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Kandeeee 02-20-2012 03:34 AM

can someone please help me? im a teen and got all these symptoms after pneumonia.
[B]i've been sick for about a month. I first had[/B]
-sore throat
-a LOT of mucus
the doctor said this was an upper respiratory infection
[B]THEN it got worse and I got[/B]
-even MORE mucus
-very congested
-breathing difficulty
-back pain
-cough was bad
-sore throat still
[I]doctor said I had a lot of mucus in my lungs/pneumonia and I was put on a z-pack.
It kind of worked but then I got chest pain and the doctor said that wasn't anything serious.
That went away for a while after I took Tylenol. I was "ok" for a while, but I still had a slight dry cough. I figured that was normal.
NOW I have the following symptoms:
[B]-both of my wrists are swollen. well, the bones on both of the right sides are like popping out (not out of my skin) or inflamed or something. very mild occasional pain. weakness. my hand looks crooked. I didnt fracture it or anything. [/B]
-gagging out of no where especially in the morning.
-mucus that comes and goes. sometimes its there. sometimes its not, but i don't feel it in my lungs or anything. only when I cough sometimes.
-a slight fever sometimes. like 99-100
[B]-my skin is always warm and sometimes I get chills even when I dont have a fever.
-my feet are always very cold and I have blue-ish looking toes. it's not that noticeable however.
-foot pain.[/B]
[B]-occasional racing heart.[/B]
-occasional chest pain.
[B]-tender/swollen lymph nodes in my neck. sometimes it feels like theyre "popping" or something sometimes. [/B]
-occasionally feel like i can't get enough air. but its nothing extreme. just that sometimes i can't take a deep breath.
[B]-drowsiness/fatigue (sleeping 12 hours a day)[/B]
-back pain
-stomach issues and bowel issues (constipation and then diarrhea)
[B]-feels like a lump in my throat when I swallow sometimes
-difficulty swallowing[/B]
[B]-headache that gets worse when I look down[/B]

in the last list I bolded the ones that were most bothersome for right now.
so what could cause these symptoms? they're not COMPLETELY consuming except the sleeping part, but they are bothersome. I will be going to the doctor again on friday, but I dont have insurance (long story) and he's not very helpful...

so is anyone here a doctor or knows what causes these symptoms?

just a little history on me:
never gotten this sick, i am female, don't smoke or drink and i'm not and never was sexually active. I scarcely leave my house or go near people (homeschooled). I had an EKG and a MRI about a year or two ago. was normal. last doctor visit he checked my blood pressure and my pulse and didn't say anything so i'm assuming its normal. never broke anything, but I did sprain my wrist a few months ago. no family history of any diseases or anything. I did however come in contact with mold right before I developed my pneumonia though I thought that was caused by walking on freezing cold (just melted snow) grass barefoot (stupid i know, but I was feeding an outdoor cat). My feet are hands are always cold, but I was checked for anemia a while ago. and thats about it.

please help. thanks!

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