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Ginger7777 01-19-2017 05:46 PM

Partial Thyroidectomy
Hi All
Glad to join. Been reading a lot about Thyroidectomy here and other places. I'm 57 recently and haven't joined a 'help' forum for anything since my Ramsay Hunt Syndrome 8 years ago. It really helped to get support for something only they and very few doctors knew about.
But to return to the subject-I joined because I read Tree Frog's story and can absolutely say I was in the same boat basically. I've lost my marriage over it too. Thought I was going crazy. I'm one of those that was never seriously sick in my life (except RHS) until 3 years ago when I had sudden and inexplicable kidney failure! Nephrologist did $35,000 worth of tests and one month of dyalisis of which I was a hairs breadth from becoming a permanent patient. I couldn't understand or except that I-perfectly healthy (so I thot) never had a kidney problem in my life, could sudden kidney failure. I went to emergency because I thot I had food poisoning and couldn't keep anything down after 3 days. For 3 years prior (hind sight) I had a lump I my throat and was afraid to go to the doc for fear of cancer. This story is sooo long I'm trying to shorten it. But in researching why my kidneys failed I came across an Aussie site about reversing my 3rd stage CKD. They said they needed my results of my parathyroid (PTH). Huh? They said that was the place to start to REVERSE my CKD. And so began my research and then I realized much of many other pains and symptoms I'd had were related to my thyroid or parathyroid. They started at age 45 and probably earlier. I had a hysterectomy at 17 five days after the birth of my daughter. (atributed to Von Willebrand Syndrome) another story for another time.
Last November I was so ill and in so much pain in my hips, knees, ankles, and feet I was using a cane within months. I've gained 75lbs in less than a year and anxiety. Was on pain meds and anti-anxiety meds. Night sweats. Insomnia. Fatigue all the things you read about in many of these stories as well as the docs that believe borderline is 'ok' etc. I've been on HBP med because of my CKD and in fear of diabetes since I'm 3/8 NA, Irish, and German and have what my life insurance companies blood tests refer to as 'metabolic syndrome' which in layman terms is on the verge of everything from diabetes to a heart attack! I believe in the bodies ability to heal itself given the natural herbs and foods. I've tried it. I don't believe it cutting out fat, carbs, etc. our bodies need everything in balance. I've tried juicing, vegan, gluten free, etc. Nothing helped for long and the weight not only didn't go I gained more. So I understood that insulin was severely affected and again research pointed to my thyroid.
At the time I didn't know the difference between the thyroid and the parathyroid and the functions of each. So I found a doc (D. O.) who would not be intimidated by me or my research AND listen to me. So he says it's my thyroid even tho my numbers were normal and I said, no it's my parathyroid because of my kidney failure (primary Hyperparathyroidism) So we do agree to go to an Ear, nose & throat. Well, we were both right. I had HYPERparathyroidism and HYPOthyroidism. I had a peanut shaped (unshelled size) on my parathyroid. So on December 1st, 2016 I had 2-1/2 hour surgery to remove it.
INSTANTLY I HAD NO MORE BONE PAIN! For 7 years my parathyroid had been going full blast pulling calcium from my bones that my kidneys could not process and therefore causing my anxiety, depression, neuropathy and GERD just to mention a few of the things that caused me.
Seven days later-feeling better- she says my calcium was 141 (should be 10-12) dropped to 70. Good news? The adenoma is gone. Bad news? Another PT has grown into my thyroid causing the walnut sized lump I thought she took out! That's the one I felt. That's the one causing hypothyroidism! What? Another surgery she says. Right away. Now. K. So I've lost the right side of my thyroid because I refused full thyroidectomy. She also took another suspicious parathyroid leaving me one. You cannot live without it and there's to med to substitute it. If you lose all you must have a transplant in you arm or neck and hope it works. I say this because the one I have has been 'off' for over 7 years and is trying hard to work. I ended up in emergency and 5 days on IV calcium just to get to 6.5. I'm taking 3 different kinds of calcium just so it doesn't feel like my arms, hands, legs and feet don't cramp and constantly tingle. It feels like dogs biting my legs. My fingers curl up when I try to pick things up. It's January 19th! I have insomnia and night sweats worse than menopause! Yes I have ovaries so I did go thru menopause.
Today my doc gave me Levothyroxin. I start in the morning and I'm scared to take it. I've also order Thyrobid off ****** with 152 good reviews from people on meds too. I will use the natural first. I'll let you know how it turns out and which I end up on. Thanx for listening. Nice to meet you!

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