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trian1 11-18-2004 01:09 PM

Hypo to hyper?
Is it possible to have some hyper symtpoms? Last visit to the endo, my TSh was 2.5 and the t4 was around 1.4. I know lab ranges are helpful, and I posted them when I originally posted results, but do not have them right now.
Anyway, endo lowered Synthroid from .1 mg, to 88 mcg because it appreared that some of the symptoms I was having (panic attacks-sort of, that's basically it) indicated my dose was too high. In August, my antibodies came back around 2400, they didn't test this last time.
Now I am having cold sweats, wake up several times a night, talk ALOT and fast (this is not normal :D ) and this may or may not be related, but I seem to be in panic mode the past few days to get things done, like laundry, cleaning and such. It is such a turn around from even a week ago when I didn't have the energy to do much. Although, in the mornings, I am really sluggish, needing to nap. So I am not sure what is going on. I am not supposed to go back to endo until Jan.
I appreciate any input...
BTW...currently reading Living well with suggestion of MEEP and it is VERY informative. (Haven't got to any part where my "issue" is discussed) I highly recommend others read it also if you have not!


dea4 11-18-2004 03:03 PM

Re: Hypo to hyper?
You say you have antibodies so I'm assuming you have Hashi's? Having hypo/hyper symptoms is the nature of Hashi's, your symptoms may jump all over the place, one day they may be hypo and the next hyper or both in the same day.
Do you take selenium? Its suppose to be good at keeping antibodies at bay and also good for overall thyroid health.

trian1 11-19-2004 07:37 AM

Re: Hypo to hyper?
I am not diagnosed with Hashi's thus far. That was my first antibody test.
I do take selenium.
Thanks for the response

abigchocoholic 11-19-2004 11:48 AM

Re: Hypo to hyper?
Absolutely it's possible to have cross over symptoms. I know that from experience. But I think that what you can do when you get very good at monitering all of your symptoms is knowing which ones cross over and which ones don't.

The ones that don't will tell you which way you need to go with your medication. For example, very slow heart beat and low body temperature are always hypo symptoms for me. Fast heart beat and adrenaline waves are always hyper symptoms. But brain fog, emotional instability, poor sleep-- they definitely cross over. If you are sure that the reason you are feeling the way you feel is because of your thyroid, I'd venture to guess that you are hyper. You exhibit some classic hyper symptoms and yes, being sleepy and tired are hyper symptoms too. It's as if the body is so over stimulated that it burns out and feels tired/sleepy inappropriately inbetween more typical hyper symptoms.

LuvMyLilDoggie 11-19-2004 11:58 AM

Re: Hypo to hyper?
Heart palpitaions and skipped heartbeats are the big hyper symptoms I experience even though I'm hypo.
So even though you're hypo, you're a typical "normal" hypo. Or as "normal" as we can be! lol
I don't know about you but I've never been "normal" even before hypo. :D

trian1 11-19-2004 01:48 PM

Re: Hypo to hyper?
Gosh.. thanks for the replies... it seems like I was just getting a handle on this whole Hypo issue and now I have to deal with Hyper symptoms too? Sheesh!
I guess an upside (if there is one) is that some are the same...sorta..kinda?
Anyway, no I was never normal before. Most of my family thought I [B]was[/B] hypo....
.....chondriac that is...... :rolleyes:

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