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SeagullTerror 07-21-2017 12:16 PM

Thyroid Cancer/Lymphoma or Hypchondriac?
So, ive been having swallowing issues for about a month now. Went to an ENT specialist and put a tube down my throat as well as felt my neck. They saw and felt absolutely nothing and said it was in my head. Could thyroid cancer behave like this? It's what im currently worried about. I saw the ENT yesterday. My lymph nodes also swelled but they were accompanied green/yellow mucus with a cough. They're still swollen but havent gotten any bigger, nor are they hard, theyre squishy and movable. My mucus is clear now and I believe that the nodes are meshing with my skin once again. I also get anxiety (could this be hypothyroidism?) but not really unless I read a story about people who went to an ENT who didn't find anything but ended up having cancer. A month ago when I first started experiencing swallowing issues, It happened suddenly one night hours after eating dinner, i was laying down and felt an (almost sudden) lump in my throat and I instantly had swallowing issues, I rushed to an ER. They did an X-ray and found nothing, that day. Should I be worried?

I dont know if its globus hystericus because ive felt that before and when I get (even more) stressed I can feel that same feeling I used to feel. The swallowing issue has been going on for a month and a few weeks. The nodes appeared on both sides of my neck last week. The ones on my left side appeared last week, and they ones on my right side appeared ealrlier this week seemingly throughout the day. There's also an inconsistent clicking in my adams apple when I swallow. Any ideas? Help!!? :dizzy:

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