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Med Switch--Dosages Okay?

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Med Switch--Dosages Okay?

Hi everyone. I saw a new doctor last week who wanted to add Armour to the Synthroid I was already taking. He really believes this will help me.

I was taking .75 of Synthroid. He switched the Synthroid to .05mg and added Armour .25GR. Does this sound right? Are these dosages together the approximate equivalent to the higher dose of Synthroid?

Thanks to everyone here for your help and advice. It has helped me to get diagnosed and get the help I need.

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Re: Med Switch--Dosages Okay?

.25 grain meaning 1/4 grain? 1/4 grain is equivilent to about 18.5mcg T4.

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Re: Med Switch--Dosages Okay?

Hi dea4. The Armour is 0.25GR so that is 1/4 grain right? The Synthroid is 50mcg. So the total would be like 68 mcg of Synthroid? Will it be better because of the inclusion of T3?

Is this a good place to start or do docs usually just add T3 to the exisitng T4 dose?

Thank you!

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Re: Med Switch--Dosages Okay?

I have been reading more and more about this new approach. I think it sounds great that you have a doctor who is willing to try different things. I do belive I've seen someone else here posting about this combo being pretty effective -- I think it was softcrush... maybe she will be able to add some useful information.

If you're feeling good on the new combo, please let us know. I would venture to guess that backing off the T4 & adding the T4 combo WOULD allow the total dosage to be backed off since your T4 is likely to increase since it won't have to work as hard to convert itself into T3. But, I'm not a doctor, so this would just be a theory. I know when I added Cytomel to my Levoxyl, my T4 numbers got A LOT better.

Sorry I couldn't offer more, but please do keep us posted!

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Re: Med Switch--Dosages Okay?


You lucky thing YOU! How great is that? You have a wonderful doc!

Okay, lets hash this thing out. It took me a long time to understand this stuff because everytime someone explained it...I got more confused. So, lets try a SIMPLE approach here. And...anyone that sees an error in my calculations, please don't be shy about pointing it out. Don't want to be spreading mis-information.

What I did was take the amount in one grain which = 60 milligrams. When you divide into quarters you get 15 milligrams each. Now since we know one grain contains t4 and t3 we need to know exactly how much is in just a quarter? The answer is easy really -- 9 T4 and 2.2 T3.

Its easiest if you make yourself a chart, so you don't have to figure it out every time.

Armour = 38 t4 + 9 t3

Divide both (breaking grain in 1/2) by 2 you get 19 T4 and 4.5 T3
Divide both (breaking grain into quarters) by 4 you get 9 T4 and 2.2 T3

So, now you have a working idea of what equals what, and you can play with the numbers easier. Don't let the milligram/microgram thing confuse you. Just scrap that worry for now. I got real stuck on this myself...but its really not worth getting too caught up in. Okay?

Lets look at my dose as an example: I take 37.5 mcg of Synthetic T4, and 2 and 1/4 grains of Armour (or 135 milligrams). That means I am taking 122.5 T4 and 20.2 T3.

37.5 (Synthetic t4)
38 (1st grain)
38 (2nd grain)
9 (1/4 grain)
= 122.5 T4

Now, to do the same thing with the T3

9 (1st grain)
9 (2nd grain)
+ 2.2 (1/4 grain)
= 20.2 T3

The totals are micrograms. Its easier if your calculations are side-by side when you perform them. It would be too hard to do that here in this room, but that would be the easier way to do it.

Now, keep in mind that I'm not "optimized" yet. I haven't seen my labs in the last few I may be on the wrong road entirely. I'm fairly sure my TSH reading is nill by now, which is what I want since I had CA.

Although, I'm very watchful of my pulse, BP, temperature and keep an extra nosey eye on my symptoms, so I don't go over. My digestion is great, as is my eyesight, dizziness is gone, and I sleep well, the chronic killer migranes have vanished and my fight, and my mood is far more up than before. The ringing in my ears has significantly decreased, and my appetite is great. I'm not gaining weight and I can eat what I want. So, I am thrilled so far..

Remember, Armour contains lots of good stuff and there are no measure for those things in the labs. Regardless, they will have their own "play in your system" that you won't be able to calculate, but still should be kept in mind.

Good luck! Keep us posted. What an exciting development for you!


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Re: Med Switch--Dosages Okay?

Thank you all very much, your replies are a big help!

Zekat, I most definitely will post about how I feel on the combo. What you say about the T4 not having to work as hard when T3 is added makes sense.

softcrush, wow! What a conversion! I am really going to have to study this when I am not so tired I am glad you are having good results so far and I hope it continues.

Believe it or not, I got the name of the doctor I am seeing now from the top thyroid doctors site. It has been a blessing after such a long battle.

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