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tumblina 09-03-2004 11:38 AM

Which vitamins/minerals/foods support thyroid?
I'm trying to get a handle on my varying reaction to my T meds (I take them at night now, and on days I'm feeling energetic I don't have as bad a reaction to them). I'm wondering if things I'm eating or supplements I take (not so good at being consistant with those) are helping/hindering my body's response to the medication.

Recent supplements - multi, magnesium, B50, and C

Leanne R 09-03-2004 11:48 AM

Re: Which vitamins/minerals/foods support thyroid?
I don't think those will hinder the medication but I wouldn't suggest taking a b vitamin on it's own you are better to take a B complex. I have personally found selenium, L-tyrosine and chromium to be helpful Along with those I take an excellent Multi Vit (Bio care one a day) and Chelated multi minerals by Solgar. These have improved my energy so much. I also don't eat refined sugar wheat or dairy and have included all natural nutritious food into my diet i.e lots of fruit and veg, beans seeds all the good stuff. I would reccommend getting advice from a qualified nutritionist (which I am training to be)

Good Luck


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