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    Old 12-27-2003, 02:41 PM   #61
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    Some notes on selenium and also weight loss

    I just wanted to add a bit to the selenium discussion.
    Over 200 mg daily of selenium can make one over-dosed.

    If you take 100 mg daily, it should be enough and not too much. We do not assimilate thyroid med or convert T4 to T3 properly without vitamin A, B complex, C D E selenium and essential oils, such as cold-pressed olive oil. Not to mention we need to get enough protein, etc.

    For weight loss and health, if we eat too little, or skip meals, that makes the metabolism go down, holding on to the fat stores. It can have the same effect as eating too much, in that we cannot lose weight.

    We need to eat enough calories (the good ones in whole foods) per day, eat about six small blanced meals a day, and exercise.

    I lost 20 pounds weight by cutting out sugar and most simple carbs, such as refined grain products. I would lose more if I were able to regularly exercise, such as walking, but my knee does not allow it. I try to build muscle instead, but I admit I am lax about working out.

    I have read that real butter, used sparingly, is much better for the body than artificial spreads. Smart Balance has no hydrogenated oil and no trans fatty acids, which is good, but actually, the fish oils in it may be rancid. I have read there is a problem with fish oils quickly turning rancid, once exposed to air (which is why capsules are recommended over other fish oils).

    Something yummy on baked potatoes is plain yogurt sprinkled with chopped chives or chopped green onions, and leave off any oils or butter. One cannot over do on heaping on the yogurt. A study even showed that people truly lose weight if they eat two yogurts a day. I think it is satisfying, and the calcium helps keep the body calm.

    I personally believe that one orange for breakfast is inadequate for most people. So, if one wants to eat this way for a very short time, we need to get back to adding some protein and more complex carb calories so the body won't decide it is starving and shut down the metabolism.

    Low metabolism is the main problem of being hypothyroid.
    If anyone has any idea how to jump start the metabolism (besides thyroid med), please post them!

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    Old 07-31-2004, 05:00 PM   #62
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    Talking Re: Information Archive

    hi all,

    interesting info on:

    info that everyone should read, and that should be taken to one's doctor ...

    keep the faith ...

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    Old 09-04-2004, 10:31 AM   #63
    Dear Maggie
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    Dear Maggie HB User
    Thyroid harm - advance CFIDS

    I noticed somewhere on the thyroid forum here that the list of what to expect is nearly identical to that of the harm of 2-butoxyethanol.

    I also notice that 'gulf war syndrome' vets in their latter stages of health harm, often get a diagnosis of harm to the thyroid. ... as has a mom of 3 with no military chemical exposures.

    I've had a gulf war vet get back to me saying he has always had blood in his urine since the fatigue, etc set in & that the doctors didn't know what it meant. (No wonder, this autoimmune hemolytic anemia doesn't show up in the regular blood info doctors check. That's a mystery!

    But they will have too many immature red blood cells. I wonder what the tests are for that. If so, other tests can be reading false.

    With the harm to thyroid from this 2-butoxyethanol, if kidney stones should develop, consider that it might be a metabolic imbalance.

    Old 09-18-2004, 09:23 AM   #64
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    Re: Information Archive

    I thought these websites might be of help when it comes to tests and drugs:

    National Institute of Healths drug information/ interaction database:

    NIHs Medline Plus - Encyclopeadia for tests and conditions:
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    Re: Information Archive

    Copying and pasting for suem this information on allergic reactions to hypothyroid meds, which she originally posted in the Q & A forum:

    "I looked up info on different inactive ingredients on some thyroid meds.
    I was told I have some allergic reactions to some and decided to start
    trying to find out what possible could be the Things I might be having trouble with. Of course I may never know and what affects me may not bother someone else. Just want to share a few things from looking at thw Web sites
    from Pharm. companies and then the ingredients. The followng is only partial
    Inactive ingredients.
    #1. Yellow dyes can be a problem. so I try to get my dosage from onyl the white dye-free. I read Switzerland band the use of the yellows and they only use a betacarotene which is a more expensive process.
    #2. Synthroid has Acacia which is a gum bark from an Afircan tree.
    It also has Corn Starch and Talc which causes some people problems.
    I dont know if their povidone has Iodine or not.
    #3. Levothyroid from one company added Calcium Phosphate in 2002. It is
    derived from Limestone and is elementary Calcium which binds in the Gut.
    Now we are told to take our Calcium 4 hrs. after our thyroid med if
    we take Calcium. This one puzzles me.
    #4. One company uses Mannitol as a bulk which seems to be a good thing.
    Mannitol has been around 60 years and has a soothing effect and is used
    in Gum to keep it from sticking to the wrapper.
    They also have Sod Loryl sufate, it is not a sulfur product.
    #5. Crospovidone can be Iodine free depends on the company.
    Anyway hope this information helps. If anyone else finds info. please let me know. Its very hard to have severe hypothyroidism and react to allergys at the same time. suem"

    My response ~

    For someone who is severely allergic to one or several of these ingredients, making it hard to find a brand that causes no ill effects, it might be a good idea to get thyroxine and/or natural thyroid extract from a compounding pharmacist, who can fill capsules with the active ingredients and without the offending allergens."

    Old 09-26-2004, 05:53 AM   #66
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    Re: Information Archive

    The following info was written by Meep in a reply to me about taking meds prior to blood testing. All credit goes to him (along with my thanks!)
    • If you are taking Synthroid or any other T4-only med within 8 hours of a blood test, it will skew your FreeT4 test, but not Total T4, Free T3, Total T3, T3 Uptake or TSH.
    • If you are taking Armour (or any combination of T3 and T4) within 8 hours of a blood test, it will skew your Free T3 and Free T4, but shouldn't have an effect on Total T3, Total T4, T3 Uptake, or TSH.
    • If you are taking Cytomel within 8 hours of a blood test, it will skew your FreeT3 test, but not Total T3, Free T4, Total T4, T3 Uptake or TSH.

    Old 04-14-2006, 05:20 PM   #67
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    Re: Information Archive

    hi, I wonder if anyone can help, my mum has been very poorly and was diagnosed with hypothyrodism, she has been put on a hormone and they are at present trying to work out the right dosage. She has improved slightly, but is still way off better. so much has been affected, memory, hearing, mobility, (She has awful pain in her leg) and also at the moment her voice is unrecognisable(she finds it very difficult to speak and on waking isnt even sure if any voice is going to come out at all)
    She has been refered to the hospital and they are going to investigate her voice box. I am so worried for her, she is finding the lack of voice so frustrating. does anyone know what this could be. and more importantly will her voice return. in anticipation.........

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    Re: Information Archive -- TSH level 2?

    The Endocrine Soiciety's Journals:


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