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Hyhair14 06-02-2003 05:18 AM

Low iron -- convert T4 to T3
I was reading that some people with low iron have difficulty converting T4 to T3....thus, they may have some hypothyroid symptoms...Has anyone heard this or is what I read bunk, so to speak?

The article mentions that it is also possible to help the situation out nutrionally...

Thanks in advance

SvenskaFlicka 06-02-2003 08:49 PM


From what I have read for enons, all vitamins and minerals are important to thyroid diease and to general health. Taking one with out the other can deplete both. For instance Iron is an important and necessary mineral because it's said to be low in thyroid disease. However taking iron without taking copper can deplete copper. Iron works with copper and too much of either can deplete the other. Usually in hyperthyroidism copper is deficient and has to be built up first. In hypothyroidism, iron is probably more deficient than copper and so should be supplemented first. Once iron is built up then a small amount of copper can be added. Iron increases body temperature which helps the low body temperature problem.

Zinc is another essential mineral for optimising thyroid health. There are many different zinc supplements available today and some are absorbed by the body better than others, one of the best sources being zinc picolinate.

Conversion of T4 to T3 is known to require zinc, selenium, copper and iron. The production of T3 is dependent upon vitamin A.

Selenium plays a role in thyroid hormone metabolism. It is now thought that severe selenium deficiency may be a possible cause of goitre.

Manganese is required to transport thyroxin hormone in the cell.

So you see there is much more to all this so we must know our vitamins/mineral or else you can do more harm than good.

I do believe in and take, many vitamins/mineral supplements several time a day, most everyday.


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