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  • HELP! Weight and Thyroid? (Thyroid) Completely Lost and Looking for Answers!

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    Unhappy HELP! Weight and Thyroid? (Thyroid) Completely Lost and Looking for Answers!

    Please help! Opinions and advice desperately needed!

    Hi, first off I want to thank you for reading and apologise for the length of this post, I have posted several times on several sites before but have gotten no constructive advice regarding my current situation.

    I have always been bigger since I was a child and always insecure about my weight, I didn't eat an awful lot more than other people but I will admit that I have had a slight binge eating problem with food when I was younger, though not severe and basically non existent now. I got very interested in health and nutrition when I reached the age of 12 or 13 and began researching and reading a lot about food and exercise, but especially food and the effects it has on the human body, I loved all of this new information and in an effort to get healthier and lose some weight I tried many different things to experiment and lost about 2 to 2 and a half stone in a very short space of time, I still had quite a bit to lose after this (about 2-3 stone more) to be happy and in a "healthy" weight range for my age, height etc, I stopped losing weight for awhile and though constantly trying new things with diet and exercises, refreshing my knowledge, no luck.

    I joined slimming world when I was about 14, I didn't lose anything, then again at the age of 16 I went back and lost about a stone but somehow put it back on quickly afterwards with no dramatic change to my lifestyle, keep in mind that I was exercising regularly enough at this time with a decent diet.

    I finished secondary/high school in the summer of 2013 and this was when I really began changing my life around drastically, I became a vegetarian in October 2013 but because of other things going on in my life and injuries I became much more sedentary, I wasn't exercising nearly as much but still trying my best to get some kind of activity in here and there, I was also eating a lot less due to depression and fear of gaining weight.

    In December I decided enough was enough, this was when I really started turning things around, I began getting back into my usual routine and giving more than I ever did before, I completely changed my diet, began lifting weights and working out like crazy, my goals weren't just based on physical looks anymore but on strength, fitness, health and flexibility also. I started doing yoga and pushing my body like I hadn't before.

    My diet was becoming more and more clean as months passed and though it wasn't perfect, yes, I had slip ups, occasional binges and many days I missed out on workouts, my life was still nothing like it was before.

    In May 2014 I decided to become a vegan, though the switch from eating meat to vegetarian and then vegan was more so for ethical reasons than it was weight, I still feel like I should have seen some difference on the scales in that time. That summer was when I really realised that my weight was not shifting ONE bit, so I chose to test my body and for several weeks I increased my workouts even more in an attempt to scratch out that not exercising enough wasn't the issue, I was working out for hours on end every day, I felt like a crazy person crying all the time from exhaustion and wanting to scream in frustration only to stand on the scales to see no change, as you can imagine that really lowered my motivation but no matter how much I try I can't give up on this goal of mine.

    That August (of 2014) I went to France for several weeks hoping that the change in climate and food would have some kind of impact on me, there I still continued my mostly healthy diet consisting of vegetables, lentils, fruit, almond milk, wholegrain breads etc I also did a mountain walk which was great fun, it took us about 3-4 hours to complete. It was tough with the sun glaring but I'm glad I did it.

    When I came back from my trip I proceeded to post a similar message to this on forums. On a particular health/bodybuilding/weightloss site a seemingly experienced man got back to me and said that I was eating too little, focus more on my macro nutrients, get my bloods done etc etc all of which I did.

    I've seen the dietician who was of no help. My bloods have come back fine the few times I've gotten them done. I have experimented with different ranges of calories from as little as 1200 -2000 , nothing seems to work. Furthermore, in the last year nothing has changed. I went to the doctor in late August past (2015) and explained everything for the second or third time, she then proceeded to suggest that I go on antidepressants because I was probably projecting all of my grieving from the passing of my mother onto my weight which is simply not the case, the only useful thing that she said was that I try a higher protein diet which I have been doing since September, I have increased my general intake of protein from food as well as taking a raw vegan protein shake daily and a thermogenic twice a day, I also take a vegan multivitamin regularly.

    A few things to note:
    - I was on the birth control pill from 2012 to 2015 (Yasminelle), I came off it in January last year (early 2015) in hopes that it was holding back my weight loss.
    -I've gotten more bloods done a few days ago including thyroid function and will get the results for that next week. I am also waiting on getting further blood tests done for thyroid (antibodies I think?).
    -I have taken three different types of "weight loss" medication in my life, which I absolutely know are not the answer or can promise to be effective in anyway and as suspected have had no effect on me (green coffee bean extract, sea kelp and now the thermogenic)
    -I can go long periods without feeling hungry (not sure if that is relevant)
    -I currently have between 1500-1800 calories a day, 60g+ of protein (I aim for 70+ and have 90-100 on good days but it is kind of difficult as a vegan)
    -The supplements I currently take are a vegan multivitamin (regularly/most days), Sun Warrior Raw Vegan Protein and Solgar Thermogenic Complex

    So here I am over 2 years later from changing my lifestyle so much, a stone and a half heavier than I was at one point with no explanation as to why or how, I can't state how much this is negatively impacting my life. I waited and waited trying to find answers, thinking that I was surely doing something wrong, I still may be but even if I am this does not add up to me one bit, when I put it into prospective...after changing your lifestyle so much you should see some kind of difference in weight, even if that wasn't your intention, right?

    I am aware that your thyroid can show up fine when it is not but I have no idea if any of this is to do with my thyroid or not nor do I know what tests I can get done to try to figure out what is going on. I am completely lost and extremely frustrated, if you can offer any help at all, any suggested or any advice please do, it's very much appreciated.

    Thank you again for reading this mini novel, haha! Have a great day.

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    Re: HELP! Weight and Thyroid? (Thyroid) Completely Lost and Looking for Answers!

    When you get your thyroid test results come back and post them here and make sure to include the ranges. Hopefully they'll include a TSH and at least a free T4 (not total T4) level. A free t3 level would be a bonus. Other thyroid tests are usually less diagnostic for hypo-/hyper- thyroidism or considered antiquated.

    Antibody testing is useful in pointing to a cause of a thyroid problem or acting as an early warning system for the need for routine thyroid monitoring in the future. By itself it's not as useful as the other 3 labs I mentioned and would never be cause for ordering treatment in the absence of other clinical signs and symptoms. In the US most cases of hypothyroidism are autoimmune (AI) in nature anyway so testing for them is kind of pointless imho because antibodies of some sort can be expected where there is thyroid dysfunction and their presence doesn't affect treatment.

    That said, having one AI disease can put you at slightly higher risk of having others. Since celiac disease is also an AI disease, some people with hypothyroidism have benefitted from following gluten free diets.

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    Re: HELP! Weight and Thyroid? (Thyroid) Completely Lost and Looking for Answers!

    To diagnose a thyroid issue:
    -Free t3
    -Free t4
    and hopefully ....
    -TPO antibodies (this would tell you if you have hashimoto's an autoimmune disease that is the cause of hypothyroid in some 90% of the cases.

    It is hard to speculate without you having the blood test results. When you come back with blood test results be sure to include the "range" that is included with your lab results. A doc may say you fall within range BUT it is helpful to know where you are in the range (bottom, mid , top).

    Your posting does show you have tried to do what you can do and haven't had any luck. So, maybe the thyroid will turn out to be your answer. It is called the" master gland" as it has such a pervasive effect on all functions of the body- for better or worse.

    It may help to see this as a learning/healing journey that you are on. It sounds like you have done a lot of great things for your body with working out and diet. Try to hang in there with you good habits-just keep at it because it has to be helping your body and mind.

    Your thyroid blood tests may prove to be the key.

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    Re: HELP! Weight and Thyroid? (Thyroid) Completely Lost and Looking for Answers!

    I'll point out that if weight issues are your only symptom, it's unlikely that low thyroid is to blame. A hypothyroid person presents with at least half a dozen signs/symptoms of the disorder. Most have many more than that. Weight gain or failure to lose with concerted effort is only one.

    The most common hypothyroid signs/symptoms would be: fatigue, diffuse hair shedding, inappropriate coldness, mild or worsening depression, constipation, slow digestion, dry skin, slow pulse, joint/muscle pain, memory/concentration problems... Many more. There's a full list in our "Thyroid Symptoms List... " sticky thread.
    "We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses." Abraham Lincoln

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    Re: HELP! Weight and Thyroid? (Thyroid) Completely Lost and Looking for Answers!

    Though I didn't say so in my earlier post in order to leave some room for hope, let's see what your labs say but if they come back reasonably ok and weight is your only issue, taking thyroid hormones isn't going to help you much. In fact, even if thyroid replacement is indicated, losing weight will still take hard work. A vegan diet can still be high in calories.

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    need help, thyroid antibodies, thyroid blood test, weight gain, weight loss

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