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eodwife04 02-08-2005 11:28 AM

Hi everyone I am new
:confused: Hi everyone I am new to this board I have posted in others. But yesterday my doctor put me on synthoid. He ran a bunch of tests, I went in to speak to him because I started loosing my eyebrow hair How weird is that and my skin was so dry no matter what I did. Plus I have been trying to loose weight and no matter what I do it just goes up. So he ran some tests and I believe there are three certain tests for thyroid right? Well two were low but nothing that was cause for concern but one of them was lower than the rest. So he put me on .25 of synthoid. I just started it yesterday. I am all new to this don't know very much about the thyroid thing but if anyone could give me some insight I would really like that. Also will this make my eyebrow hair stop falling out and help my skin. Also will this help with the weight loss? Thank you for any replys

Benzi 02-08-2005 11:38 AM

Re: Hi everyone I am new
Welcome to the boards, first if you could post your labs on the boards it will help us help you. Please get hard copies of all of your labs and tests to keep for your records. Trust me when I say you will need them someday. Did the Dr. say what kind of thyroid problem you have? Is he planning to do follow up tests to recheck your thyroid levels? There are a lot of good people on here that really understand those lab reports (sorry to say I am not one of them) Welcome again, hope to hear back from you.

midwest1 02-08-2005 11:58 AM

Re: Hi everyone I am new
Welcome to the Board! You'll learn a lot here.
To help us avoid repeating a lot of the basics, go to our Information Archive at the top of the subject page. You'll find URLs for websites that will explain the basics of hypothyroidism, good self-help books to read, and much more that the doctors don't mention when they start treatment.

Benzi is right that you should get hard copies of all your bloodwork. Trust us on that. Also, learn as much as you possibly can about your disease. An informed patient usually does better than one who leaves everything up to the doctor.

All those problems you mention will improve after you work your way up to the right dose for you.
Let us know if you need more answers!

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