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nate08 06-27-2020 06:30 PM

Excess Iodine - hypothyroid? Please help!!!

About 3 months ago I stupidly took a full dropper of nascent iodine. I have been in a living hell since.

Since this time, I have had odd head pressure, brain fog, insomnia, horrible depression (panic at first), digestive problems, runny stool for 3 months. I assume this is hypothyroid, as if the thyroid has shut down because of the excess iodine, although my TSH is within range.

This problem doesn't seem to be correcting itself. On a recent test I had low vitamin D levels (although I am out in the sun for an hour every day), low magnesium, poor liver and gall bladder function, high iodine (no surprise), low b12 & folate. (I have supplemented these up until the iodine incident, but now seem unable to tolerate any supplements).

If these markers mean anything to anyone, and can offer any advice or help me understand what is happening, I would really appreciate it as I am suffering horribly.

Kind Regards,

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