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  • Guy Girl Problem, Girls Please Respond!!!

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    Old 12-26-2006, 10:31 PM   #16
    depressedguy85's Avatar
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    depressedguy85 HB User
    Re: Guy Girl Problem, Girls Please Respond!!!

    liz49, bronx, and all you guys for your suggestions. there was one thing that UNSURE_88 said

    Originally Posted by Unsure_88
    But if you are really nice and not straight forward she will always try and lead you on. Eventually if you tell her straight up she will either 1 get over it or 2 be presistent to get you to like her again and drop her harder the next time around. So in any way talking with this girl is completely impossible because she knows how to act sweet to win you back. But you have to lay it down that you don't want to be near her or else she will throw you through loops and keep on doing what she is doing.
    You are so right. When she knows im trying my best to ignore her she is completley persistent to try and get me back to like her. It seems like the more I want to stay away, the more she is after me. And the more i get closer to her, the more she treats me like garbage. I guess my question to you girls is why???. I mean guys dont operate like that, or at least i dont. they are not intrested in having a girl they arent interested in follow them around. Whats her problem. If you dont like me I get it, you know, FINE ILL LEAVE YOU ALONE. but when i leave you alone, you start hugging me and giving me back rubs, and asking me to walk around with you. I dont think she is literally bi polar, i mean shes smart, so i dunno. And i just think of something that i didnt mention previously, when she did her presentation she was partnered up with this guy named kevin, and when kevin was talking he was stumbling on his words, and she stared rubbing his back to make him more confident i guess. I gotta admit i was jealous, and when i walked out of class she screamed my name, and she started rubbing my back while we were walking, she obviously didnt want to make me feel bad, and like the idiot i am, all was forgiven. Your right in the sense that she does act sweet to bring me back. Like I said the last time we talked she was super sweet, and that kind of made me iffy on the whole taking the class with her. Like I really wanted too, but then i remember how she treats me like crap. I figure if i I take the class, it would be so obvious that i like her. I mean everyday for the rest of the year she'll know the only reason im in that class is because she ordered me to take it. LITTERALY ORDERED ME TOO. and she will feel like she would have won. And if she feels like she won she will just crap all over me. I was going to let her win, but LisaMarie and the rest of you guys helped me out and convinced me not too. I wonder what shell say to me when she finds out. It weird, I kind of feel bad that she had been bugging me to take the class, and i wont be there. I Have no idea why i feel bad. But what makes me feel even crapier is there was this girl that liked me in that class. No she obviously didnt look like kristin, but still she was kinda cute, and she liked me. And i wasted all my time with kristin. This girl used to smile at me and complement me and walk with me, but instead i chose to talk to kristin. I FEEL LIKE A JERK. In fact on the last day of class Tracey(thats her name) kept smiling at me while i gave my presentation, and she said i did a great job too. Yet when i went back to sit down next to Kristin, and she was giving me a back rub, and blah blah blah, for some reason i forgot all about Tracey, and i walked out of class just thinking about kristin. ARGHHHHHHHH! and you know what, Tracey was kind of shy in front of me ARGHHHHHHHH! unlike kristin, who was like little miss hollywood. And you know what, im such an ***! omg I just thought of something. Me and Tracey liked the same bands, Kristin liked this awful garbage. OMG, I must have made Tracey feel like crap. I didnt even say bye to her on the last day of the semester. And with my luck we wont have the same classes with each other next semester. Sure I might see her in the halls but it wont be the same as having class with someone, cuz spending 40 minutes a day with each other is a big difference then seeing someone in between classes while they are trying to get to classes. This Kristin has ruined my life on 2 levels. ARGHHHHHH! Now i just hope i can have classes with Tracey again. If not Im screwed. Whatever, its just my luck anyway. And either way if i do have classes with Tracey she probably hates me because i didnt even say bye. God im such a jerk.

    Anyway guys thanks for listening, I have noone else to talk about this stuff with, and if i told my guy friends theyd say im gay and laugh at me! some friends huh. lol. anyway thanks for your help and thanks for listening.

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    Old 12-27-2006, 09:33 AM   #17
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    Unsure_88 HB User
    Re: Guy Girl Problem, Girls Please Respond!!!

    Even if you don't have a class with Tracey doesn't mean you can't go out of your way to talk to her in the halls. At least if she does still like you by then, she will see that you notice her more. And well it seems as though Tracey is a nicer, true sweetheart and even liked you despite your attraction to Kristin which is a plus. And believe me looks aren't everything. You feel self concious about yourself as it is and well, Kristin may be beautiful but her personality makes her ugly. At least with the sounds of Tracey, she may not look as good but come on, her personality is what makes her beautiful, and more beautiful then Kristin could ever be. So it isn't fair to compare beauty in that aspect because beauty isn't everything and you just proved that personality is way better in more ways then one. And personality is what seperates you from liking or disliking someone. So regardless of what you say or do you can't change how Kristin is, but you can pursue the way Tracey will end up. It may seem as though you want to be in a class with Tracey and that is the only way, but its not...even if you don't have classes together you can still make it work. But when you do see her talk with her and make the best of it, compare schedules before class and see how everything goes. If you don't see what classes you have close by so you can walk her to the next class. Maybe to you it don't seem like much, but to her it will mean alot trust me.

    Girls are, some not all, but feel like they are magnetic when it comes to guys and friends. Like they can pull in everyone who walks in their paths. They think they can rule everything and toture those who don't admire them the way they want to be admired. Kristin, she sees you as prey, someone she can lash out on and someone she feels she can pull back in when no one is there. Thats what it is, you are her easy target. She puts you down in fromt of her bf and friends...but when you are alone she is sweet and likes you. So she is fake, thats all there is to it. She allows people to think she is big and powerful, but when she lets her guard down is when no one is there and she leads everyone in and thats when she is in total control. The sad part with it all is she knows good and well how to work you and every other person she is out to get. They fall for it and they suffer because the sweet her is someone worth dying for, but thats not her...she is in every way munipulative.

    And to answer your question "why", plain and simple girls are attention seeking, rude, heartless, selfish, man teasing people. Don't get me wrong not all girls are that way and there is a select few who think the complete opposite as them in school nowadays. But thats the way that it does work now. So all you can do as a guy is get over the beauty of a woman and just go for persoanlity.

    Old 12-27-2006, 01:36 PM   #18
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    hagios HB User
    Re: Guy Girl Problem, Girls Please Respond!!!

    Hello, depressedguy85.

    It sounds to me like Kristin just wants some attention. People who behave like she does often do it 'cuz they have their own issues they need to deal with. If you're always putting somebody down, it's usually because you have your own self-esteem issues and if you think you feel better if you can make somebody else feel worse than you do. Then if she turns around and treats you a little nicer, she's reeling you back in again so she doesn't feel so bad about the way she acted.

    But then again, I've never been in her shoes. For all I know, her actions could make perfect sense to her. Regardless of her reasoning, this treatment is unacceptable and you should not have to put up with it. You shouldn't take a class just 'cuz she's in it and you definitely do not need to intentionally make any other kind of contact with her.

    If you were in a relationship with her, I would suggest talking to her about it, but seeing how she already has a boyfriend and you have your eyes on another girl, she's not worth your trouble.

    Old 12-27-2006, 02:38 PM   #19
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    liz49 HB Userliz49 HB Userliz49 HB Userliz49 HB Userliz49 HB User
    Re: Guy Girl Problem, Girls Please Respond!!!

    I agree with Hagios--just leave well enough alone. I haven't been a teenage girl since, well, 1976, but nothing really changes. I raised 4 girls through teenager-hood and I DID NOT allow them to act like this girl acts to anybody. Sounds like she has some serious issues, and think about it, other than the fact she is pretty, does she have any depth to her at all? She sounds manipulative and cruel and NOBODY needs that. I saw so many of my kids' friends act that way, and while that behavior may fly in HS in the real world, it does not work. True, she may have problems that you don't know about and that's why she acts like she does, but that isn't your problem, and don't make it yours. You think about what YOU want to do and be, HS is a time for some selfishness and self preservation, don't let a bratty self serving little stinker run your life. As for your question as to why some girls act this way? Because they CAN! They know that if they are pretty and guys will fall all over them they will continue to act however they want. Don't go running back to her, don't change your class schedule on HER your life for you. Time will pass and you'll look back on this and say "oh, man, what a waste of time. I could have been reading 'War and Peace' and actually accomplishing something instead of obsessing about this stupid girl" Trust me, I got age on my side--been there, done that.

    Old 01-15-2007, 12:31 PM   #20
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    Re: Guy Girl Problem, Girls Please Respond!!!


    this girl is what you would call a tease. Sorry for the harsh words, but hey, she asked for it. I let a girl do that to me for six years straight! I went so crazy she became my reason for living. And pretty much the only reason why I let it control me, is because I got picked on constantly and had issues with my parents, and needed some reason not to kill myself. Even then, she started to distance herself from me, and if I didn't meet my current girlfriend soon after that, it wouldn't have been very pretty.

    Go out with the other girl (NOW!) and make things better!

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    Old 01-23-2007, 09:26 AM   #21
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    jdbubbles3 HB User
    Re: Guy Girl Problem, Girls Please Respond!!!

    ok, this girl sounds bipolar to me. Shes one of those girls that wants what she cant have, but as soon as you are interested she doesnt care. No guy deserves to be treated that way!! If she cant like you for who you are, and treat you with respect she isnt worth a second of your time. Wouldnt you rather be with a girl, or like a girl that is nice to you all the time?? Not just to her convenience. And if she is dumb enough to listen to her sister, then she is just as stuck up!! Good luck, and hopefully you find a different girl that knows how to respect you!!

    Old 02-18-2007, 07:03 PM   #22
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    Trixibel HB User
    Re: Guy Girl Problem, Girls Please Respond!!!

    hey, if you're still around somewhere depressedguy then I just want to say - don't give this girl any more power over you!! she sounds like a psycho or a complete control freak. DO NOT TAKE THE CLASS WITH HER. Stay away from her!! She's just going to mess with your head. And even if she does like you and you ever ended up together, she's probably one of those girls who'd mess with your head in a relationship too.

    If you see her and she speaks to you just say 'hi' and keep right on walking. Let her know by this that you're not going to take any more of her crap.

    And as for the stuff calling up her boyfriend and making out with him in front of you - yuck!!! That's gross. You'll find someone who's much more deserving of your time and attention.

    She's the sort of girl that likes having guys on their knees begging for her attention. I'm sure there's other pretty girls out there who won't treat you like that.

    Old 02-28-2007, 10:20 AM   #23
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    Arrow Re: Guy Girl Problem, Girls Please Respond!!!

    Ok, umm - i think everythings been said lol. If i didn't know better, i'd think you're talking about my ex!. Im not being snoppy, and im not that confident or anything, but when it comes to relationships i know im a good guy - so when i was with this ex for 20 months (of which, only the first 4 were good) who is also very pretty and sweet, she did unthinkable and unbearable things to me but i know she had a bad childhood (hence a stepdad), and is an only child so was spoiled alot by her parents. I used that as the reasoning for her actions but now we've been seperated over a year i can easily see what a waste of time that was and she knew deep down what she was doing. I'd guess thats what this girl is like. Everyone has given really good advice so live your life for you

    Also, i just wanna say i don't regret those 20 months. I went through it but now know the difference between a regular gf and special girl if ya get me. Use, and listen to all the posts here and your experience around this girl at your HS to try and avoid such a relationship as the one i lived through ! lol, good luck

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    Old 03-15-2007, 04:53 PM   #24
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    Re: Guy Girl Problem, Girls Please Respond!!!

    as a girl, i don't think she likes you. she's just meaner than u think she is. she figured out that you like her, and now she's trying to play with your emotions, and its clearly working, and she's loving it. i would know because i know a couple of girls that would do that for fun and get a kick out of it. she might have liked you at first....that i don't know, but if she liked you she would NEVER have told you that she has a boyfriend. you shouldn't take the class because she's just gonna keep doing that for as long as you like her. okay, she's mean to play with your emotions and make you feel bad, then once you start avoiding her, and almost getting over her.....she knows that if she avoids you for too long u'll get over her, and that's no good either...........she wants to keep you liking she's nice to you again. or she could just be bipolar.

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    Old 03-22-2007, 05:06 PM   #25
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    Re: Guy Girl Problem, Girls Please Respond!!!

    this girl sounds completley vile to be honest.
    im a girl, and if i liked a guy, i certainly wouldnt treat him like that..
    dont take the class with her..
    try and forget about her by spending more time with other girls and socialising more..
    youll soon find someone much much nicer than her.

    Old 03-23-2007, 08:18 AM   #26
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    Re: Guy Girl Problem, Girls Please Respond!!!

    The girl is immature. She needs to make her mind up with what she wants. I would cut it off immediately. Find someone that is more mature and doesn't play stupid games. Don't take another class with her. Do what's right for YOU.

    Old 03-25-2007, 08:20 PM   #27
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    Re: Guy Girl Problem, Girls Please Respond!!!

    9 times out of 10 when girls randomly start any kind of relationship with a guy and it leads to flirting it's for attention. Sounds to me like she is trying to see exactly how far she can bend you before you break. It's hard to ignore people when they come up and start conversations with you and you have to see them everyday. I suggest you be polite to her but don't act like you're interested. Act as though she's only a friend and you want nothing more. Or take the class and give her some of her own medicine. Who knows, by next semester you could completely forget about this girl and find someone way more deserving of your time and affection.

    Old 04-18-2007, 12:02 PM   #28
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    Re: Guy Girl Problem, Girls Please Respond!!!

    Sounds to me like she is trying to make somebody jealous. I would avoid her at all cost. No matter what do not enroll in the same class as she is in. She is totally selfish and is trying to use you in your games that she is playing. Some girls do anything for attention, and it seems like that is what she is craving, from you and her boyfriend. Run away fast!

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