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irishgirl1013 08-15-2004 10:48 PM

New Hypo & have a question
Hi Guys
I was diagnosed with hypo after increased swelling in my legs. I had several of the signs (hair loss, cold, fatigue, weight gain) but never thought it was from a medical condition. My TSH was at 15.97. Is this really high? My doc has prescribed me 50 mg of synthroid and will test in 4 weeks.

My question is: I have read about SOO many people gaining weight on Synthroid-has anyone here that is hypo? I'm really scared of that since I've gained about 30 lbs in the past 2 years.

I'm also confused-I've seen people say they are hyper and on Synthroid-how can it be a medicine for both hyper and hypo?

Thanks guys!

dea4 08-16-2004 07:37 AM

Re: New Hypo & have a question
Welcome to the boards.
15.97 is high, but I've seen some with a higher TSH.
Keep in mind the TSH is a pituitary response and your dr really needs to be checking and basing treatment on your FREE T3 and FREE T4 as those are the actual thyroid hormones. If your dr only goes by TSH you may want to find a different dr, TSH can be very deceiving, it can be within a normal range but if your FREE levels are not in the upper 1/3 of the lab range you will still feel poorly.

Weight gain on synthroid does happen to some, I have a friend that had to switch because she gained more weight on it and lost more hair, doesn't happen to everyone, some do fine on it. Personally I think the natural meds are better.

Hope all goes well for you, keep us posted.


midwest1 08-16-2004 02:05 PM

Re: New Hypo & have a question
The people who say they're hyper and on Synthroid either have had medical treatment for their hyper which has left them hypo, or their dose of Synthroid is too high, which causes them to be temporarily hyper until their dose is adjusted. Synthroid is never prescribed for primary hyperT.

irishgirl1013 08-16-2004 05:00 PM

Re: New Hypo & have a question
Thanks guys. I'm just trying to understand what I have-the doc was not so helpful when she just thought I might have it, I was told by a nurse 3 days later who basically called and told me to take this prescription.
What is a normal level of T3 and T4?

dea4 08-16-2004 05:11 PM

Re: New Hypo & have a question
Normal level would be the upper 1/3 of your lab range, all labs have different ranges so you have to find your own area your numbers need to be in.
To find mid range take the high and low number of the lab range and add them together, then divide by 2, this would be mid range and you want your lab result to be above this.
So...IF your lab range for FT4 would be .8-1.8 then you add them together and you get 2.6, divide this by 2 and you get 1.3, so you want your FT4 to be above 1.3 closer to about 1.5.

Hope this helps.

irishgirl1013 08-16-2004 05:18 PM

Re: New Hypo & have a question
Thank you SO much! I was a little confused because to me, my levels looked like they were somewhere in the ranges so I was wondering why I was diagnosed hypo. My Free T4, and T4 were all too low.

dea4 08-16-2004 07:32 PM

Re: New Hypo & have a question
Learn as much as you can about it because thats about the only way you will get the treatment you need and deserve. So many drs are really clueless when it comes to thyroid, its a good thing if your dr caught it when your T4 was low in the range.

Take care

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