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Gwendoline333 08-06-2015 10:59 PM

38mm Nodule on Thyroid
Ultrasound thyroid results

I have just found this forum and joined as I have a problem with my thyroid gland and isthmus. I just turned 67.

Several months to a year ago it was noted at the bottom of an x-ray that I had an enlarged thyroid on the right side. I will see if I have more details later but it was not thought to be too large or a worry although I have trouble swallowing and at times throw up my cup of tea due to it. My voice is also deeper.
On Wednesday I had a ultrasound of my thyroid and the report is as below. My thyroid is very sore since the ultrasound.
There is a large solid nodule (35 x 28 x 31mm) which occupies most of the right lobe of the thyroid. There is some retrosternal extension of the inferior margin of the right lobe of the thyroid,.
The left lobe has a generally homogenous echo texture and there is only a single nodule (8nn) in the inferior pole.
The isthmus of the thyroid measures up to 7mm in thickness.
There is no cervical lymph node enlargement.
A large solid nodule expands the left lobe of the thyroid gland. The inferior extent has not been defined and if there are symptoms of impingement on the airway or oesophagus further investigation by CT scan may be advisable to assess this.

My doctor is like others mentioned. Three months ago when I told him I was bringing up blood and asked if it could have something to do with my thyroid he said he doubted it. He did feel my throat and then said there was nothing there now which was obviously wrong.
I still bring up blood but not every day although I was anaemic about 4 months ago and had to have infusions twice in outpatients to get my iron and red blood cells up. As for the bleeding, because I am on Warfarin (rat poison) any bleeding may be excessive. But still I am losing blood and my urine is dark yellow, orange or once recently it was a red brown colour.
I get the brush off from my doctor because I have so many autoimmune problems.

Hope I can get some advice on what I have copied above. I have PN, PMR, GCA, Sjogen's Syndrome and more. I have a lot of trouble walking and continual pain. To go out I have recently bought a tiny wheelchair so I am now longer house or car bound.

Hoping for advice and opinions, thank you.

Gwendoline333 08-07-2015 05:11 AM

Re: 38mm Nodule on Thyroid
I received a PM but as I have only posted twice I am unable to answer it.. I will put my answer here or most of it.

Hello and thank you for answering my call. I have not been seen by an endocrinologist or an ENT specialist as yet but at the end of the report a scan was suggested so maybe I will have that and depending what is found it will go from there. I was to have a procedure both ends to find out where the loss of blood was originating from and why but that will be off now until my thyroid is seen to.
I saw a doctor at the High Risk section of our city hospital for him to decide if I needed any tests and I told him I was not worried about the procedure except for my thyroid which worried me a lot as in swallowing, bringing up food at times and discomfort which is why I was sent for this ultrasound. If not for that my local doctor would have gone on ignoring this problem.
I just went through old x-rays and ultrasounds and found one from 2012 which mentions a slight enlargement of the right lobe of my thyroid so it has been growing for at least 3.1/2 or 4 years which I think is better than being a fast grower.
Still I know little about thyroids but have been reading up what I can over the last couple of days.
I hope it will be biopsied now after the results but I don't even see my useless GP for a week although that should be okay time wise.
I have read about hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism but I seem to have symptoms of both and other of both that I do not have. I have wondered about Lupus as I seem to have all of the symptoms of that.
When you say a second opinion do you mean with a general doctor (GP) or who. Due to living in a country town I have a problem with second opinions as all the doctors work in the same clinic, all read the same computer notes and my GP would know if I made an appointment with another doctor.

I feel it is a very large nodule and my own GP could have arranged an earlier appointment if he wanted to but maybe he hasn't even looked. I asked the hospital to send him through a copy of the results but he may not have bothered himself.
Thank you once again and any advice will be welcome.

ladybud 08-07-2015 08:11 AM

Re: 38mm Nodule on Thyroid
The nodule you have is large and in my opinion, should be biopsied. Then the question will be, what to do to relieve your symptoms. You definitely need to have thyroid antibody and hormone levels done on your blood as well, to check out the hypo/hyper status. It is likely the nodule or that lobe of thyroid will need to be removed to give you relief of swallowing, etc. symptoms. A scan may be helpful as well before the biopsy.

ladybud 08-07-2015 08:26 AM

Re: 38mm Nodule on Thyroid
When you say you are bringing up blood, are you vomiting or coughing it up? That is serious and needs looked into. Your urine should be checked for blood as well, and if positive, a CT scan done of abdomen/kidneys. You likely have Hashimoto's thyroiditis causing the nodules, since you have other autoimmune diseases, but malignancy is always a concern to rule out. Thyroid antibodies and a biopsy would help clear up that question. Good luck with your workup and I hope your Dr. takes this all more seriously. Glad you are getting out and about with your new wheelchair. That will help keep your spirits up!

Gwendoline333 08-07-2015 08:27 AM

Re: 38mm Nodule on Thyroid
Thank you ladybug, I do need some advice from those of you that understand thyroids and all the problems that come with them for us anyway.

[QUOTE]You definitely need to have thyroid antibody and hormone levels done on your blood as well, to check out the hypo/hyper status. It is likely the nodule or that lobe of thyroid will need to be removed to give you relief of swallowing, etc. symptoms.QUOTE]

With thyroid problems such as mine does it always indicate a hypo or hyper status. I seem to have indicators in both but read the administrator's history and this sounds normal but I doubt my doctor would see it that way. It wants all illness's to my typical and that is not always the case.
Is it necessary to fast before having those blood tests because I will fast if that is the case so that I can "demand" the blood test when I go in at the end of next week.
I thought from the sound of what I have read in the last 2 days that it might be likely that I will need to have the nodule removed but if the lobe has to also be removed how does the thyroid then function.
Is it likely or possible that the nodule could drip blood or cause me to regurgitate blood. Some days there is none and at other times I would bring up 10 to 20 ml in a short period without coughing. But coughing can bring it on too.
I have just given up smoking after a lifetime. It was time. Handling it fairly well but the Champix is still helping.
Thank you again.

ladybud 08-07-2015 08:37 AM

Re: 38mm Nodule on Thyroid
Fasting is not required for the anti-thyroid antibodies (anti-TPO and anti-TG) or the hormone levels (TSH, free T4 and free T3). You could be normal, low or high on the hormone levels. A chest xray would be helpful to make sure the blood is not coming from the lungs since you have been a smoker a long time. It is unlikely the nodule is causing the blood, more likely from the esophagus, stomach or lungs/bronchi.

Gwendoline333 08-07-2015 08:42 AM

Re: 38mm Nodule on Thyroid
Hello ladybud, I am not vomiting it up if you mean from my stomach. It doesn't feel like that. Sometimes it is with coughing and at other times I feel it comes out of my thread and I taste blood and then I just keep spitting it out as my mouth fills up.
I have trouble breathing properly through my nose as I had it broken once and it started about 4 months ago after I bought some medication that is sprayed in the nostrils to help with breathing. I think I over did the spray at that time although I only followed what the instructions said one could do. Still it started after that and I coughed up blood over about three days. Then it slowed and stopped but I had a bad chest at the time and with coughing it started again a week or two later and then one and off. I found for the most part it was about every week or so as if something needed clearing out.
I have had full blood works done in the last 4 months or so because of my low red blood count, high white blood count and low iron so my doctor should have seen something there surely.

Thank you, I will follow your advise and once a week when shopping etc. will go window shopping in my wheelchair. After years of no shopping except online it is really a delight for me.

Gwendoline333 08-07-2015 09:10 AM

Re: 38mm Nodule on Thyroid
[QUOTE]It is unlikely the nodule is causing the blood, more likely from the esophagus, stomach or lungs/bronchi.[/QUOTE]
When I first started bringing up blood my doctor was dismissive as I am on Warfarin but I do seem to bring up excessive amounts at times. Now that I have the thyroid condition he has to take a little more notice and give me the tests advised on this forum or I will change doctors.

I think I had a chest x-ray not long ago but will check on that. My grandmother was not a smoker but she had lung cancer and died after treatment at the hospital. She phoned me shortly before she died and said that the doctors had been moving something in her throat and it felt like something had come loose in there. She haemorrhaged blood and died.

I want to find out what is causing the bleeding but I am not scared. Not ready to go yet though

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