem with my two best friends and you know what it really isnt worth it if she isnt there for you to talk to and to hang out with then i dont even know why you two consider eachother friends, friends are there for eachother hangout talk,etc and that is not what she is so dont waste your time hoping she can fit you in one day. just move on

    Old 06-21-2004, 04:09 PM   #6
    ItalianChick200's Avatar
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    ItalianChick200 HB User
    Re: What the **** is her problem!?

    My best friend and I were drifting apart last year and I had told another friend about how I missed hanging out with her and I missed not coming over to her house as much to visit with her family. She found out how I was feeling and gave me a big hug and we've been closer since. She even wrote me this letter talkin about how she didnt know why we were splitting apart and she suggested that we hang out more and call eachother more. She always told me that whenever she needed someone to talk to I was there for her. And she has been there for me so many times I can't even count. But my point is that talking and conversating really can make a huge difference. And if she doesnt want to take the time to sit down with you and talk about it then I'd say goodbye and hang out with your other friends because you don't need to deal with ****** like that in your life. Good luck and be sure to update us on results!

    Old 06-21-2004, 07:06 PM   #7
    Senior Member
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    wizzii HB User
    Re: What the **** is her problem!?

    I know how u feel so called best friend (well thats what she kept calling us)...NEvER called me ....we used to go to the same school for about a year and a half.... she was 2 yrs older than me and in one grade higher....we got REALLY close and hung out EVERYDAY at school with sum other girls from the same country as us (that was why we were so close...coz we were 2 of the VERY few from the same country at our school and we got homesick and we just connected better)anyway...on the weekends she NEVER called me she only got together with some of the boys from an all boys boarding school and ALWAYS invited them over to stay over at her house on the weekend and I had to leave that school and go to a boarding school on the other side of the was no biggy..."apparently" we would still see eahother ALL the I got to boarding school and she NEVER EVER called me...she still called us bloody best friends but NEVER called I said F*** friends my a***...anyway...we drifted off...she still thinks we r besties but I'm not a stupid as I used to be when I was young..I guess I was an air head and I definitly know when sumone isn't for real...I dont play along anymore....I reckon u should just wait it out and not call her....go out with another group of ur friends....have fun...forget her....till then maybe she will realize what she's missing out on....

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    Old 06-25-2004, 03:08 PM   #8
    sasha the breen
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    sasha the breen HB User
    Re: What the **** is her problem!?

    ok mate i was in the same position as you, but seriously A sleepover! you trying to scare her? maybe you have been friends for ages but that is coming on a bit strong, first invite her and one of her mates out or to your house.But never dum o her whatever you do! i did that to my mate philly and im was completely distraught for about 4 months!I still miss her, but honestly dont come on so strong ask her what she wants to do etc and you'll be fine

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