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brian333 06-18-2012 10:53 AM

Someone Please help! Do i have lung cancer?
Ok i'm like really scared. First of all , i just turned 17 last week. I was at the doctors last saturday thinking i had testicular cancer, but it ended up just being a varicose vein. So this past week, i kinda started feeling this thing in my left chest/lung area. Like a ache. Currently, i dont really feel it that much, but now i have a very dull, deep back ache/pain. Like it feels like it's totally on the left side of my upper back,and i'm just very scared. I think i'm going to the doctors tmrw anyway, but can anybody know what it could be? Btw, i smoked weed from about age 14 until like 2 weeks before my 17th bday. I also smoked ciggarettes very rarely, but am exposed to kinda alot of second hand smoke. Also, i don't have a cough,like at all.. A little phlem but it just dosent seem like too much of a symptom. I'm just really scared and any advice would help.I had heard that back pain like that could mean it's a tumor pushing on your nerves or something, and it worries me more that they're on the same side...Like i said, the pain in my back is like constant/dull/ and aching, like it doesnt really hurt, but i feel it. I tried getting a massage from a couple different girls, but it doesnt help. Thats all i can describe. Thanks to everybody in advance.

katlin09 06-22-2012 05:51 AM

Re: Someone Please help! Do i have lung cancer?
Okay, it sounds like you need to quit researching the internet so much and worrying about major terminal diseases. Thinking you have 2 different types of cancer in 2 weeks is a little unusual for a teenager.

A dull deep back ache can be from one of any hundreds of things, you could have slept wrong, you could have lifted something incorrectly, it could be a pulled muscle. A back ache/pain is generally not the first sign/symptom of Lung cancer. A serious cough and thick mucus and colored sputum or blood with shortness of breath is. Trust me I just nursed my father in law for 6 months as he died of lung cancer.

Go to the Dr. get it checked out if it will make you feel better, it's most likely something very simple.

But if this obsession with serious illnesses continues everytime you have a simple symptom, you might want to go and talk to a therapist and get this under control, it can get worse and it can have a negative effect on your life, i.e. having a girlfriend, keeping a job, etc.

take care,


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