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  • Advice required re podge belly, exercise, food, and general life!

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    Advice required re podge belly, exercise, food, and general life!

    I am female, 17yrs old, 5ft 7, 8st 9 (with clothes on!). I am a lazy sod i admit, find it hard to motivate at times, i would rather sit here online for a few hours than do any exercise etc, i know ive got to get out of that. Ive never been an active person. Id like some advice on exercise/cutting down on foods etc to make my podge belly go down abit.

    Ive alway been skinny all over, used to have a flat stomach up untill a few months ago. the last few weeks ive got a podge belly, and its starting to make me feel uncomfortable, it is noticeable and sticks out a mile, i know no1 is perfect and a bit of belly is to be expected but it is gettin me down abit, more so when its time of the month.

    I know im still growing and hormones etc etc, but id like to eat more tidy food, introduce some exercise etc. My arms are really long and stick thin which i get self concisious about, which gets worse in the summer cuz of strap tops etc i feel that im too skinny to be wearing them as collar bone sticks out etc.

    For my body shape and weight ive been told by a few males that i actually have a bum, which is nice to see according to them lol. As alot of skinny girls have a flat tiny bum. Blokes eh?!! My bum depends on what Jeans i wear.

    If i tell you my daily routine during the week maybe that will help you to give advice of what i could do etc.

    Around 9:30am- Get up, look after my brother (3yrs old) till he goes to nursery
    Before 10am- Cereals (rice krispies, sugar puffs, whatever is in the cuboard)
    Around 10am- On the internet
    11:30/12- Have a bath/dressed
    12:50pm- Walk to take my brother to nursery (7mins walk)
    1:10pm- Back home by
    Between 1:10pm till 2:40pm- Im either online, washing up, haveing a sandwhich/chocolate
    2:40pm- I leave for work, walk to work (up a hill and i get out of breath easierly cuz of lack of fitness etc)
    Between 3pm & 8pm- Im working (in a small village petrol station), it can be busy at times, it can be quiet and boring, it has its spells. I can eat/read whilst in work. I love chocolate, its a huge weekness for me, love the stuff. I usually eat atleast 4/5 of the 10p Freddos, aswel as chicken pasty/microwave burger and eat that between serving. I eat more when its quiet, on Friday i had no problem eating 1 of the 'more to share' bars of dairy milk turkish delight, aswel as a microwave burger, sweets.
    After 8:20pm- If im going straight home mum does me dinner, something like chicken nuggets, chips and peas, or pasta n sauce etc. Usually atleast once a week we have a kfc. I am quite a fussy eater and dont like many veg's. If im seeing my boyfriend i wont get back home to have dinner at gone 10/11pm.
    After ive had food- I go on the internet till 11/12ish, sometimes earlier/later depends if im tired or not etc as beacuse i work in the evenings it seems to me as though its like 5/6pm when im eating my dinner if that makes sense.
    I often feel hungry around 11pm/12 and have either a bowl of cereals or a bag of crisp/chcoolate.
    I then go to bed at what ever time, depends if im tired, if anyone is online etc etc.
    Its then back to getting up around 9am

    I know my eating patern isnt how it could/should be, its hard to eat decently in work because its stopping and starting etc. its hard in work as i am surrounded by chocolate, sweets, food etc and i pick at it, through boredem at times or because im starving. I used to drink abit of fizzy drink in work but i cut that out and now buy a big bottle of water which lasts me (and its cheaper!)

    With the bit of time i have during the day (dont forget i have my brother to look after for around 4hrs of it till 1pm, then i work) what exercises etc would you reccomend (i have no exercise bike or anything at home). I dont want to exxcessively exercise, just a little that could help me get my stomach down abit. I dont want to loose weight elsewhere as im rather skinny, its my stomach needs help.

    At work most days im back & forth in the shop reaching boxes/packs of bottles/cans, chocolate, crisp etc etc. And i walk for about 12mins to work and back. That is literally the only bit of exercise i do, unless i go into town clothes shopping for a couple of hours.

    It depends on the time of year as to how much/little i eat. I did have SAD (Seasonal Affective Dissorder.... [url][/url]) for a couple of years (luckily i didnt the winter just gone), through moving areas, looseing family, schooling, general life etc etc. Im ok now though, but my eating did vary, one day id be eating nonstop, other days i didnt eat. I got through that with help of family (who i pushed away and nearly lost), counsellor and abit of my own self 'i can do it' mind. Was very hard but i came through it. Yes i have cra##y days where i think whats the point (who doesnt) but i look at my life and think it isnt all that bad and alot of people out there are in a much worse situation etc.

    anyhow ^^^^ had nowt to do with it but i just typed it.

    Back to my question, anyone give me tips etc as to what exercises could help, or do i just leave it?

    Sorry for being a pain

    Found this site on google and it gives alot of info for different parts of life and illnesses etc. Great site.

    By the way im also puting this thread in the exercise section if thats ok by the moderators etc.


    Any help appreciated


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    Re: Advice required re podge belly, exercise, food, and general life!

    A great workout that tones your stomach is to do pilates! I have a Denise Austin DVD that is so great and it's not tiring at all. It is only for 20 minutes and most of the exercises are for your abs. I am currently trying to get my stomach back into shape.. I gained a few pounds this year and I'm working to get rid of it!

    Also, to see results of course you will have to not eat too much. A little bit of chocolate is OK, but try to eat dark chocolate and just a little bit. I just try to eat healthier things that aren't too big like a sandwich, fruit, grilled chicken, salad without too much salad dressing, baked chips, etc. Just don't eat too much of anything and you will be fine!

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    Re: Advice required re podge belly, exercise, food, and general life!

    my advice to you, would to stop eating that type of ceral. Your starting your morning off with tons of sugar - which later on causes you to have an energy crash. But its great your eating breakfast, most teenagers your age do not - which it really is the most important meal of the day. Also, sleep affects your body greatly - try getting a goodnights rest. Set a time to where you get 8 or 9 hours a night. You'll feel more energized and have more motivation to do a simple work out. Remember at first do not push your self too hard, take it lightly and slowly move up. Another thing, if you need to snack, have some type of fruit. Again stuff full of sugar gets you on a sugar high and then you crash. Chips and such, aren't really that healthy. I hope this help..... as far as excerise, again start out light.... go for a mile walk... do a few crunchs, and push ups. Make a list of things to do and how many reps your going to do. Listening to music may also help you get motivated. See if a friend would be willing to join you... I always find it easier to work out when I have someone with me! Hope this helps - good luck to you!
    "Without a struggle, there can by no progres."- Fredick Douglas

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