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gloriakaye 06-02-2003 06:46 AM

Ultrasound and radioactive iodine
I am to have an ulrasound on my thyroid wed and have been reading I may have to drink something called radioactive iodine. Is this the same thing as RAI if so should I refuse to drink it? I am new and don't understand everything that is going on yet. Please help! I see posts that say don't do RAI and I don't know what that means to me and the ultrasound.

Aimee8396 06-02-2003 08:12 AM

To have an ultrsound you will not have to drink anything. They will lay you down on a table, and put some goopy gel on your neck and use a wand hooked up to a computer like machine that will show pictures of your thyroid. This is the same type of ultra sound they give pregnat women to look at the baby. There are NO side effects from an ultrasound. If you have to get a thyroid scan, they will give you a pill of a tracer of radioactive iodine. Then they will wait 24 hours and take pictures(like an x-ray) to see how much of the iodine your thyroid took up. This test is also harmless, and isn't the same as radio active iodine ablation, which is used for hyperactive thyroids, and thyroid cancer treatment. I hope this helps, and don't be worried! Aimee

wonderface 06-02-2003 08:24 AM

The ultra sound is harmless..the scan is a small amount of radiation-the UPTAKE is a very large dose of radio active iodine.
Look into it carefully before you proceed with the UPTAKE.
You will hear good/bad about it.But it is your body and your choice.
The Doctors often offer this as a quick/cheap solution.
Some Dr's wanted me to do it.After I switched Dr's a few times I found that some think it is dangerous for a woman/man of childbearinf age.
You cannot try to have children for 1 year.
Its you descision.
To me it is quite clear.

Aimee8396 06-02-2003 02:08 PM

Never heard that about the scan, with uptake. They give you a small tracer dose of I126, which is very different from the I131 dose they give for RAI. I was given no instructions about not getting pregnant after having my scan. When I had the RAI I was told to wait 6 monthto 1 year before becoming PG. I think you might have these 2 things confused. When I had my scan done I had an 18 month old baby, and I asked if I could be around him, I was told that it wasfine, I wasn't radioactive. With the RAI I was told to stay away from him for 10 days, because I was very radioactive. Big difference. Hope this clears it up.

SvenskaFlicka 06-02-2003 04:38 PM


Or the Uptake is 1 123 and like the 1 126 it is a very very very small doses of RAI. When I had mine done I was not told to stay away from people, so I went on with living my regular life.
I took my 1 123 in pill form, at a Lab in the AM, left, went shopping, came back to Lab 6 hours later to do the uptake, and that was all. No going back the next day.
I did the RAI also and had some guidelines to follow for approx 7 days. No big deal, just whized right through it all.

I do suggest to read as much as you can regarding your thyroid issue and all treatments offered. This way you can make the right treatment choice that is best for you and that fits your life style. Don't just rely on what people say. If you search the net go to reputable medical and Thryoid Association sites.
Most important don't stress out over this - you will do ok!

Good Luck! Not that you will need it ;)its just a little something extra :)


Aimee8396 06-02-2003 06:16 PM

Flicka, couldn't agree more. I think wonderface is confusing the treatment VS. the test. Gather a lot of info from a lot of different sources!!! Good luck, Aimee

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