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Soney 05-03-2013 10:58 AM

Voice - cannot speak loudly?
I am 15 and I have voice problems. I find it really difficult to speak loud. I can speak alright to a normal person (at home for example) but I can't scream across the house. At school, I find it really difficult to talk to people as it is generally loud. There is a junior nights coming up next month and I would really like to be able to speak properly.
Problem is, my voice was ok. One year ago, when school started after summer, people told me my voice sounded different. I could yell and speak pretty how much how loud I wanted (could) to, and my throat would hurt the next day (but it would be ok after a while). Now, after I speak with my normal voice after a while, my throat starts to hurt and I cannot speak at all. It's like my voice breaks but I can't speak at all. It's really weird considering I could speak just fine last year.
Any tips/ideas?

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