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fw0623 10-26-2020 08:23 PM

Need Suggestions
I was diagnosed 6 days ago and put on Levo 25 mcg/day.
Any suggestions on how to cope with fatigue and weight gain. I walk daily at least 2 miles even before diagnosis. Should I add any supplements?

MaryMcK 11-23-2020 01:17 PM

Re: Need Suggestions
I'm not a medical doctor so take everything I say with a grain of salt (should it be iodized salt? I thiiiink so???). I was diagnosed ~15 years ago. I still haven't found the right treatment. I also have tried many many supplements and have not found anything that's helpful. The supplements industry generates billions of dollars, and it is almost unregulated, so beware of it. You can spend a small fortune trying out different vitamins and minerals and "adaptogens" and not feel the slightest bit better. Or you could find one or two things that do help. Just don't expect any miracles.

Ideally, your doctor or functional medicine practitioner would order a panel of blood tests to see if you have any deficiencies. In my case, I was low in Vitamin D despite spending a lot of time outside (some people are not able to make enough), and my iodine was at the low end of the normal range. So I take Vitamin D and one daily drop of liquid iodine (the kind that's meant for consumption - not the red-brown kind). That is 150 mcg, the recommended daily dose. I did actually find that my nails stopped breaking after I started the iodine, so I take back (a little) what I said above about nothing being helpful.

Your dose of Levothyroxine is low; your doctor is starting you out in the right way: slowly. Expect it to be increased gradually over time and it can take a few weeks or longer for your body to adjust to it and to adjust to any increase. Nobody here can tell you what dose you'll end up with, and you can expect that to be adjusted periodically anyway. Presumably your doctor will be ordering lab tests every few months, at least until you stabilize (and periodically thereafter), to see what your T3, T4, TSH and thyroid antibody levels are. Are you seeing an endocrinologist, or just your regular doctor?

You'll see all kinds of diets recommended. I can only advise you to evaluate them carefully and not jump on them. Nothing will work for everyone. Sorry if I sound cynical but I really have gotten jaded about the people who write best-selling books about diets and cures. My advice would be just to eat a balanced diet with enough protein, plenty of colorful vegetables, modest amounts of carbohydrates and try to minimize sugar. Others will tell you not to eat gluten but I've never seen any basis for this. I've read that it has the same composition as the proteins of the thyroid and gets attacked by your immune system (if your thyroid disease is the autoimmune variety) - but where is the evidence?

Your 2-mile walk is excellent. What you can add to that depends on your energy levels. Maybe some wrist weights as you walk, or a couple of hand weights and a short video-guided workout. Just don't wear yourself out if you are already tired. And try to get enough sleep!

I hope you're doing well - would love to hear how you're doing now that you're about a month into your medication.

JohnR41 11-24-2020 07:59 AM

Re: Need Suggestions
[QUOTE=fw0623;5506453]I was diagnosed 6 days ago and put on Levo 25 mcg/day.
Any suggestions on how to cope with fatigue and weight gain. I walk daily at least 2 miles even before diagnosis. Should I add any supplements?[/QUOTE]

More information would help: For example, your age, BMI, are you taking any other medications besides Levo. What type of diet were you on when you got diagnosed with hypothyroidism.

If you are a vegan and not getting iodine from salt, that could have caused your thyroid problem. I know because it happened to me. Your doctor might say, as mine did, "all vegetables contain iodine". But that's not always the case; it depends on where the vegetables were grown.

So I had a slow thyroid because I was iodine deficient. Most iodine comes from seafood and I wasn't eating any seafood. And I wasn't using iodized salt. Your thyroid needs an adequate supply of iodine in order to produce thyroxin.

If I hadn't done a lot of research, I would be on thyroid medication; my primary care doctor was no help at all

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