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KarenDesmondC 08-13-2003 09:49 AM

Armour OR Cytomel?? Or Both?? Help
I am wondering if anyone has had a p[roblem with Armour Thyriod? I have been taking it for 17+ years, am now taking 180mg daily. However,in my last blood test my thyroid levels were very low? My Dr has added Cytomel 5MCG, 2 daily with the Armour. I don't know anything about Cytomel. Is anyone taking it with Armour?

Iwannalife 08-13-2003 02:54 PM

Karen, As we get older(augh), especially for women; your body's ability to convert T4 to T3 goes down. From what I understand with Armour you can test okay for the T4, but still need more T3, so they can't raise the Armour dosage, but just add some T3. Sounds like you have a good dr. IWL

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