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pooie 12-07-2015 09:26 AM

Should I be concerned about my daughters labs?
My daughter (14) had a enlarged thyroid as of two years ago (at least). She had been tired and loses weight and or stays the same over a couple years. Has late or 2 periods in a month. Ultra sound showed enlarged thyroid with no known cause and normal labs Two years ago.

This year her labs were as such.
immunoglobulin a qn serum 62 low (other IGA classes normal)
TSH 0.008 Low (0.450-4.5 NORMAL RANGE)
VIT D 25 HYDROXY 12.0 Low
T4 9.8 Normal (4.5-12.0 NORMAL RANGE)
triiodothyronine,free,serim 4.5 N normal (2.3-5.0 Normal range)

**her P grandmother passed away due to papillary thyroid carcinoma
she will be seeing a endo but appointment is a while away

babypodoffour 12-07-2015 03:12 PM

Re: Should I be concerned about my daughters labs?
Have they checked her TSH receptor antibiody? They never checked my daughters thyroid levels until this year - but she was very agitated and hyper, did not gain weight and fell off growth charts for her wt even though her height continued to increase and she ate non-stop, had sleep issues, thin hair. . . When the checked my daughter her TSH was so low it didn't even register. Her other labs were high though. I wonder if she could have a mild form of Grave's disease - and that would be showen by checking that TSH receptor antibody.

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