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  • Strange lump in throat feeling.......Doctors against Armour & Free T-3

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    Old 07-02-2004, 09:31 PM   #1
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    Strange lump in throat feeling.......Doctors against Armour & Free T-3

    Hi, new to the boards and have been reading all the info with great interest. I've been taking synthroid 100mcg for about 6 yrs and although all this time I've been still experiencing the hair loss, dry skin, fingertips cracking & needing a afternoon nap or two (due to feeling like I just took a sleeping pill) I didn't realize changing meds would make a difference since my TSH tests had always came back normal.

    Now another problem....for about a week now it feels like a lump in my throat that comes and goes throughout the day. Went to the doctors this past Monday, she feels my thyroid and says she felt nodules one on each side and suggested a ultra sound and another TSH test. I mentioned about the info online about the Armour and Free T-3 & Free T-4. She made a face and said I don't think they even prescribe that any more, it is soooo old and snythroid is much better and that my TSH test has always been normal with the last one done two months ago which was TSH 0.43 and if anything she said she would suggest raising the synthroid dose. She glanced at the info I printed about Mary Shomon and armour and said thats just her opinion and goes on & on about how much better synthroid is. She said she'll do a Free T-4 but refused doing a Free T-3 (why I don't know). Why would she consider raising the dose without even knowing (or caring to know) what the Free T-3 is. I decided to get another opinion and saw another doctor.

    She felt my thyroid and said it felt fine but said a sonagram wouldn't hurt since I was having problems and a TSH test. I mentioned about the Armour & Free T-3 & T-4 tests she said the Free T-3 was NOT necessary and also refused having it done. She said Armour is old and unstable, whereas Synthroid is extremely better and said she was NOT about to prescribe armour. I also showed her the info I got online and she barely looked at it.

    One other thing... I accidentally skipped this morning synthroid and noticed the lump feeling in my throat did not seem as bad as yesterday or the day before and wondered if it was possible the dosage needed to be reduced? She said NO, reducing it would make things worse and what I needed was to have it increased. What is it with doctors and synthroid and the Free T-3 test?

    Another thing that scares me and wonder how others feel, is if they find nodules and then want to do a fine needle biopsy, I came across some info that said if the nodules happen to be malignant, the probing with the needle would cause the cancer to spread further.

    (thanks for your reply midwest1, I wondered about that after I hit submit ; )

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    Re: Strange lump in throat feeling.......Doctors against Armour & Free T-3

    One of the most frustrating things I've found while dealing with this condition is the doctors I've had to endure to get treated. Sounds like you are the victim of the same sorts of doctors the rest of us have had from time to time.

    I finally got fed up and got a D.O. Before making her my PCP, I called so many different doctors offices and tried to ask them about the Free T3 test and whether they would prescribe Armour or Nature-throid if tests indicated that I needed it. My responses came back from most of them as just plain NO or a rude "It's against HIPAA laws to speak about another person's treatment". I picked the one I did because her receptionist was kind, helpful and made me feel like she cared. She talked to me for 15 minutes, listened to what I had to say and then went to talk to the doctor for a few minutes. When she came back, she said, "Dr. said to come in. She thinks she can help". She could not give me specifics on "how they could treat me", but did say that, in the past, the doctor has run Free T3 tests and prescribed Armour.

    My first appointment is not until next Monday, July 12th. I'll probably cry all day if it turns out that she is like all the other doctors I've seen. But I still have lists of doctors who prescribe Armour, as well as doctors who treat patients based on their symptoms instead of their lab results. If she turns out bad, too, I'll keep looking until I find one that listens to me.

    You may have to find a doctor the same way. Go to the Armour site, make a list of doctors in your area, then cross reference them with any who are in your insurance network (if you need to). Then make a list of any D.O. doctors in your network. Above all, keep looking until someone listens to you. If they tell you that they can't give you any information over the phone, that you have to make an appointment, then they are probably not for you.

    Above all, ask every doctor you call whether they treat based on the TSH or the Free T4 and Free T3. Most of them will grunt in your ear. Avoid them.

    I realize that is a bit disjointed and hopefully, someone with a little more knowledge will answer as well. That's what happens when one is trying to get off a caffeine addiction and took her Synthroid late due to having to have blood work done.


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    Re: Strange lump in throat feeling.......Doctors against Armour & Free T-3

    I agree with Karen. I was being treated by a DO ( doctor of ostepathy), when I was first dxed and she did very well for me and I was feeling good again. Then company ins changed and I had to change Dr. These Dr. treated lab #s, not the patient. For over 4 years I was undermedicated. Was tired all the time but the worst was the back spasms I began having. I had to quit work, everything hurt. They treated spasms with muscle relaxers and pain killers for 8 months. No improvement. Finally, in desperation, I went to a chiropractor. I can't tell U how much he helped me.
    I have read on Thyroid web sites that many thyroid patients also have chiropractic adjustmemts.

    Company just changed ins again and I went back to my original Dr. who is the Do. DO.s tend to treat until the symptoms are gone, not just when the #s on a lab report look normal. They are trained to know that everyone is different, therefore, normal will be different for each person.

    She immediately increased my synthroid to 125 mcg. No one here does free T3 either. I would have to travel over 2 hours to find a Dr. who does it. When I asked new Dr about it she said that as long as the liver is healthy it will convert T4, ( synthroid), to T3 as needed. She is not against it, she just won't do it unless the liver enzyme test indicates a problem because Armour is natural extract from cows and the concentration varries from animal to animal. With synthroid, the concentration is constant. Made sense to me. Of course I am doing well with the increased meds. When I told her 6 weeks in that I still wanted to nap everyday she told me to try taking 1 extra pill a week and see how that did. It did just fine. Turned the corner for me so to speak so I would expect her to bring my dose up again when I get a new script in 5 weeks.

    I've gotten really long winded just to tell U that in many cases a DO does much better with this problem than MDs. MDs tend to be very narrow minded about lab #s.

    I too still feel as if there is a swelling in my throat sometimes. It isn't all the time since my synthroid was increased but before that it was all the time. Keep after it. My best advice is find a doctor who will treat U until U feel good again. It's just aweful to feel sick and tired all the time and have everyone tell you there is nothing wrong. Remember, no one knows your body like you do. Don't give up. Hope you feel better soon.

    May God Bless You and All Those You Love.
    Patience 50/ Bonnie

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    Re: Strange lump in throat feeling.......Doctors against Armour & Free T-3

    Glad to 'meet' you again, goldn!

    I really hate to contradict patience. She's doing well on her Synthroid, and we're all glad of that. But the majority of people who take it have troubling, lingering symptoms to contend with, and they think that's as good as it will get, so they keep on keeping on, still sick and tired.

    Armour is dessicated pork gland. It's manufactured to a more stable and reliably potent strength than any of the synthetic thyroid meds. Each batch consists of thousands of pig thyroids blended together and tested again and again to assure accurate titration.
    Do separate google searches using the keywords "Armour recalls" and "Synthroid recalls" or "Levoxyl recalls". The differences are striking. Armour has never been recalled; Synthroid is just getting over yet another lawsuit by the FDA for potency problems. Levoxyl, too. Look at the FDA website for accurate, unbiased information concerning the synthetics.

    Your doctor is like so many who were educated at schools that accept huge amounts of funding from the Synthroid manufacturer. That practically assures that their students will accept the "party line" complete with hook and sinker. When Synthroid came on the market in the 1940's, a full 50 years after Armour, it created a smear campaign that gave doctors kickbacks to prescribe their drug. [I wonder if that was the original of the drug kickback campaigns that continue to this day? Hmmmm...] They used deceitful tactics by telling patients that their "pork gland" medicine was unhealthful and dirty... That one made in a clean laboratory was infinitely better for them.

    Armour contains both of the necessary hormones that the body needs, T4 and T3... plus minute amounts of T0, T1, and T2. The function of the other Ts isn't completely known; but there must be some, or our own bodies wouldn't make them. Synthetics have only one hormone, T4. That's why people continue to feel bad while taking them.

    Karen gave excellent advice about how to find a better doctor than you have. A doctor who monitors treatment using TSH alone is doing it the absolute wrong way. TSH is a pituitary hormone, and it tells nothing about what your thyroid is doing. The actual thyroid hormones have to be monitored to make sure they're present in the right amounts.

    Now that this MD has allowed your treatment to be sub-par to the point that nodules are forming, don't let her muddle you through treatment for them.
    Please find someone who knows enough to give you the care you need.

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    Re: Strange lump in throat feeling.......Doctors against Armour & Free T-3

    Thanx for the education Midwest1. None of the info my Dr.s gave me or any that my friend gave me from her endo in Baltimore mentioned the Armour being consistant. All the info we have says it is unreliable.

    It is sooooo frustrating trying to get the truth when the people U R forced to trust don't seem to have it. I will have to do more research clearly. Don't ever hesitate to contradict anything. We all have many things to learn. I'm still not sure one medication is right for all though. Again, need to do more research, clearly.

    May God Bless You and All those You Love.
    Patience 50

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