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suem 09-18-2004 08:22 AM

some info thyroid med inactive ingredients
I looked up info on different inactive ingredients on some thyroid meds.
I was told I have some allergic reactions to some and decided to start
trying to find out what possible could be the Things I might be having trouble with. Of course I may never know and what affects me may not bother someone else. Just want to share a few things from looking at thw Web sites
from Pharm. companies and then the ingredients. The followng is only partial
Inactive ingredients.
#1. Yellow dyes can be a problem. so I try to get my dosage from onyl the white dye-free. I read Switzerland band the use of the yellows and they only use a betacarotene which is a more expensive process.
#2. Synthroid has Acacia which is a gum bark from an Afircan tree.
It also has Corn Starch and Talc which causes some people problems.
I dont know if their povidone has Iodine or not.
#3. Levothyroid from one company added Calcium Phosphate in 2002. It is
derived from Limestone and is elementary Calcium which binds in the Gut.
Now we are told to take our Calcium 4 hrs. after our thyroid med if
we take Calcium. This one puzzles me.
#4. One company uses Mannitol as a bulk which seems to be a good thing.
Mannitol has been around 60 years and has a soothing effect and is used
in Gum to keep it from sticking to the wrapper.
They also have Sod Loryl sufate, it is not a sulfur product.
#5. Crospovidone can be Iodine free depends on the company.
Anyway hope this information helps. If anyone else finds info. please let me know. Its very hard to have severe hypothyroidism and react to allergys at the same time. suem

Gopherhead 09-18-2004 08:29 AM

Re: some info thyroid med inactive ingredients
Wow, Sue, you've been busy! It's pretty amazing that there's that much 'stuff' in such a tiny pill, isn't it?

Is there any chance you could be given a trial of the natural hormone? People tend to do better with it - less fillers and binders I think.


suem 09-18-2004 09:20 AM

Re: some info thyroid med inactive ingredients
Nat. Thanks for the reply. Yes and there are many more fillers than I
listed, Trying a natural hormone for a few days now.

midwest1 09-18-2004 10:09 AM

Re: some info thyroid med inactive ingredients
This would be excellent information to add to our "Information Archive" if you haven't done it already. We wouldn't want it to get lost as it moves through the pages.

For someone who is severely allergic to several of these ingredients, making it hard to find a brand that causes no ill effects, it might be a good idea to get thyroxine and natural thyroid extract from a compounding pharmacist, who can fill capsules with the active ingredients and without the offending allergens.

suem 09-18-2004 03:16 PM

Re: some info thyroid med inactive ingredients
I too new to know how to move this to the archives.
Also I have wondered about a compound Pharmacist. I do have one
in town. Thank You suem

midwest1 09-18-2004 08:40 PM

Re: some info thyroid med inactive ingredients
Hope it's OK with you, suem, that I copied and pasted the information to the Archive. I gave you credit for finding it.
Thanks for looking into it for us!

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