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confusedbody 08-07-2003 02:05 PM

different range-does it matter?
I got a copy of my thyroid test results and the range for the lab is different than the one I looked at before. This range for the FTI is 6.33-12.40. My value was 9.33, which is just below midrange-the other range I had put me above mid(low end on that range was 4.5). Could midrange just be too low for me, if it is at all near the true free-T4 level? And if so, can a slightly off level cause major symptoms?

dea4 08-07-2003 03:01 PM

In my experience, yes, a slightly off level can cause major symptoms, I doubt it does in everyone but it does in me and possibly in you.
Range can make a difference, T4 free should be in the mid to upper part, if you are in mid range and do not feel well you may need to be in the upper part of the range to feel well.

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